A Never Trump Republican’s impeachment decision could change everything

Donald Trump’s political fate will be decided in a Senate impeachment trial.

No one knows what to expect.

And now a Never Trump Republican’s impeachment decision could change everything.

Utah Senator Mike Lee refused to vote for Donald Trump in 2016.

Lee supported Ted Cruz and famously protested Trump‘s nomination at the Republican National Convention.

But now, Lee is a strong supporter of the President and Trump named him one of the chairmen of the 2020 re-election effort.

And Lee has been working behind the scenes to help unify the Republican Senate around acquitting the President of the Democrats’ absurd articles of impeachment.

POLITICO reports:

The Utah Republican is working with the White House to track the wide-ranging viewpoints within the Republican Senate majority, including his Utah colleague and impeachment wild card Mitt Romney. That relationship could prove critical when the Senate considers difficult votes on witnesses or other motions, and ultimately on the president’s acquittal or conviction.

And though Lee is staying away from the cable news food fights that some of his colleagues are fixtures on, he’s not exactly urging a dulcet tone from Trump.

“He has every reason to be confident about this, every reason to be unapologetic and defiantly confident about his case. Because he has a really good case,” Lee said in an interview as the Senate left for the winter holidays late last week. “I have suggested all along: If [House Democrats] are going to do this, steer right into the wind.”

As soon as Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry this fall, Lee began regularly talking with the president and White House counsel Pat Cipollone about how to plan for the storm. Importantly, Lee has helped advise Trump and his team that the Senate shouldn’t just try to dismiss the impeachment charges but should instead hold a trial to exonerate him.

Lee is even working on keeping Utah RINO and Never Trump ring leader Mitt Romney on board.

Romney is the one Republican that could stab the President and his supporters in the back on an impeachment vote and Lee’s relationship with Romney could help maintain a united front that would exonerate President Trump.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. In case Lee’s actions POSITIVELY impress you, he is a strong constitutionalist. He has two books out – one dealing with the inception of the Constitution from the founding fathers’ perspective and the other addressing people and events that affected the founding of the country but have been written out of history over time. And, for the record, I never really have been a Trump fan but did vote for him in ’16. I had grown weary of the destructiveness to our republic which transpired during Obama’s reign of terror. I have been very impressed with his accomplishments and it would appear that GOP members weary of a Trump election have turned solidly in support of him – Lee being a great example and, yes, I plan to vote for him in again this year no matter who the Dems put up against him.

  2. I fully agree with every word you wrote Aline. You can’t fix stupid and those that back the Democrat agenda are STUPID, Some one said when you die you do not know you are dead, it works the same if you are stupid. They just don’t realize they are stupid and nothing we say or do will change their minds.

  3. Truth and Facts is a Total misnomer. The Democrats have no truth and no facts. It is a great sin to bear false witness and all I have ever heard from those that oppose Trump are lies followed by more lies.
    The Democrat party has become the communist party of the USA. They are either evil or merely stupid and in most cases a combination of both.

  4. And you, you dullard have provided zero evidence of your own barking mad assertions…give em up dullard. I want your “facts.”

  5. Mike Lee needs to support President Trump now more than ever! His poor management of his own state has allowed gang bangers and illegals to swarm in like a plague. Who will help you when things really get ugly there, the demoncraps? I dont think so!pull your head out of your ass rhino!!

  6. bj, I just counted 38 posts that you made, you are a Russian troll. I cannot imagine any woman being that addicted to supporting the mobster Trump writing to contradict everyone that doesn’t agree with your perverted views, yes you are a Russian troll of American Nazi for Trump.

  7. I have stated the truth and facts that’s been verified. Problem is you confuse the real truth and facts with your stupidity and ignorance,if you can clear that up for yourself you will figure it out. I won’t be holding my breath,your to far gone you uneducated moron.

  8. If this were truly a Christian site you and all the TRUMP sucking hypocritical morons wouldn’t be here.FACT

  9. Bj? Dan tyree? Who is the biggest brain washed uneducated moron on this site? Answer- It’s a tie.lololololol

  10. He brought on the onslaught with his remarks and behavior. If he would shut up and actually do what he says he had done alot more people would be onboard,but no ,he must lie and brag about things he hasn’t accomplished.

  11. I agree God gave us trump to find out who the unchristian hypocrites are. Now we know. Your screwed, morons.

  12. The truth is being reelected is more important to the unrepublican senators than the Constitution,let alone the truth and facts.

