A secret about the migrant caravan will frighten every American

The migrant caravan making its way through Mexico represents an invasion.

Thousands of migrants marching toward the Southern border threatens American sovereignty.

And there is one secret about the caravan that will frighten every American.

Experts say the caravan is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens trek from Central America each year to try and sneak into America.

These are the highest levels of migration in nearly a decade.

The caravans get all the attention.

But they are just the tip of the iceberg.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports:

The numbers are reaching levels not seen for more than a decade, said Ernesto Rodríguez Chávez, a migration scholar at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte, a government-funded think tank with offices along the northern border and Mexico City.

His estimates put the current annual flow of undocumented crossings from Central America to the United States through Mexico at between 350,000 and 400,000; the calculations consider crossings, rather than people, as some individuals may cross more than once. Much of the traffic takes place out of sight, at night, in smaller flows, Rodríguez said, to escape the attention of Mexican migration authorities.

Rodríguez said that compared with the earlier flows, the current exodus includes a rise in the proportion of women and particularly children, though male migrants continue to make up the largest proportion of those attempting to reach the United States.

Many don’t make it to the U.S. border, as Mexican authorities detain tens of thousands each year. INAMI reported from January through September 2018 nearly 80,000 deportations from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, with close to half from Honduras.

Trump tried to correct this problem by putting in place policies to deny asylum to anyone caught entering the country illegally.

But the increased number of illegal aliens flowing into the country highlight a need for tougher immigration rules and for Congress to fully fund Trump’s border wall.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The first nation prayed that the whit man and other invaders would leave their proud nation, but it never happened, because their is no god if God did exist you would not be here,

  2. I think we all need to start praying for our country!!! True something needs to be done! But we need Gods blessing back on our country . Pray like you never have before!! Then God will help you figure out a solution of what to do. The suggestions i read are good. So let us take time out today and pray for strength and help from God to end this crasiness!!!

  3. Tom, the democrats only read the history the want to.
    History of great countries only last about 200 years or so. They all failed because of the polices we are following now. If people would study ancient history, they would see where we are going. That is why education has failed since liberalism has increased in schools and kids can’t see it.

  4. A bunch of “legal immigrants” fought with USMC in Korea. Everyone of them were proud to fight and defend “their” county. That is what my friend said the day before was killed fighting with his friends (usmc). I wonder if the new group of immigrants feel that way or they here for “free gimmes” from democrats

  5. Craig M V, prefer to first get rid of our new world order puppets and deep state establishment traitors that have enticed these illegal immigrants to invade us with all of the federal freebies as soon as they cross the border.
    At the same time we stop all federal assistance to all the non citizens already here in the states, which will have most of them self deporting back to their own homelands (or to some other nation) that can afford to support them. We also end all DACA scholarships, all visa lotteries, while we work at locating and deporting all non citizens who have not self deported.
    Perhaps then, Americans who have worked for years and paid into the system, can get help when needed, as the immigrants do now. They all get free medical care, while Obamacare has more Americans without health insurance than we had before his introduction of his unaffordable health care escalated our insurance premiums for much less coverage.
    Before anyone asks what about the anchor babies of illegal immigrants, my reply is to deport the parents and let them decide whether to take their children home with them or leave them here for adoption in America! As some Americans have complained: “I have health insurance but the premiums are so high I can’t use it because I can’t afford the copayments required.

  6. John Richardson. If you really believe the words you say, why don’t you and a band of liberals invade their country and make it better.

  7. John The ones that first came to this country, we saved from staving by the Indians. They were taught to farm, hunt, fish, build structures as houses and work together for the common good of all. Then came the lazy liberals, that wouldn’t work and expected to
    be taken care of. They were the democrats of the future.

  8. The more I think about our national security as in the invasion of illegals the more I conclude a wall will never suffice, they are a foreign threat and therefore it is perfectly legal to utilize the full force of our military.

    The presence of our military in the Middle East has nothing to do with protecting the rights of the Common Good only that of the wealthy, let them pay to secure their own foreign investments, get our troops out of Harm’s Way and place them along our borders to defend the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built before we become a Communist sharia ideology nation.

  9. From what I see a number are wanting a better life some are desperate I hope you can understand that, as for the history lesson we all need that some time history all ways repeats itself going back thousands of years, just one quote for all,
    Misunderstanding of the present grows fatally from the ignorance of the past, thank you for your polite reply

  10. John Richardson, you seem to be missing one point. These ‘caravans’ are invading us to steal what we have. WE invaded the Native Americans to steal what they had. Who needs the history lesson here?

