A Never Trump RINO got this rude awakening that let him know his career was over

Never Trump RINOs still populate Congress.

But their leader just found out he made a career-killing mistake.

That’s because one Trump ally delivered a rude awakening that left this Never Trump RINO seeing stars.

Mitt Romney received thunderous applause from the fake news media and fellow Never Trump RINOs for his January 1 op-ed slamming Donald Trump because of his supposed poor character.

But Romney’s message fell flat with the broader Republican Party.

Senator Rand Paul ripped Romney as a stale big government Republican.

Georgia’s David Perdue cautioned that Romney could turn into Jeff Flake on steroids.

And Indiana freshmen Senator Mike Braun swooped in for the kill shot.

Braun told Breitbart that Mitt Romney represented the failed, career politicians who sold out the American people that motivated to him to run as a pro-Trump candidate for Senate in the first place.

Breitbart reports:

The Trump presidency made a deep descent in December,” Romney wrote in the Post last week. Romney suggested that “on balance, his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.”

Sen. Braun, who has championed the president’s America First agenda and defeated Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) by nearly six points in 2018 midterms, said that he ran for office because he was tired of the Mitt Romney “old way of governing.”

Braun represents the people of Indiana as a fellow freshman senator alongside Romney.

“One of the reasons I ran is because it’s no longer business as usual and to me, Mitt Romney would epitomize business as usual and the old way of governing,” Braun charged. “Many people were shaken by the fact that there is a novel approach and a new style. Thank goodness, because what we had is dismal.”

Some in the media – as well as in the Republican Party – thought the Romney op-ed spelled doom for Trump.

Instead, Romney’s attack showed the rank-and-file of the GOP still stands with the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. actually the only reason Romney was elected in, he talked pro-trump and even asked Trump to endorse him. Mitt was voted in because people believed the lie he was selling. Mitt is a 1 term senator. the people of Utah don’t like what they are seeing.

  2. Maybe he should run for President of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He seems to have found a home in Utah. I think that’s the only office where the Mantle might fit him.

  3. What is really terrible is that this milquetoast slimy senator is trying to get Mike Lee vote out of office and replaced with a weak minded RINO like himself. All of us need to start pounding on this establishment liberal cretin who calls himself a Conservative.

  4. I look at it this way, Mitt will probably keep his job for years to come because he has great name recognition, but he has ensured that he will never be a Presidential contender in the Republican party again. He may run as a democrat and make a serious run. But, Mitt has failed to grasp the Republican movement. He still thinks he is running like he did against Barack Obama. Mitt, you lost doing what you do, against a deeply flawed Obama. Why would we vote for you now?

  5. Romney like McCain is just mad at Trump for doing as they could not do namely win the Oval Office. Romney is like Clinton(either one) in that he will do anything to get into public office no matter what that maybe.

  6. Romney is another manipulative MORMON with money that gives him some franchise on knowledge. He isn’t a patch on his fathers pants. George W Romney was a good compromising politician, something this country doesn’t have anymore. The Son should be ashamed of himself, money still doesn’t give you knowledge, just the means to push your self aggrandizement to the rest of us. I for one could careless about this MUTT

  7. Its true,
    a liberal fool is born about every 15 secs.Now phantom,suck your pasifier and pitch your little Trumper Tantrum

  8. The “ONLY” way any of this will stop,is if WE THE PEOPLE,do like our forefathers.Rise up,and STOP this.WE HAVE THE TOOLS TO STOP them.We JUST NEED THE GUTS!!!

  9. I am totally disgusted with loser and traitor Romney. What you are saying about the Park City Winter Olympics is totally false! I was also there at the time. You say, “Romney was proven to have lied to sponsor’s, heads of state, country leaders, people of Utah, and he was proven to have stolen over 7 million dollars from event profits.” So, in the first place, if the Mormon Church for some amazing reason recommended Romney to head the Park City Olympics, why on earth would Park City, who wanted their olympics to succeed, and also the United States pay attention to a recommendation from a church? And why would the Olympics sponsor’s, heads of state, country leaders, people of Utah and United States of America go along with a church’s plea not to charge a lying swindler? We don’t need to make up stories about Romney – he has already proven himself to be a loser.

  10. Where is um what’s’isname, um, Romney even from? Massechusets? California? Utah?
    Who knows?

    Or cares?

