A leading Republican pointed out one major problem that left Merrick Garland sweating bullets

Attorney General Merrick Garland is completely out of control.

The justification for the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s home is falling apart.

Now a leading Republican pointed out one major problem that left Merrick Garland sweating bullets.

The FBI’s unannounced raid on Donald Trump’s home was a blatant act of political targeting by Joe Biden’s rogue Justice Department.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is acting as a political hatchet man for Joe Biden by trying to kneecap his likely 2024 Presidential opponent.

Recently, a federal judge released a heavily blacked out search warrant affidavit for the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home.

The justification for the raid centers around documents that Donald Trump allegedly improperly took with him from the White House to Mar-a-Lago for his Presidential archives.

Using well-timed leaks from the Justice Department to the corporate-controlled media, the Left is pushing the idea that Trump took critical national security documents like nuclear secrets with him.

Mike Turner (R-OH) poured cold water on this fantasy in an appearance on Fox News.

“The former President’s home was raided in the most invasive manner in which the FBI could have gone about this,” Turner explained. “The Department of Justice could have gone to court and tried to have the subpoena that they had enforced by the court. Instead, they chose to raid Mar-a-Lago.”

Turner explained that the affidavit refers to personnel from the National Archives, not anyone in the national security community.

If the documents posed a real national security risk, the Justice Department would have cited it in the affidavit obtained before a federal court.

This is another attempt to breathlessly hype up a bogus scandal against Trump.

“This is more like a bookkeeping issue than a national security threat, which means it doesn’t rise to the level of justifying raiding the former President’s home,” Turner said.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told Congress that she wasn’t informed about the raid and wasn’t actively looking at the records Trump took with him at the time of the raid.

“Well, that means that the FBI is flying alone here,” Turner said. “Supposedly, they’re looking for classified documents, but they’re not talking to anybody who deals with classified information, and that would seem to indicate this is very, very suspect as to why it would rise to the level of needing to raid.”

Trump has said that the documents in dispute were declassified under his broad Presidential authority.

The FBI’s raid on Trump is the latest chapter in the years-long witch hunt by the Left to take down the former President.

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