A major Obama ally just got caught committing this terrible act of treason

The conduct of Barack Obama’s closest allies is starting to attract scrutiny.

That is not good news for the former President.

And now this major Obama ally just got caught committing this terrible act of treason.

Google is one of the liberal tech companies that now dominate the marketplace of American political discourse.

As the world’s number one search engine, Google can control the flow of information Americans receive.

And during all eight years of Obama’s administration – as well as the 2016 election cycle – Google skewed search results in Obama’s favor.

But their loyalties are being called into question.

Peter Thiel – the PayPal founder and initial investor in Facebook – is one of the few tech executives that openly supports Donald Trump.

Thiel spoke at a conference to promote populist conservatism and Thiel shocked the audience when he accused Google of treason for colluding with the Chinese military.

Axios reports:

Thiel spoke at the National Conservatism Conference, a new event that bills itself as being focused on Trump-era nationalism, with part of his speech focusing on “three questions that should be asked” of Google:

“Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI?

“Number two, does Google’s senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?

“Number three, is it because they consider themselves to be so thoroughly infiltrated that they have engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military… because they are making the sort of bad, short-term rationalistic [decision] that if the technology doesn’t go out the front door, it gets stolen out the backdoor anyway?”

It ais previously reported that Google was working with the Chinese on a project to develop an internet kill switch.

Google claims they abandoned the project but many Americans wondered why an American company was working so closely with America’s number one geopolitical enemy to develop a tool to turn off the internet.

Now thanks to the increasing public pressure, Google might finally be held accountable.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Say Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Google, it must be both you (Google) and Mrs. Frank-Feinstein’s Chinese Spying Chauffer of 20 years in how The Chinese have their prototype of a Radar Evading Drone Fighter and their New Warships, and you (Google) gave The Chinese The Coordinates to all of those WW2 US, British, Australian And Japanese Warships in the Pacific Ocean (Cherished WW2 Naval, Marine, Army and Air-force Watery Graveyards Beneath The Waves! You are going to have to pay The Piper In The End Time! CHEATER!!! TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP MAGAKAG 2020 TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP MAGAKAG 2020 ……………

  2. Google will be held to two things, jack and shit! Let’s talk a little bull crap conspiracy theory that can only happen in the movies. How did the Russian collision story start? The final outcome was in all category’s considered to be a hoax. If our politicians and media can create a crisis like that and get the American idiots to believe it then 3-4 Corporations can end up controlling a lot of the world.

  3. I did not bother reading the article. Since most of, or all, of obama and hillary’s administration are above the law, then why read about their acts of, whatever” Just entertainment while waiting on the light to change.

  4. Google should be investigated and prosecuted for this is this is true. I am sure that is is probably true and good software detectives should be able to see this in googles source code.

  5. Why do the collective ‘they’ keep dancing around obamanation and Clinton? They are investigating those involved in their schemes but not the source.

    Why not just cut to the chase and imprison obamanation and Clinton????

  6. LMAO. It is amazing how one paid troll can knock a discussion completely off the rails. Confronting them just outs more money in their pocket as POS like Soros pay them per responce. Don’t make pay day for “Betty”, “Dianne” or the like. You can tell from their baiting and inflammatory comments that they are trolling. Do not give them the satisfaction. Some are VERY good at.what they do but if you don’t respond they don’t get paid. Just that simple. They will go to another site eventually if ya “shun” them. As far as these information and technology “monopolies” it was predicted this would happen. When you have the people at the top earning billions of dollars they live in a world that no way resembles that of the common man, leading to an isolated society. Persons in these circumstances loose all sense of reality and develope something akin to a “Napoleon” syndrome. Suddenly they are the experts on what is best for you, will do whatever it takes to advance their company to knock out competition and make more money. Being a conservative it is hard to admit these huge corporations need to be broken up. It goes against the free enterprise grain. However when a corporation becomes so powerful all it takes is one unethical or moral slip up the could lead to world devastation we need to rethink. A great Republican, Theodor Roosevelt broke up railroad, steel, transportation and banking monopolies for good reason. I agree this has reached the point where this must be done for many large corporations that truly do hold monopolies.

  7. Trump wants america to be great again. Why would Russia want that? Had Russia been successful Clinton would be president.

    • Perhaps you missed Putin say… in his own words… that he wanted Trump and supported Trump. Sheesh… it’s all about business.. nothing to do with what’s best for this once-unified nation. Maybe you haven’t noticed how they have divided us, and how our 200-year-old principles have been eroded, ethics thwarted, truth denied. Our republic is going down in flames while rapid supporters chant like the cultists they are. Nothing American about that.