  11. Typical politician that talks out of one side of their mouth to get elected. Then when they do, they become part of the DC swamp and look under all the rocks to find their pot of gold and laugh all the way to the bank.

  12. Romney won in Utah because he’s a Mormon and Utah’s population is overwhelmingly Mormon. Same reason Obama got almost 90% of the black vote. They didn’t mind whether he was qualified for the job of president or not. They voted for him because he was black. Romney was voted in because he’s a Mormon.

  13. We support the President on the border Wall and we will have his back! As an immigrant myself I can strongly emphasize that we need to know who is coming into the Country. The Wall works as a border structure and consider why a lot of Elites have walls around their properties. Why do you lock your door and have security systems? If you don’t,you could care less about your loved ones. Maybe you don’t have any which wouldn’t be a surprise! We have home invasions happening on an almost daily basis in my town and it seems that most of the names are Hispanic when they catch them. This is a personal observation but I also know there are many good and hardworking Latinos in the Country!

  14. Don’t worry your little head about that.
    After we Democrats regain the Senate and the Presidency next year, we will reorder the RepubliCONS’ priorities and return our government “to, by, and for” the people.
    Can you imagine the number of people who can get access to health care with $5B?

  15. This SOB repubs senator from Utah is like a mad dog, delusional and have gone CRAZY. Why don’t RNC EXCOMMUNICATE HIM?? He is a baggage to republican party, an air wave pollution maker and a high risk. EXCOMMUNICATE HIM

  16. Romney is a loser, he keeps moving from state to state to run for public office. And there are some in each state who vote for him because he is supposed to be a Republican. The only reason he won in Utah is he was was the only one. Poor Utah.

  17. Careful your bias, and hypocrisy is showing Phantom. You say Trump is lying, so the border patrol, who work there everyday, know less than you? Have you ever been to the border? When and where? The two talking corpses lied like a rug and got caught in their lies. They had no facts, and Crying Chuck could give lessons on throwing temper tantrums. Old Botox face looked like a pretty good job of embalming, but still embalmed, how much make-up and how long did it take. The eye shadow color was a big mistake. Chucky, whoever did your make-up did not do so well, you looked like they applied it with a trowel.

  18. No need he exposed himself for the Rat he is, no rational and self respecting patriot would ever vote for him again, he would be a complete fool to run for the presidency ever again.

  19. Now I know why the Republicans lost against the illegal alien Kenyan, because the Rats kept nominating their fellow career politicians like McCain and Romney.

  20. I wouldn’t vote for the RINO Romney if he were the last Republican on earth to run for the office of president. The only reason he got elected to the U.S. Senate is due to him being a Mormon running for office in Utah.

  21. It would seem that you do… Romney moved TO Utah so he could run in their election for an open Senate seat much like Killary moved to New York to get elected there. Common Core is pathetic but it had nothing to do with this…

  22. Not to mention the tunnels running under the border and the cave systems that begin in Mexico and end in the US!!!
    Trucking companies drop trailers off in Laredo, TX. to be taken across the border and unloaded; sometimes they get those trailers back, sometimes not.
    Often, if those trailers get back to the droplot in Laredo, they aren’t fit to operate on the roads in the US without a near complete rebuild!!!
    Unfortunately, that has nothing to do with the legitimate businesses in Mexico that are supposed to get the goods from those trailers!!!!
    It’s the criminal element that is responsible for that destruction and loss of freight!!!

  23. fran, the people of Utah didn’t elect him. He moved to Utah right after Sen Hatch declared his retirement plans. He is no well liked here in Utah either. His election was bought and paid for by a few wealthy donors looking to have a Rino run against President Trump in 2020.

  24. Wow!!!
    How many states has or is Romney “representing”????
    This article states that he is a senator for Indiana, I know he used to be the governor of Massachusetts, and now at least three other people have stated that he is from Utah!!!
    Either he has circumvented every political jurisdiction law to be a senator for multiple states or he is lying(now there’s an accusation) to multitudes of constituents!!!!
    There is one other possibility that is so absurd that only the Democrats would think to do it; put him on the ballot as a Republican in everyone of those states AND get him elected in each of those states as well!!!

  25. Dont need a wall? Why do those democrats say that when in fact they have walls around their homes, the DNC headquarters is fenced and obama just had a wall built around his mansion in DC. Just talk to any border patrol agent and they will show you the gaping holes in our border security perimeters where illegals cross easily.