  13. Hey dumb ass hypocrite, everything lying don said was the worst ever were Reagan idealogy, NAFTA, immigration,more trade with China. Now do you see why you TRUMP suckers are the uneducated morons and hypocrites I call you out to be. Effing morons.

  14. BJ, GREAT COMMENT. For God sake, President Trump has NO TIES to PUTIN. Some people have SICK GD minds. WE should thank our lucky stars that we have a President FINALLY, that loves this country and our citizens. That is more than anyone can say when OBAMA had the reins. We would have been totally invaded by illegals, a country with NO JOBS, and you name it. Trump’s accomplishments tell the REAL story. The DEMORATS have done absolutely NOTHING for this country or its citizens. Hell, they don’t even do their jobs that costs the American citizens taxes. They should be ASHAMED and charged with treason against our President.

  15. BJ, totally agree with your comment. President Trump is the BEST thing that has happened to this country in years that was abused by the OBAMA administration. Donald Trump is a true American and is apparent that he loves our country and its CITIZENS. This misused man, with his money, doesn’t have to put up with this DEMORAT ABUSE, but wants to make America Great Again and has been successful with all of his accomplishments. People better wake the HELL up. TRUMP2020

  16. Wow Betts!!!!!! GREAT COMMENT. President Trump is the BEST thing that has happened to the this country since Reagan. You are so RIGHT ON. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Trump2020

  17. T&F…why do you call yourself Truth and Facts??? Is it because you wish you knew the truth and had some facts to share???? Nothing you ever say is ever the truth or a fact

  18. still waiting for proof… Oh, wait, you don’t have any. Of course you don’t. NOT ONE THING you said about Pres. Trump is true, so there is no proof

  19. justice, read your own postings. They are FULL of despicable and ignorant statements. YOU are a LIAR!!! satan is your master. What I said is TRUTH and truth is never despicable or ignorant. My family and friends are Christians and follow Jesus and His teachings. You do not. You just come here and spew hate and lies, both of which Jesus forbids

  20. justice, I am not the one who is delusional. I know the truth that you deny. What I said is TRUTH!!!!! Everything I stated above your post is the truth. You have no concept of truth or facts. That is very obvious. NO, Pres. Trump IS NOT a Satanist!!! You are very vile and despicable and it is clearly YOU who belongs to satan. I hate no one and NOT ONE THING I said is a lie. It is very obvious that you have no clue who Jesus is or why He came here or what He teaches. You have no concept at all of what God says in His word the Bible. This is a conservative Christian site. You have no clue what either is. You are intruding and making a fool of yourself every time you attack us or Pres. Trump. saran is very proud of you

  21. the rapist, look in your mirror to see hate. Your posts are nothing but hate for Pres. Trump and anyone who supports him. satan is your master. And Pres. Trump has NO TIES to Putin. YOU are a LIAR!!!!

  22. the rapist…YOU are a LIAR!!!!!! What you said is FALSE!!!!!! But I’m sure you are just fine with Bill Clinton raping underage girls. You are extremely sick

  23. justice, it is YOU who is intruding on a conservative Christian site, NEITHER of which you know anything about. I don’t need to get off…YOU DO!!!!!! I am not the one who is brainwashed. I have a brain to think for myself and I know the truth that you deny. Either you are brain dead or a lib robot. Not sure which. Pres. Trump is far from evil. He has done nothing but good for this country. I have repeatedly asked you to name ONE THING he has done wrong and you CAN’T!!!! You just come here to spew your sick lies and hate and make a fool of yourself.

  24. Yes Justice for President Trump!!! A full acquittal and re_election with a republican controlled House and Senate. You do a better job for Trump supporters with your idiotic posts then any others!

  25. Who stripped your gears.. Your post of full of impertinent anachronisms and flat out idiocy. You need to speak for yourself, develop a conscience, learn about self-criticism so you wouldn’t need people like me to keep you out of the psych ward. DO IT YOURSELF..Rein it all in. You IMAGINE it all. There’s no truth to your daydreaming.

  26. Anybody only listening to MSM can be talking lie T & F does. My solution, if you don’t like the Republic of America as our forefathers did with making our Constitution as it stands, perhaps you should leave America the Beautiful and go to another country to live and see how you like it. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to the USA since Reagan. God Bless America

  27. Rob, a finding of insufficient evidence is not the same an acquittal. The purpose of the investigation was to gather evidence that the Democrats hoped would lead to an impeachment. When it became clear that if you were going to make a charge of collusion against Trump there was evidence to support that charge against Hillary and the DNC, the subject was changed and they began casting about for something else. Now, they are trying to make a charge that Trump abused the power of his office which is of course, exactly what Joe Biden did as VP when he demanded the Ukraine prosecutor be fired because he was targeting Burisma where his son job paying him big bucks for nothing. Every time the Democrats make a charge, it turns out to be something they have been doing all along. You would think they would be more creative.

