A prosecutor just flipped a key witness that is devastating news for Hillary Clinton

The criminal investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax continues to produce shocking developments.

Special Counsel John Durham’s latest court filing left jaws on the ground.

And a prosecutor just flipped a key witness that is devastating news for Hillary Clinton.

In Special Counsel Durham’s court filing detailing his prosecution of Perkins Coie and Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI, he revealed that he flipped a witness identified as “Researcher-2” with an offer of immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony.

“The Government therefore pursued Researcher-2’s immunity in order to uncover otherwise-unavailable facts underlying the opposition research project that Tech Executive-1 and others carried out in advance of the defendant’s meeting with the FBI. To argue that the Government has engaged in a discriminatory use of immunity here by granting such a witness immunity but not another is absurd,” the filing read.

The filing also stated that five different witnesses exercised their Fifth Amendment rights in the court of Durham’s investigation.

Americans will now wait to find out what Researcher-2 provided Durham.

In a previous court filing, Durham wrote that the Clinton campaign, its agents, and researchers coordinated on a “joint venture” to fabricate links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Durham also charged researcher Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI about the source of his information regarding phony links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government that appeared in the Steele dossier.

One of the sources Danchenko used for the dossier was Clinton associate Charles Dolan.

Dolan allegedly fed Danchenko supposed “dirt” on Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort that eventually found its way into the dossier.

This information was portrayed as being obtained from Russian sources, when in reality it was a Clinton campaign dirty trick.

Durham’s revelation led to charges that not only did the Clinton campaign pay for the Steele dossier, but that its agents also helped write the document.

This unnamed researcher may offer additional information as to how the Clinton campaign shaped and leveraged the Steele dossier as a weapon against then-candidate Donald Trump and eventually President Trump.

Durham’s trials of both Sussmann and Danchenko will provide the first truly public accounting of how the Russian collusion hoax took hold.

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