  26. That’s funny!!!!!
    It absolutely hilarious; especially since he is from Indiana, which is 1,500 miles east of Utah!!!
    Two time zones East of Utah!!!
    Does someone need a geography lesson on the United States?? Or is this an example of the Common Core curriculum???!!!!

  27. The “election” of romney in Utah was controlled by large “democrat” doners hoping the Rino would win so he could run in 2020 as a democrat

  28. It’s easy to see palosi and Schumer lie.
    Anyone that believes anything they say is not a good citizen of this country.
    America is #1. Even our country code is #1. that explains why so many people from around the world want to come and live here.

  29. Sedition and Treason need to stop that is simply a fact..
    It is citizens that need to stand up and say NO you aren’t welcome, wanted and we can’t afford you..

  30. That’s why some billionaire just wrote a boarder wall size check to the Democratic party… Money needs to come out of politics these big funds..Florida has just stopped a standard that votes would be from legal law abiding citizens. They just granted Felons voter rights. We need to be able to stop the Looney tunes leftist from undoing the great experiment called the Democratic Republic called the United States of America. States now let people vote via computer who says it’s in the USA, illegal aliens sorry undocumented is my leaving my wallet at home by accident..a n illegal alien is a person who broke out sovereign right to have what every other country has a boarder separating it from another. When migration of animals happen it can be detrimental to the native species. Yes 400 yrs ago America was discovered and settled..indians suffered but that has been addressed..I have red hair and freckles yet my roots also have native marriages and biracial marriages.. I am a 300 part of the American meltingpot. The central and lower American waves are politically motivated by Obama and his dreamer act, to those that twist the 14th amendment allowing anchor babies..Since we became a Nation and made laws for immigration. Ellis Island served a purpose, if you were sick you didn’t spread it to the nation, if you had no skills and no way to communicate you needed a sponsor to guide you to becoming a citizen of this Nation. Now they snub our laws and values with sanctuary cities and states. Where illegals, felons, sick and poor are placed above those who’s families she’d blood fighting brothers against brothers in a civil war, and fought over seas in WW 1 & WW 2 , vietnam, korea and Iran, and Afghanistan. We open our boarders and allow millions to save in.. Americans can be put out of their homes, we face a crime rise, terror attacks.. We need to start the illegals, voted of the dead no longer tolerated, we need a indelible ink and a document that says you were born here, you have rights…but Soros and Democrats will back a illegal before a citizsn. That has to stop, It needs to stop now and they need to be deported or shot rather then streaming our nation..

  31. Very, very disappointed in the voters of Utah putting this Mega-RINO into office. Especially after he colluded with the Dems to put Obama back into office.

  32. My grandparents live in Mass. and they said Romney wasn’t really even a Republican. He calls himself a republican, but he is far from a Republican. Romney care was just like Obamacare was. Who do you think gave Obama much advice about his healthcare plan. Romney. Romney and his wife had illegals working in their home as maids. Romney when he was governor he started a sanctuary city and it was called little Cambodia. I also remember the picture of Romney taking his family on vacation and they took their dog. The dog was in a cage and it was tied to the roof of the car. Romney, you watch he is going to challenge Trump in 2020. Romney would never ever get my vote. Trump2020

  33. Folks let’s all chip in and send ‘phantom’ to the border! No weapons, no bullet-proof vest, NO SECURITY AT ALL, plenty of food and water for say a week…let’s see how fast all those supplies are taken away. Leave him there for that whole week. If there’s anything left of him he MIGHT change his tune about there not being any problems at the border.

  34. The only vote I would give Romney would be as a toilet cleaner, not the bowl but the old fashioned out house.

  35. ignorant …sorry but you’re that … obviously , you just can’t let go of ‘msm’ crap….you people on the left ,it appears, were born with out logic or common sense = shame ….maybe in a few years , you’ll wake up and see how much ‘greatness’ America was restored to by our president TRUMP.

  36. You are undoubtedly one of THE STUPIDEST posters around.

    Let me ask you a question…ever been to Kalifornistan? The illegals here are ruining our state as fast as the liberals.

    If a family member or good friend is ever killed or hurt by one of these criminals, I will spend the rest of my life coming after $hit like you.

