A new CNBC poll shows only 3% of Trump supporters believe this about Joe Biden

President Trump is contesting the results in several states – refusing to give up and admit defeat until every legal vote is counted.

And after more than 250,000 people attended the recent “MAGA Million March” in Washington, D.C., it’s apparent that the majority of Trump’s supporters support his efforts.

But a new CNBC poll shows only 3% of Trump supporters believe this about Joe Biden.

The Fake News Media is in a tizzy about President Trump refusing to concede the election until all legal votes have been counted and Joe Biden is certified as the winner.

They’re abhorred by President Trump’s refusal to concede – viciously attacking him for attempting to protect the integrity of our elections by making sure every legal vote counts.

And this new CNBC poll of Trump supporters just infuriated the Fake News Media even more.

“As the president makes unsubstantiated claims about electoral malfeasance and sows doubts about vote tallies, only 3% of Trump voters surveyed said they accept Biden’s victory as legitimate, the survey released Monday found,” wrote CNBC in an article about the poll’s findings.

But the fact that only 3% of Trump supporters believe Joe Biden won the Presidential election isn’t the only thing that has the Fake News Media in a tizzy.

According to CNBC, “a staggering 73% of respondents consider Trump the legitimate winner.”

In other words, Trump supporters flat-out reject the idea that Joe Biden won the election fair and square.

Some other takeaways from the CNBC poll:

  • Over 81% of Trump supporters say they will not give Biden a chance as President.
  • Trump supporters are extremely loyal. In fact, if President Trump decided to leave the GOP, nearly 3/4 of respondents said they would identify with “Trump’s party” – and not the “Republican Party.”