A Republican Senator dropped the hammer on Kamala Harris with this brutal truth

Kamala Harris can’t escape her past.

That is bad news for Democrats.

And a Republican Senator dropped the hammer on Kamala Harris with this brutal truth.

Congressional Democrats continue to hold hearings on the January 6th riot at the Capitol to keep throwing chum in the water so their allies in the media keep “domestic extremism” and “domestic terrorism” in the headlines.

Biden and the Democrats want to paint all their opposition as white supremacists and violent extremists and these hearings allow Democrats to pull quotes from FBI and other law enforcement officials to claim the only political violence comes from the Right.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley shut this down.

Grassley noted how this past summer federal law enforcement was under attack from terrorist groups on the Left and noted that when the Trump administration dispatched federal marshals to defend a courthouse in Portland from Antifa terrorists, Nancy Pelosi smeared them as “stormtroopers.”

“It hardly registered in the media when Marshals and Secret Service officers defended courthouses and the White House. That’s not Senator Durbin’s fault. That’s the media’s fault. They were called ‘stormtroopers’ by the Speaker of the House, like they aren’t even human beings,” Grassley began.

And then Grassley brought up how Kamala Harris raised money for a radical group that bailed out Black Lives Matter rioters in Minneapolis, some of whom went back on the streets and committed more violent crimes.

“Vice President Harris, when she was a Senator, supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organization that helped bail out violent rioters in Minnesota. Thirteen staffers of a candidate for President at that time boasted on Twitter that they donated to the group. According to one news report, the group paid $75,000 to get one man out of jail when he was charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at a police officer during the May protests,” Grassley added.

Grassley explained that the Democrats were using these hearings to paint a one-sided picture and that any fair accounting of political violence would note that Democrats stoked an entire summer of rage.

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