A nightmare scenario involving a rental revealed this ugly reality about electric vehicles

Picking up a rental car should be a painless experience for most travelers.

But getting stuck with an electric vehicle at the rental counter is the worst possible outcome. 

And a nightmare scenario involving a rental revealed this ugly reality about electric vehicles. 

A traveler visiting an elderly relative gets stuck with an electric vehicle

San Diego, California, resident Diane Strain booked a flight to Oakland to see an 88-year-old relative who had a “health scare.”

She reserved an SUV at the Budget Rental Car in Oakland, but when she arrived, they told her that it wasn’t ready and offered her a Ford Mustang Mach E electric vehicle instead.

“What I was really surprised about is that they handed me these keys and gave me zero instruction,” Strain told Just The News.

Strain – a retiree – decided to take the electric Ford because she was willing to try something new. 

She noticed that it was only charged to 82%, but a Budget employee reassured her that was enough power and she’d easily be able to find a charging station.

But her trip took her along a route where charging stations weren’t readily available.

“They never once asked, ‘Where are you traveling to?’ I was traveling to the suburbs 40 miles away,” Strain said.

She saw a charging station at a gas station near her and planned to charge her vehicle there while she waited at the hotel.

Strain tried to get the plug to fit her vehicle with no luck until a friendly driver informed her of her problem.

It turned out the charging stations were for Teslas, which aren’t compatible with Ford.

“I’m like, ‘okie dokie. Well, good to know,’” Strain said.

She looked online and discovered that the closest supercharging stations were about an hour away from her.

So she tried to go to the local Ford dealership.

“I thought, ‘well, this is going to be great, because it’s at the dealer, it’s gonna be really fast, right? It’s gotta be the high-end charger. Why wouldn’t it be?’’” Strain said.

A trip to the Ford dealer goes wrong

Strain brought a book to the dealership with the expectation that it would only take a couple of hours to recharge her Mustang.

But the Ford dealership didn’t have a fast charger so it would take nearly seven hours for her vehicle to recharge.

The dealership gave her a ride back to her relative’s house while the vehicle charged.

After several hours, they called her to inform her that the Mustang was “languishing” at around 75%.

So she decided to wait a couple more hours for it to charge which went past the dealership’s closing time.

“They could not have been nicer. I could tell they felt badly about my plight,” Strain said.

The dealership brought her the Mustang’s keys and didn’t charge her for the service.

When Strain finally made it back to Budget, the management promised to give her a discount, but it ended up being less than what they had negotiated.

“So no EVs in my future, and I won’t be the sucker who says yes next time,” Strain said.

Electric vehicles are a nightmare to operate in real-world driving scenarios.

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