A Never Trump Republican’s impeachment decision could change everything

Donald Trump’s political fate will be decided in a Senate impeachment trial.

No one knows what to expect.

And now a Never Trump Republican’s impeachment decision could change everything.

Utah Senator Mike Lee refused to vote for Donald Trump in 2016.

Lee supported Ted Cruz and famously protested Trump‘s nomination at the Republican National Convention.

But now, Lee is a strong supporter of the President and Trump named him one of the chairmen of the 2020 re-election effort.

And Lee has been working behind the scenes to help unify the Republican Senate around acquitting the President of the Democrats’ absurd articles of impeachment.

POLITICO reports:

The Utah Republican is working with the White House to track the wide-ranging viewpoints within the Republican Senate majority, including his Utah colleague and impeachment wild card Mitt Romney. That relationship could prove critical when the Senate considers difficult votes on witnesses or other motions, and ultimately on the president’s acquittal or conviction.

And though Lee is staying away from the cable news food fights that some of his colleagues are fixtures on, he’s not exactly urging a dulcet tone from Trump.

“He has every reason to be confident about this, every reason to be unapologetic and defiantly confident about his case. Because he has a really good case,” Lee said in an interview as the Senate left for the winter holidays late last week. “I have suggested all along: If [House Democrats] are going to do this, steer right into the wind.”

As soon as Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry this fall, Lee began regularly talking with the president and White House counsel Pat Cipollone about how to plan for the storm. Importantly, Lee has helped advise Trump and his team that the Senate shouldn’t just try to dismiss the impeachment charges but should instead hold a trial to exonerate him.

Lee is even working on keeping Utah RINO and Never Trump ring leader Mitt Romney on board.

Romney is the one Republican that could stab the President and his supporters in the back on an impeachment vote and Lee’s relationship with Romney could help maintain a united front that would exonerate President Trump.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.