  37. and you are standing behind trump the guy who could careless about anyone the only thing he is concerned about is getting that stupid wall built to save his ass with the gop to the point that he has been faking information on the boarder in order to scare people into believing the wall is the only thing that will save us well the walls didn’t stop the trojans in fact the war was over and the trojans won, and if you don’t want to believe me go to fox news has already said he has faked all the facts about the border to cover up the russian conspiracy so you want the truth since last night they have said trump has dropped by min 7 points and most likely no republican will ever believe him again and they haven’t released poll for today. so if they are right think about this the democrats have said lets get the 800000 government workers back to work and we can negotiate the wall but trump wont give into the agencies going back to work unless they will fund the wall, so the way it looks trump will blow 46.5 billion to get nothing done but try to cover his ass

  38. Romney is going to make Flake & McCain look like 1st Graders. His rant on tv after he lost should have been the end of him. I thought Utah had more collective common sense than to elect him. Won’t be going to Utah anymore.

    Places we will go are dwindling, Hope millions of others quit spending money in stupid states, stupid cities. Voting w/ your money has more collective power than ballots & a helluva lot harder to rig.

  39. yeah look at Nut York. See their new Medicare for 600000 people. 300000 of them illegal. old folks are selling their house they lived in forever. because the property tax is 44%.people need to wake up.

  40. Go back to Mass. Well they probably don’t want you there and are happy you moved to Utah. Even the bees will leave Utah he’s contaminated the state.

  41. That election was enough for me to remember never to vote for such a POS. He was in Obama pocket or whatever one wants to call it. LOL

  42. Romney’s a Loser
    Imagine running for President and THROWING the Election for Obama and now he’s back as a loser Senator

  43. Well, I never heard about this. Glad you told me. I never voted for him anyway and would not partially because he belongs to a cult. The other reason is that I did not like how he was a fence sitter.

  44. Romney a Loser
    Imagine running for President and TROWING the Election and now he’s back as a loser Senator

  45. Well, I never heard about this. Glad you told me. I never voted for him anyway and would not partially because he belongs to a cult. The other reason is that I did not like how he was a fence sitter.

  46. remember how mitt handed the election to oboma , that’s all you need to know , he left millions of americans down that year , don’t for get the weissle

  47. The idiot lost me when he said “Corporations are people too”. No Mr Romney, corporations are blood-sucking machines without any concern for the people. TRUMP 2020.

  48. That’s the DAMN truth.. And his head/ideas are SNAFU.. He’s a “DUNSEL” hasn’t done anything yet..

  49. Couldn’t agree more. No one respects a weak coward who won’t stand up for their own family. Democrat or Republican. Be honest, speak out about what is right, and don’t back down just because you thing others don’t agree.

  50. It did not take long for MITT to PROVE that LOSERS are still unable to STFU!!!! GO home Mitt and FLIP Pancakes as well as everything else you do

  51. It did not take long for MITT to PROVE that LOSERS are still unable to STFU!!!! GO home Mitt and FLIP Pancakes as well as everything else you do

  52. It is time Mitt Romney decided to give up politics. He have pulled
    the wool over his voters but I think he is no longer welcome in the
    Republican Party. He is a liar and a fraud He needs to run as the
    Democrat he is. Can’t respect a bottom feeder like Romney.

  53. Democrats regained control of the House because the public voted out RHINOs who wouldn’t vote for the Border Wall or support the Trump agenda.

  54. The people you are talking about who are leftovers from the Obama administration and not necessarily ones who President Trump picked. Get your story right.

  55. I lived in Utah when Romney ran the financial part of the winter Olympics in Park City, Utah in 1990’s. After the events were over and Audit’s were done. Romney was proven to have lied to sponsor’s, heads of state, country leaders, people of Utah, and he was proven to have stole over 7 million dollars from event profits. Charges were filed, but later dropped after the Mormon Church pleaded to have him left alone. The publicity was too much for the Church after they had recommended him for the job. Some believe the L.D.S. church paid the stolen money back to avoid the media. Romney is a Jerk, Liar, and a “Jack Mormon”. He should have have went to prison.

  56. There is an old German saying about lying deceitful people and it fits
    Romney perfectly. Translate it says “ he speaks with a snake up his sleeve”. Meaning not to be trusted under any circumstances.

  57. Someone needs to give Mitt the bad news that he is no longer relevant. I think he thinks he’s presidential material for 2020. We have news for him – NEVER ROMNEY!!!