  28. To the extent that Putin agrees with Marxism, the Democrats are in agreement with him. It is the Democrats who profess to hate Wall Street and ironically, it is Wall Street that supplies most of their funding. Witness Mayor Pete and Pocahontas each trying to prove how poor they are.

  29. Not one Republican voted in the house to impeach and you will find at the end of the day the Senate will a quite the President unlike Bill who was impeached by both. Yellow journalism should stop being yellow and report the truth. The yellow journalism as long sense stop being an influenza on the American people and so have the Democrats.

  30. Not one Republican voted in the house to impeach and you will find at the end of the day the Senate will a quite the President unlike Bill who was impeached by both. Yellow journalism should stop being yellow and report the truth. The yellow journalism as long sense stop being an influenza on the American people.

  31. He is somehow not screwing up the economy that Obama had rolling for has 8 years after a disastrous Bush term. Trump’s tariffs, stupid tweets, his assaults against all kind of people are just propping up the economy, destined to fall dramatically if he stays in. Trump appeals to the biker gangs, the uneducated racists, the KKK, Aryan groups, the angry people, is that what you think you are a part of?

  32. It is the rapists for Trump, people like Epstein have gotten their rape ideas and tricks from the master assaulter, Trump, who even raped his own wife.

  33. You don’t even know what communism is Tyree, if you did, would you still life Trump kissing Putin’s butt. You know nothing but hatred from the words you just wrote.

  34. In my state, the Democrats are pushing to legalize marijuana so that must be a bipartisan agenda, although I do not support it. It does too much damage to your BS filter.

  35. “What’s worse, FAKE christians supporting a FAKE president, or that FAKE president convincing those FAKE christians that he’s actually one of them??”
    What is worse is ignorant people believing the BS being fed to them by the Democrat party through the complicit media.

  36. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Free of the left-wing propaganda you have been fed. Free of big government “solutions” to imaginary problems. Even Karl Marx provided for a “withering away of the state”. Did you see that happening under a Democrat administration? How many executive orders did Obama issue? How many did Trump repeal?

  37. therapists4trump:
    You don’t appear to support Trump and you don’t sound like a therapist. That being true, it follows that yours is a fake post.

  38. “The truth is you are all like Putins’ little HUMPFY DRUMPFY”
    Which party’s ideology bears the most resemblance to Marxism Jim Bob?


  40. Sir. The shame lies with the people who beat people up, who murder babies after being born, who fabricate fictions of history, victim-hood, and truth. The shame lies with the very party that mocks God, has thrown Him out of their platform and gatherings. The shame is on those who call for a system, white-wash a false prophet’s hellish works, that has murdered and slaughtered people who call upon the name of Jesus Christ as Lord God, and millions of others. The shame lies with all those who call good evil and evil good… All of that sir, speaks for itself.

  41. You are delusional woman, and an effing liar. You are right about one thing bj, Trump is not a Christian, he is a Satanist, like many of the people on here. You’re not one but you sure spew plenty of lies and hatred. I don’t think that your family and friends would like what you post on here, many despicable and ignorant statements.

  42. bj, give up, you write the same stupid comments every time you. You need to get off these sites, you are brainwashed by Trump’s lies and evil.

  43. jimbob, Pres. Trump has never tried to convince us that he is a Christian. We know that he is not. He said that he has not accepted Jesus as his Savoir. But he has done a LOT for Christians. That is a fact. We know that the dem party has thrown God out and embraces satan. They have only hate and lies. Hillary is clearly not a Christian and Obama is a muslim traitor who hates Christians. But you don’t have a problem with that

  44. Joseph, since what T&F said was clearly a lie, I would say that makes him much more than an idiot. It proves his sick hate and lies and lack of understanding of the truth. Star was being kind

  45. jimbob….Why do you keep coming here and making a fool of yourself?? This is a conservative Christian site and you clearly have no idea about either

  46. jimbob, your ignorance shows every time you post. You have NO CLUE what a Christian is and have no concept at all of who Jesus is. God GAVE us Pres. Trump. He knows that Hillary belongs to satan. And Pres. Trump has NO TIES to Putin. YOU are a LIAR!!!!! You attack Pres. Trump but extremely corrupt Hillary and muslim traitor Obama are fine with you. And your racism is extremely sick. It is you who clearly has no shame. It is really going to suck to be you when Jesus comes back to judge you. He forbids your sick hatred and lies.

