A leading Republican just said three words about Hunter Biden that left Joe Biden panicking

Hunter Biden is a scandal-plagued disaster.

With Joe Biden in the White House, the spotlight is shining brighter on Hunter’s corruption.

And a leading Republican just said three words about Hunter Biden that left Joe Biden panicking.

The corporate-controlled media and Big Tech elites have done everything they can to cover up Hunter Biden’s corruption.

But it’s so blatant they can’t keep a lid on everything.

One of the latest shady dealings involving Hunter was actually reported on by the New York Times.

In 2016, when Joe was serving as Vice President, Hunter lined his pockets with a deal that handed Communist China a key resource.

China has been buying up cobalt in the Congo.

Cobalt is a key component in electric car batteries.

An American company sold one of the largest cobalt mines in the Congo to a Chinese company tied to the Communist Party.

The deal was brokered by a Chinese investment firm that Hunter Biden owned a 10% stake in, which landed the company $1.1 billion.

Republican Congressman James Comer, the leading Republican on the House Oversight Committee, wants to get to the bottom of this shady deal.

During an interview with Newsmax, Comer said “Hunter Biden is a national security threat” because the deal made America “even more dependent on China.”

“It just seems like any time Hunter Biden’s involved in some money-making scheme, whether it’s with the current Biden administration or the former Obama-Biden administration, he just gets a free path,” Comer declared.

“Hunter Biden, in one of his consulting firms, worked with China to be able to navigate a sale that never should have happened, a sale from an Arizona-owned company for that mine’s cobalt in the Congo,” Comer remarked.

“This is a serious issue because the more essential rare Earth minerals that China monopolizes, the harder it’s going to be for the United States to convert to electric batteries,” he added.

According to Comer, as the U.S. moves toward electric vehicles, China’s control over the cobalt market could pose a national security threat.

Comer indicated Hunter’s role in this deal will be a top target for Republicans to investigate if they take back Congress in the Midterm elections.

While Biden is pushing a massive transition to electric vehicles, he let one of the essential resources to make it happen fall into the hands of the Chinese.

Joe Biden looked the other way on Hunter lining his pockets while also claiming to take a tough stance with China.

With Hunter’s corruption piling up, this is going to be a major political problem for Joe Biden once Republicans are able to start investigating.

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