  11. Watch the battle of Athens utube most Americans have never watched or even heard of it yet it happened on American soil, let me know what you think when you watch it

  12. What a Trogan Horse he was, a Muslim as president of the USA
    ??????????, read Dr Bill Warner on Islam

  13. Why deny the truth what I said is a historical fact. No need to throw the Teddy bear out of the pram. Just give the first nation a better deal , have a nice day G no offence meant

  14. John Richardson, You are absolutely comparing apples to oranges. If you don’t understand the difference between that and this, I am not going to start a war trying to educate you. If you think America is a bad country, move down to Central America and try to “break into” the USA with them. You won’t be seeing anymore replys from me. I am weary with people like you!

  15. You are descended from immigrants who stole the first nations land and resources, not saying you did not work hard but you got your start for free on the backs of the Indians, you really should read your history, and ask the first nation what they think, some home truths coming your way if you have the courage and open mindness to look, have a nice day

  16. I’ve always said one of the biggest character flaws with Democrats is their laziness. They’re happy to have everyone else carry the load while they sit back and complain. I’m adding shiftless as another flaw they have.

  17. No the supporters should be required to renounce their citizenship and move to wherever these invaders are from.

  18. The people who are supporting this movement into OUR country should HAVE TO take these INVADERS in to support them and see to their every need! TRUMP 2020 MAGA!!

  19. I have lived no more than 20 minutes from the Mexican-American border for 70 years. I have known many Mexican-Americans and they are wonderful individuals. However, what bothers me is that as Americans our forefathers and mothers worked hard and sacrificed greatly to make American the great country it is. If the immigrants did the same in THEIR OWN COUNTRIES they would be great as well. But it’s so much easier to immigrate to a nation that’s already rich and strong because it saves them from all the hard work and sacrifice. And we let them have it FOR FREE!

  20. Is she going to be willing to give up her lifestyle in order to help support them, somebody is going to have to one way or another. We cannot take care of our own here in America!

  21. Betty,
    You sound like a very ignorant woman, who talks without knowing any facts.
    Trump has done very good things for this counyry.The economy is doing well
    He is keeping illegals out of our country and got rid of a terrible deal with Iran.Much more.If Obama was in charge now we would all be in trouble.
    Send me your address so i could send illegal aliens to your home for you to take care of.How many can i send?

  22. I have a male friend in the Midwest who belongs to those groups. I will have to ask him about it. He has told me some things that are planned that were surprising but very encouraging, so don’t despair, fellow American Patriots!

  23. A little twist on this:
    I worked with a sweet woman back in the mid-1990’s, whose husband worked for a non-profit agency to help Legally Immigrating Russians. She went to some of the Russian churches, and was shocked that the pastors of their churches told them exactly that! “You are in America now, you will live well for free: they will feed you, give you medical care, help you with relocation money, all for free.” Many of the immigrants worked jobs under-the-table, bought houses to fix up, bought salvaged late-model cars and rebuilt them, and collected their benefits every month. All legal. WHERE can I immigrate that will treat me as well?

  24. Linda: Too bad they can’t do some quick maternal DNA tests on the “mothers” and their “children” to see who belongs to whom.

  25. George: Good idea, but probably unnecessary. I just read a few days ago about disturbing seismic activity going on under California, including a giant mud-filled sinkhole that is moving through the state at the rate of 60 miles a day! It’s close to the Salton Sea, which sits directly on the San Andreas Fault, if that means anything to you people out there. California is literally going to slide off into the Pacific Ocean, in a matter of minutes, the article said. Imagine thousands of square miles of land sliding off into the sea. Arizona, Nevada, and maybe Utah, better prepare for a tsunami of unheard-of proportions.

  26. Betty: Are you from Washington State? Is that why you are such a Liberal Moron? Go to our home state of Oregon: it’s been taken over and is run by Evil Liberal Morons, worse than Washington!
    Someone asked you what Trump had done to you. My question is: what has Trump done to qualify him as a “crazy, deranged sick-minded Lunatic”? Raise them? Welcome illegal immigrants and support them so they would vote Republican? “Investigate” everyone to death, costing taxpayers $17 million dollars in ONE YEAR? Stuff ballot boxes, register and vote in the names of dead people, or
    bus people all over the state to vote multiple times so his party can win elections? Pay the homeless with cigarettes and alcohol to vote for his Party? Have people who know too much killed?
    I’m sure everyone reading this knows of whom I speak, and it is not Trump, or the Republican Party.
    I think you are confused. Poor Betty. You need professional de-programming to free you from the Democrat Cult.

  27. Shirley: I’m a Catholic, but not practicing at this time due in part to these evil Popes we have had. My point is, it makes me sad to admit that the Catholics are probably the worst offenders about letting illegals in and spending donations to help them.