    • Hey, roger, The only thing d. trump wants for America is to see how soon he can Flush It Down History’s Sewer! If H. Clinton was President, our country wouldn’t be in this Horrible Mess. Something Russia knew only too well, so if they did do any election meddling, it was just to CURSE the USA with a LUNATIC instead of a LADY as our current president

      • Betty, are you from New York? You sound like the typical idiotic flaming female Clinton Supporter. Like most democrats, you think Hillary would have been good for this nation. Democrats also have a way of letting their alligator mouths overload their humming bird asses. You are nuts. Hillary would have led us down a path of destruction while President Trump wants to stop the lunacy of leftist like you. But you supporting Hillary and her corrupt followers is what’s expected from Anti-Americans. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been corrupt for years and have gotten wealthy for it. Remember, Clinton sold technology to the Chinese that could take out satellites. Bill said that was good for America. Hillary gave the Russians 20 percent of American Uranium. That too, was good for America. You democrats are such idiots. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.

      • You are either on drugs or drunk. She was the Russian connection. Her charity? Was the major beneficial of Russian funds as she was guaranteed the Presidency? The Russians put their money on the losing hand.

      • Hillary was a lesbian, someone who wanted power more than anything, someone who berated Bill Clinton constantly, used the bathrooms in the WHITE HOUSE for lesbian escapades with other women, who became pregnant while working in the evening with a crooked lawyer while Bill was away (he was infertile anyway), and she showed her true colors as Secretary of State by enriching herself and letting our ambassador be killed by terrorists because she was too busy with email to do her job as Secretary of State, … and a continuing list of her anti-American activities.

    • Russia already knew Hillary was for sale and could be bought for a price especially after she sold our uranium to them in exchange for donations to her crooked foundation. So why would Russia not want her to be elected president?

  8. Here’s my question. It’s been common knowledge for some time now that Google has been censoring or at the very least ‘filtering’ peoples searches,for example, you punch in Donald Trump, and all you get is negative articles, but nothing positive, whereas you go to other search sites you get a mix. Thats not even considering the other things like working with the Chinese, or what they do with your information.
    So, since everyone, I believe we can safely say, even the progressive liberal left is aware of this, then why is Google still the number one search engine? Should not even be a search engine at all any more….

    • Arthur,
      I read your comment thoroughly and everything you say is true. It now occurs to me that not only does ‘the swamp’ include
      actual political people and in addition political institutions that should not be (DOJ, FBI etc.), it also includes publicly held companies as well UPON WHICH the hammer must fall. Thank you for bringing this to the fore in simple English. The Department of Commerce should be stepping in along with the FBI and the DOJ to effect the imprisonment of ALL executives responsible for the treasonous act.

      • This is all interesting, but it does beg the question of why this is of concern while active russian involvement in our elections is strongly supported by this administration? Not only supported, but the Senate under McConnell actively suppresses any attempts to thwart it.

        • Have you been on vacation to a secluded island?? All of what you say has been proven wrong, except for Russian interference which was going on when Barry was the President.

        • If you are so concerned about “foreign involvement” in our elections, how do you feel about the democrats in congress wanting to allow illegal aliens to vote? They are “foreigners” and since they number in the millions, they will have far more impact than a few Russian spies and internet ads!

          • There are a few extremists on the left, just as there are on the right. It’s less than a handful. There are 460 some congressmen and women. It’ll never happen. Can we all focus on some civil middle ground rather than the extremes? We’ll get nowhere with the extremes on either side.

          • Can you point out which democrats want illegals to vote? Have to be legal. Thank you for your upcoming explanation.

          • Well, that’s certainly helpful to the national dialogue, Dan. Be part of the solution rather than the problem. THAT’s the American way.

    • arthur…I stopped using google years ago when they tried to tell me the conservative website I was accessing was spam. There are much better search engines out there .

      • Maybe it was spam. You can still google other things. I look up local churches so I can give them money and be told how to live my life.

  9. Maybe there is a need of reviewing the monopoly laws to decide whether Google has expanded too much power that our freedom of speech is already in danger. There are evidence of such many occurrences. Many people complained. Even the flat earthers complained. I find Google censorship completely unreasonable and clearly in violation of constitutional laws.

    I have longed for another search engine to be able to rival this company. So far there ain’t, unfortunately.

    Other than Google, I have never joined FaceBook, Twitter, and others. I understand that the conservatives complained over the censorship issue. Not good.

    If the Big Tech can’t respect our freedom of speech, they shouldn’t be given the supremacy in the business world.

    • BOB ,you are absolutely correct. Obama Bin Lying is a TREASONOUS MUSLIM FRAUDULENT IMPOSTOR of an x president who should never ever been elected to the Presidency…He belongs in GITMO along with many of the other TREASONOUS DEMONRATS, The CLINTONS, THE SQUAD, Erick holder, Lorretta Lynch, and many,many more…

      • When you stop and think about it, and in ALL HONESTY, WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for what is happening and “where we’re at!” The little, halfbred, illegal, faggot, muzslime porchmonkey didn’t vote himself in! Makes me glad that I’m 75YO. Hopefully I will die before this once blessed country is turned into yet another Venezuela!😗😒😥😪😞😰😉

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