A leaked video of Barack Obama created this giant scandal for Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s bad summer just got worse.

Biden’s approval ratings tumbled as Americans turned against his COVID mask mandates and restrictions.

And now a leaked video of Barack Obama created this giant scandal for Joe Biden.

The Biden administration attempted to impose a state of permanent pandemic with reinstated mask mandates and their push for vaccine passports.

But Biden’s claim that COVID has run amok in the country was undercut by video footage from Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party over the weekend.

Obama threw a huge bash with hundreds of guests. The soiree featured A-list entertainment and an army of servants to wait on all the revelers.

The massive party attracted controversy as Obama staged a mass gathering just as the Biden administration demanded that children wear masks in school all day and vaccinated Americans mask up while indoors.

However, footage from Obama’s party posted online by recording artist Eryka Badhu showed Obama and his guests not wearing masks while indoors, dancing and smiling.

Since the start of the pandemic, Democrat politicians strongly supported lockdowns and mask mandates claiming they slowed the spread of the virus.

But time-and-time again Democrats – from Nancy Pelosi to Gavin Newsom, to Andrew Cuomo and now Barack Obama – routinely showed they do not believe these guidelines have any effect by violating them when they think no one is looking.

The footage from Obama’s birthday party only serves to fuel calls from critics that the Biden administration should drop all COVID mandates and restrictions while encouraging states to move on to normal life as it existed before March 20.

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