  47. You didn’t provide any proof. Of course you CAN’T!!!! As I said, YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!! Pres. Trump has done only good for this country. FACT!!!!! Take your sick hate somewhere else. Uneducated moron???? Really???? You have just described yourself. I am a college graduate and it is very oblivious that my IQ is much higher than yours. You have nothing at all offer but hate and lies.

  48. T&F…You show your sick hate and ignorance every time you post. It is clearly you who is the moron. Only a moron would deny the truth and call people names. You mean nothing at all. This is a conservative Christian site and you know nothing at all about either one. You just make a fool of yourself. And bj are my initials, fool. I feel sorry for anyone who has to put up with you

  49. Whose’s trying to shame you?? The truth is you are all like Putins’ little HUMPFY DRUMPFY. NO shame. Not possible to shame the SHAMELESS!! But of course, ALL FAKE Christian’s are like that. That’s expected. No wonder white Christian churches are bleeding themselves into oblivion.

  50. Yes, T&F, that is YOU!!!!! What I said is the TRUTH!!!! YOU ARE A SICK FOOL!!! You very obviously have no concept at all of what truth or a fact is. You are very brainwashed by your sick lib liar leaders

  51. You have no concept of the truth. You prove that every time you post. I am far from a moron, but you are extremely sick and ignorant. It is very obvious from your hate-filled postings that my IQ is far higher than yours

  52. Your ignorance is profound. That is a LIE!!!! Pres. Trump cares very much about this country and his patriotism is very real. He has done only good for us, but you won’t let your sick hate see the truth that you deny

  53. Whose’s trying to shame you?? The truth is you are all like Putins’ little HUMPFY DRUMPFY. NO shame. Not possible to shame the SHAMELESS!! But of course, ALL FAKE Christian’s are like that. That’s expected. No wonder white Christian churches are bleeding themselves into oblivion.

  54. jimbob, you are EXTREMELY SICK!!!!!! Pres. Trump had NOTHING to do with Russian collusion, but HILLARY did and that is fine with you. And Trump won the presidency fair and square, unlike Hillary who used corruption to try and win the election.
    And you have NO CLUE what a Christian is. That is very obvious. God gave us Pres. Trump. Hillary is extremely corrupt and would have finished Obama’s destruction of this country. Take your sick hate and name-calling somewhere else. Get help. You need it

  55. You are the one who is brainwashed. You blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders without question. Pres. Trump has done NOTHING wrong. But your sick hate won’t let you see the truth that you deny. PLEASE provide proof that he committed murder. You CAN’T!!!! That is a LIE!!!!!! But the Clintons have been involved in SEVERAL murders and that is fine with you. YOU are a sick fool

  56. What’s worse, FAKE christians supporting a FAKE president, or that FAKE president convincing
    those FAKE christians that he’s actually one of them??

  57. Saying Trump longs to be a dictator is a silly pointless statement. It’s just emotional, not substitative.
    What response do you think would be better than “idiot”?

  58. Don’t worry brainwashed Trumpists, the whole congress and senate have sold their souls to allow Trump to get away with everything including murder as a businessman on Fifth Avenue.

  59. The real Dan Tyree is too brainwashed and evil to change into a common sense American patriot instead of the vile traitor he really is.

  60. Don’t you think every president wants to be a dictator? Do you think Obama wanted to leave office? Do you think Hillary doesn’t long to be a dictator? Pelosi is acting like a dictator in the house right now. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be a fool.

  61. JimBob, you nailed it exactly, add in fake hair, fake teeth, fake financial empire, fake children, fake marriages, fake smile, FAKE PATRIOTISM as he has only cared about himself his whole life.

  62. What’s worse, FAKE christians supporting a FAKE president, or that FAKE president convincing
    those FAKE christians that he’s actually one of them??

  63. Spoken like a true uneducated moron who sucks off a treasonous tyrannical self centered narcissistic jack ass.

  64. “Idiot”? Whatta grand comeback to Truth and Facts one-word comment. Star Chamber, your response shows an immediate command of the subject at hand and a deft command of the English language. So, Star Chamber, have you always been so focused?

