A pollster who got 2016 right just issued this stunning prediction about 2020

The polls were famously wrong in 2016.

And once again the polls show Donald Trump trailing.

But a pollster who got 2016 right just issued this stunning prediction about 2020.

The Trafalgar Group was the only pollster in 2016 to call Donald Trump’s wins in the key Midwestern states that handed him a victory over Hillary Clinton.

Their polls got it right because everyone else undersampled non-college educated voters.

Now Trafalgar Group founder Robert Cahaly joined The Kyle Olson Show to tell the audience that his firm’s polls once again showed President Trump poised to win the election.

Cahaly cited his firm’s polling of Michigan that showed Biden up one point with a pool of undecided voters that looked like Trump supporters as evidence Trump could pull out another victory.

“I could look in those undecideds, and those third-party and tell you I believe those people will vote for Trump,” Cahaly stated. “We had him down by one, but I believe Trump will win Michigan as of the last poll we did.”

Cahaly also claimed that his polling work showed Republicans were less likely to answer a poll than Democrats.

“We’ve seen a disproportionate amount of Republicans unwilling to participate in polls and you have to really work hard to get a Republican to answer,” Cahaly added.

Cahaly also claimed the majority of pollsters were incentivized to produce pro-Biden polling because they either work for Democrats or media companies that want Trump to lose.

“If you’re working for a party or a campaign or for a media outlet, they care more about ‘are you reinforcing their narrative of the election’ than did you get it right,” he said.

“You have to look at the incentive of the people doing the poll. What is their real goal,” Cahaly continued.

Cahaly concluded by telling listeners that the Biden campaign had no idea how close the race really was because the media was telling an inaccurate story of the race based on faulty polling.

“They are in a fight and they don’t understand it because most polling companies undersample Republicans,” Cahaly concluded.

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