  58. You got that right. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a failure as far as I am concerned.

  59. I agree – he is nothing but a failure and an ego driven maniac. Can’t stand that man. Think he would have learned a long time ago that real Republicans don’t really support him. He is a failure as far as I am concerned. To criticize our President like he is doing when he leaves a lot to be desired in his own career is unconscionable. He needs to come out as a Democrat because that is exactly what he is – using the Republican name to get into office.

  60. well quit spewing your fake news Bullsh*t. You would benefit from a De-Programming from the likes of CNN all that koolaid drinking rots ones brain

  61. Mitt Romney obviously likes criminals from South America coming to our country. He sounds like a Demoncrat. Democrats love criminals!

  62. Olddog,
    You just pushed me to vote for Trump. ????????????
    Btw: Old man Bill Clinton has his named trademarked as an olddog.
    you be sued for stealing Bill’s name.

  63. Sharon, The Democrats say open border, soooo all those thousands and thousands in the caravans can Join our already thousands and thousands of HOMELESS that are already here collecting medi-cal and food stamps etc. SO Calif. can RAISE OUR TAXES ((AGAIN))

  64. Mitt the thieving nit wit might have deceived his Mormon brethren in Utah But the vast majority of the GOPthrough out the balance of this nation have known Mitt to be the nasty biting dog under the neighbor’s old shed. Sneaking sleazy back biting scumbag. To you the Mormon church choose a snake as your pet dont exspect not to be bitten.

  65. This is the problem in our country, idiots voting for fake Republicans! Just when we finally got rid of two, another one arises! These people are a disgrace to our country, and us!

  66. You are arguing with a fool that is going to drag you down to his level and beat you with his vast experience at that level.

  67. mittie was hand picked by hatch to replace him.

    PRESIDENT Trump still need hatch on his side until after the election.

    BLACKMAIL ensued from hatch, so PRESIDENT TRUMP ‘campaigned’ for the crapshot moron mittie…

  68. they were probably discarded as HATE SPEECH because the CENSORS ON THIS SITE HATE what you said.

    and, sadly, you probably will not see this comment either.

  69. The prosecutions that Mueller has been able to bring to fruition concern people whose lives touched Trump’s for a time but the crimes for which they have been found guilty have NOT shown that their guilt is shared in the minutest way by Trump. The original purpose of this Mueller hunt was to prove a collusion between the Russians and Trump to tip the 2016 election in Trump’s favor. No evidence of this collusion has been found despite the efforts of Mueller AND a corrupt Department of Justice.

    Hillary has thus far escaped prosecution primarily because of that same corruption. One can only hope that there exists the possibility that the corruption can be excised and we can become a law abiding country once again.

    Hillary lost the election, not because of ANY external cause. She lost because she was (and is) a very poor choice for a candidate.

  70. theolddog…you really need to get out of fantasyland and join the real world. You have no concept of the truth

  71. theolddog….There is PLENTY there. The Clintons have been extremely corrupt for decades. They are far from innocent. Open your willfully blind eyes and dare to see the truth. Hillary is far worse than Trump could ever be.

  72. John, give up, the olddog and other commies like him have been brainwashed by fake media. They waste our air, don’t waste your breath on ppl like him bcz they are brain dead. But sure liked and agreed with your comment, you are 100% correct.

  73. Never enters your “mind” that she must be innocent of all the charges and innuendo, eh?
    OTOH, let us look at Manafort, Cohen, and all the other Trumpie Flunkies who are either in jail, have sung like canaries, or are under indictment.
    That’s the reality show, no matter how much the right might hate it.

  74. Romney asked Trump to campaign for him and HE DID. This is what he gets in return. Romney has been a turncoat for years – whisy washy – and then he “knifes him in the back.” What a hypocrite – can’t believe that he got elected.

  75. You must still be posting from Fantasy Island.

    Let’s look at how many Trumpkins have been sentenced, are under indictment, or under investigation and compare that to the $ millions spent on investigating the Clintons only tho find there is no THERE there.

  76. Goose step behind Hillary Clinton, If you do better be careful associating with her could get you a prison sentence when all the dust settles and her crimes are exposed.

  77. We get it.
    All GOOD RepubliCANTS should fall in and Goose Step behind your Dear Leader.
    No dissent allowed among today’s Pubbies.

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