  65. Delores, the dems have thrown God out and embrace satan and his hate and lies. Their goal is the total takeover of our government and every aspect of our lives. They are very evil and dangerous

  66. T&F… PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You CAN’T!!!!!!! YOU ARE A SICK LIAR!!!! And you need to change your screen name. It is very obvious that you have no clue what truth or a fact is. NOTHING you say is true or a fact

  67. T&F…Your extreme hate is EXTREMELY SICK!!!! You attack Pres. Trump, but the FACT that Hillary is extremely corrupt and lies every time she opens her mouth is just fine with you. The FACT that muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House is fine with you. Take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t need it

  68. jerry, you are extremely ignorant and have no concept of the truth. YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!! Pres. Trump has done only GOOD for this country, but your sick hate won’t let you see the truth. It is HILLARY who colluded with the Russians, NOT Trump. Please PROVE what you said. You CAN’T!!!!! You are a FOOL

  69. T&F…There is no reason at all to impeach Pres. Trump. He has done nothing wrong. You need a lot of help with your sick hate. Please get it

  70. T&F…That is not going to happen. God gave us Pres. Trump. Hillary is extremely corrupt and would have continued the destruction Obama started. Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country, but your sick hate won’t let you see the truth. You are truly a fool

  71. MJ, you show your sick hate and ignorance every time you post. You are despicable. Take a look in your mirror to see who belongs in a mental institution. You have no sense of decency. It is very obvious that satan is your master

  72. T& F, you are a sick liar!!!! Pres. Trump has no desire to be a dictator. THAT is a fact. But the dem party’s goal is total control of our government and every aspect of our lives. FACT. YOU are a fool

  73. That old DOTARED the belongs in a mental institution. The kind facility they put Alzheimer’s patients into that is where he.

  74. Mueller also caught him on at least 9 counts of obstruction of justice, which he should’ve been impeached for.

  75. Been reading these comments. Think the dems have to wake up and figure out all the information that has come out on good old Hillary, they are the ones that were spying and they were the ones favoring Putin. I wish these people would wake up to the truth. I’ve been listening to both sides and it is so plain and out there that the dems would do anything and everything to get our President out of office. And they are doing it illegally and I’m hoping it’ll come back and bite them in the A** like it should. I just cannot see how dems favored the crooked Clintons and how dishonest they are, still are. Look how Biden’s back is being covered by these crooked dems. He even came on TV and showed his dishonesty, and what he said on air should have gotten him impeached. But that won’t happen because they are covering their backs with the fake news. That’s how Obama got in for 8 yrs, and I always thought Carter was our worse President till Obama came along. He beat Carter. Because President is a business man and running the White House as if it is a business, which it is, and making progress, it’s P****** the dems off so badly because he has them running scared they’ll do anything and everything to bring him down. After what he and his family have gone through, they are still there and he’s able to accomplish what he’s done without the dems help. They are the ones that need to be impeached. As for Pelosi sitting on the impeachment articles, remember, as long as she sits on them, he’s not impeached. She needs to send them to the Senate for the vote. Idiot Schiff lied so much and still is, he would not allow the republicans to bring in a witness, but now the dems are trying to force the reps to do what they would not allow. I want to see the reps and McConnell stick to their guns and say NO. Bring the articles to the Senate to be voted on. As for Romney, he’s always been an A******, and probably will always be. I would never have voted for him as our president, and he’s still holding a grudge because he did not get his lollipop just like the dems did not get theirs when old Hillary was defeated. Wonder if I bought all the dems a lollipop if that would make them feel better? Nah, guess I’ll save my money and not bother. One last thing, if Pelosi is a Catholic then why does she not act like one? She is what my Sister calls a half-ass Catholic. Only uses the word but is not a true follower otherwise she would not have so much hatred in her heart. I dislike the dems but I don’t hate them. I pray for them that they wake up and stop letting the idiot squad lead them by the rings in their noses. I sure hope those running against them beat the crap out of them to get them out of office. That’s the only way America can win to drain the swamp, for us to vote them out of office because they are NOT working for the good of America and us. God Bless America and those of us that are being persecuted by the dems and their fake ideas. I pray every night for God to watch over us that believe in Him and pray he continues to help President Trump and his family stay strong to continue the good work he’s doing for us. JMHO and I’m allowed. People, stop watching the fake news and start thinking for yourselves, be leaders, not followers. Yep, I know, those of you out there that have such hatred in your hearts will think I’m a dumba** but believe me, I’m not, my eyes are wide open and I can see that ya’ll who believe the way the dems and fake news does that you want us to become a communist state. When that happens I hope I’ll be living wit my deceased Husband and God by then, and I will pray extra hard for my Great Grandchildren because they are the ones that are going to suffer hard if the dems ever get control again. God forbid that happens. We need Him to watch over us. Stop following the anti-christ because he/she is hard at work leading you in the wrong direction and you are following the wrong one. Once he/she has you in its grip, you will be dropped like a hot potato to fend for yourself and the only people that will make it are Christ’s followers. God Bless America and us.