  28. Johnjrichardson: First Nation? Did you say, “First Nation”? You must be from Canada. That’s what they call Native Americans there. If you are a Canadian, get off this site, and STFU! This is not your country, not your problem: Canada is far worse off than we are. Colonists settled your country too, so worry about those who invaded your country, not ours!

  29. Just tell your sister and her partner that we all feel that all who think that way should be allowed to have the people live in their homes and on their properties so they can house them take care if their health needs, provide them with jobs, educations, etc. If they are not willing to take care of them THEMSELVES, then they should shut up! I am retired, and my husband and I and our family have lived in this country, worked, paid our own way, paid our taxes, given to charities, educated our kids so that they too, can take care of themselves and their families. We don’t have anyone in this family on welfare. If they needed it to sustain health and a life UNTIL they find a job, OK. But if they get so high and mighty that they have to have a certain kind of job, then let ’em go hungry! Sorry, but that’s how I feel about the whole welfare systems and bringing ILLEGALS in at OUR expense!

  30. Thank God most people who have commented, are Republicans! Yay! I am definitely a Trump supporter! I live with my sister and brother-in-law whom are very “well-to-do” and my sister has had everything in life she’s ever wanted! I can’t even say one thing about how wonderful I feel Trump is and how terrible I think all the invasion of Illegals is, without having my sister tell me how she is appalled at how she thinks the ‘Caravan of Immigrants’ should be invited into the USA, with open arms! Ugh! We live in south Texas, so if they get through the border, we’ll be the first ones who’ll be invaded by the the Caravan!

  31. Navy PO2 : You are 100% correct! I have a great idea! Let’s open the boarder in reverse and let all the lefties move all over south America! They will “fix” all the problems and no one will want to come to the USA anymore!

  32. That’s what it’s all about. Remember, these people are not only bringing weapons with them, they are bringing bedbugs and diseases that we had eradicated. If Mexico is willing to take them, that’s where they should stay

  33. You’ve go that right. I am 83 years old, and don’t remember Democrats having been as despicable as the ones we are dealing with today. Obstructionist evil people. The Republicans are just too nice. It isn’t in our nature to be so devious.

  34. That is a great suggestion Larry, and give them no extra
    Federal money ????, because these guys are so smart
    at screwing things up.
    This way they can watch one another, on the sly and
    Report any one that they do not like, Eg: Hello Comrade
    This so and so is bothering me “ etc, etc. Like in the
    Old countries. Oh! What a mess that would be in a
    Very short time, just check History, then many will
    Possibly learn.

  35. Goodness how anyone can even believe Obama had two brains to rub together are so ignorant it is scary. Thank goodness we have Present Trump in office. He is delightfully obnoxious. We love him. So how is it you believe it is ok for these people from Central America have a right to invade our country take our jobs and lay waste to our country? If America is so awful, why not move to Honduras

  36. Democrats are nothing more than power mongers, corruption is their game. Look how Maxine Waters got rich, living in a 4.5 million Dollar Mansion and acts like a Mad Woman wanting her Democrat followers to act like Nazi Brown Shirts that terrorised their opponets and their families. Yet, the Democrat Moto is to demonize Republicans, attack them in their homes, at restrants and any place they go. Maxine does not even live in the District she represents. She tells her followers, she is going to help them, but she only helps herself in her pocket book! Now she is going to be over the Federal Banking and Finance. Hum wake up Democrats! Try voting your mind, Try the Honest Republican Way instead of giving to Maxines PocketBook.

  37. You know Preident Clinton had Janet Rino fire all the Republican Federal Judges! Trump ask Jeff Sessions do the same thing but Sissy Jeff only ask them to please resign. They didn’t and now we have Obama’s hold over Judges telling Trump how to run the Country.
    Repealing his Executive Orders, One Judge even re-instated Obama’s Executive Order called DACA which is a over reach of Federal Power. I hope the new AG has the Ball that Janet had.

  38. Betty do yourself a favor and watch death of a nation it’s a documentary that is history and fact based it will educate you on your party choice and give you better insight how history is repeating itself with your party then come back and tell me that you are right in your support

  39. the more time passes, the more ignorant people are realized as voters on things they do no background checks on what was accomplished, just vote party line time after time, after time, hoping this will somehow change the outcome of what is voted on or against. pure ignorance here!!!

  40. the more time passes, the more ignorant people are realized as voters on things they do no background checks on what was accomplished, just vote party line time after time, after time, hoping this will somehow change the outcome of what is voted on or against. pure ignorance here!!!