  76. Thank you Senator Lee!! If there are any reps who don’t support our President, why pretend to be a rep??????
    MAGA 2020!!!❤️????

  77. Give one example of how Putin is running things. Democrats say these things but I have no idea how they justify the comment. How could Putin be running anything? You think Putin is telling Trump what to do? How? Emails? Hotline? What about Trump’s advisors etc etc? How could it get past them? Why isn’t it leaked? I think you’ve been listening to NPR.

  78. Absolutely. Everyone I know who voted for Trump in 2016, including myself, voted for him for what he promised to do. We will now vote for Trump, because of what he has done. The economy is the best in decades, and even generations and longer for minorities. Trump is the only one who could have withstood the constant onslaught from corrupt politicians and a complicit lying media.

  79. Jerry, You are like Sally Penny, she didn’t know Americans paid $35+ billion and waited 2+ years for the Mueller report that disproved your DJT Putin conspiracy theory! Lord knows Mueller tried every way possible and had a entire litany of Dem investigators but alas, they found no collusion! I wish you Dems would pay attention and catch up to the rest of us! Or, maybe your IQ is too low for you to understand plain simple facts and truth! ?

  80. Any Republican who is saying that Trump should not have won is saying Hilliary should have. That person is sick. Certainly not a Republican. If Romney feels that way he is a self-centered idiot who thinks nothing of our country.


  82. Jerry, pulling for you to get you HS equivalency one day. Obviously you are inept re history, economics, and geography. Like many Democrats, the FACT that the Mueller report CLEARED Trump, means zero to you. The fact that the USA could offer
    THOUSANDS of jobs to American Oilfield workers going to Russia to drill probably means nothing to you either.

  83. Romney is a joke. He started supporting President Trump when he thought he was getting a cabinet position. I believe the people of Utah will correct that mistake when he runs for reelection. I was a supporter of Romney during his presidential run. My mistake. It’s obvious he’s out for himself and could care less about this country. It’s needs to be one and done for Mitt.

  84. Actually without the pressure put on the crooked Democratics, who have broken the law
    at nearly EVERY step of the investigation and KANGAROO House Impeachment, that a secret ballot would afford, the House would have NEVER impeached Trump, so the Senate would not
    have to face a totally ridiculous unsubstantiated trial.

  85. It’s time for term limits for our Congress and Senate. Four years term, maximum two terms. I’m tired of so many do nothings becoming millionaires and putting our country to the back of the line. I can only vote change in the state I live in. Term limits would eliminate those like Pelosi and Schiff who use their office for their political needs and gains. Not the American people. The 23nd amendment states the President of the United States has a four years term with a maximum term of two. It time to add a new amendment that applies to congressional members.

  86. Let’s see how smart or stupid the Republican Senators are. Take a future to be proud of or take a future where they will NOT get re-elected and spend their following 2 months crying then joining Boehner to sell marijuana.

  87. This country have always been great, Donald Trump got nothing to with it. This man is only about himself and the rich.He is giving away all of the secrets To his daddy Putin, Mr. Putin is running this country and you fools are to dump to see it.

  88. I will take up your challenge. Empires rise and empires fall no difference between the american empire and the British Empire. All the same.

  89. I am thankful that Senator Mike Lee is back to his old self. For years I have been proud of what Senator Mike Lee has accomplished. I’m getting a warm and fuzzy reaction. Just saying.

  90. Mitt Romney should change party ies as he’s no Republican. If a person can’t support our great president like we have now, he or she needs to switch oarties and let the people who do support him do their job.

  91. Pelosi has lost is. That AOC has seemed to has taken over. If any American votes for any Democrat, they will be responsible for the down fall of our great country!!!!!

  92. Pride filled people often burry themsellves alive by their very own WORDS and DEEDS.

    Pride Filled people often burry themsleves alilve by their very wo Words and Deeds!

  93. Nasty Nancy will NEVER hand the article’s to the Senate. The fear of witnesses telling the TRUTH is too much of a gamble.

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