  41. No, we did not steal America from anyone. Don’t be a fool. I am 80y.o., Still not old enough to have been there. My ancestors were not born here. This is now.! I worked many years as do my family for what we have and we have children to pass it too. Will not keep sacrificing to illegals. God bless you. I would like to see your picture. You must be interesting to be so old.

  42. A go fund me account established to pay for the wall is another idea. The needed funds would probably be met withing days, from true Patriotic Americans. Just have to keep the politicians grubby paws of it or the funds would be diverted to something to benefit themselves and their friends.

  43. Bill they took an oath to uphold th law. But they were just kidding. Had their fingers crossed behind their backs.

  44. nothing crazy happening under obama this nation too busy handing out every thing for free.the problem would be solved if you liberal jerks would volunteer to take these morons in their homes and take care of them. you talk a good game but like obama do nothing.


  46. Here is a THOUGHT, let 10 to 20,000 average Joe’s go down there and BUILD a WALL, just give them the MATERIALS to build it……PROBLEM solved….since the “elected” WON’T/REFUSE to DO their JOB….

  47. The democrats KNOW the public wants border protection but they do not care. The public could vote and 100% want border protection and they still would not do anything about it. They want open borders and that is that. Gavin Newson, the new governor of California completely ignored the voters when he was mayor of San Fran.

  48. It’s as much the fault of the voters voting in the Democrats as it is the Democrats! You elected them now we ALL have to suffer!!!

  49. I stopped giving to most Charities begging for money especially the ones who want donations to help feed the poorer school children and need money for school supplies which I did for years. If they have enough money for the illegals who are probably raking in more money then some American CITIZENS my sympathies have disappeared.

  50. Johnjrichardson, One thing liberals excel at is comparing Apple’s to Oranges, as you have done here, and without
    success. Would you also compare smoke signals to text messaging, dufus? Don’t go away mad, just go away!

  51. Sadly Betty you are terribly wrong. Blinded by the rhetoric and over looking the accomplishments Trump has made for America.
    You are the stereo-typical Democrat that is narrow minded and believes in their lies! you do not see the terrible deceitful acts the Democrats have done, Just in the past year! And for decade before that! I suppose you believe Blasey-Ford too?! She was paid to put on that show. All lies! As were the others. Obviously political lies to sway the ignorant public. Like you!
    Read the facts lady! You and all should see what a benefit Trump has been.
    You may not like the guy personally, but he has done remarkable strides while being harassed more than any president ever! Especially compared to the horrible dishonest previous two predecessors to the Oval Office. OMG! The damage the Obama’s and Clinton’s did is irreversible! GO TRUMP!
    Make America Great again! Think for yourself! Read the facts and make a wise decision not based on lies from others. Stupid people let others tell them what to think. And they will…lies, threats, damage to others and their property, this is all the demon Democrats are telling everyone.
    Betty is that what you want in your neighborhood? Violence because your neighbor did not vote the same as you did and IF he (or you!) wants to take his family out for dinner! He should be attacked?! Are you defending the the violent terrorists running our streets now? Waters and her gang! Carrying pipes and bats! Attacking the public. Or Hillary killing Juanita’s cat and threatening her family because she was forcibly raped by Bill Clinton and Hillary wanted it kept quiet? Open you eyes and ears to the truth! Stop listening to their lies! Look at the facts of what has been
    accomplished in the past 2 years by the Trump administration.
    Sadly, there will always be ignorant people out there. Betty try not to be one of them.

  52. There used to be a Group “The Minute Men” that used to help to patrol the border. It is time to have all good Men to go the the BorDer areas and show strength. It is time to start this movement a\

  53. This whole problem has come about because of these Democrats and their immigration policies!!! This invasion can be stopped dead in its tracks if these Democrats would get our presidents immigration bill passed which they have ignored and refused to do!!! Let’s face it any politician that puts illegals above their own citizens and above our laws is not someone that any country would want in their government!!! I can only say that I believe that the Democratic party is going to ruined and not be ever trusted again and the Republicans will win the Congress back and win it back big time!! For they are already starting their crap with giving us taxes which they are well known for doing, they are already planning on their attack on our president for impeachment, and resisting tactics and obstruction at every turn!!! As soon as these Democrats take their wrecking ball to our country and try to undo everything that Trump has done this will really wake up the country, for when the economy comes to a dead stop, and the stock market goes into the tank then all hell is going to break out for big businesses will leave again crime will get way out of control,illegals will soup into our country by the millions, our welfare rolls will more than triple,taxes will go through the roof and etc.!!! All these liberal and Democratic voters can laugh about what I am saying but the thing is they all live in a bubble and the only way they are going to see the truth is when it jumps up and smacks them right in the face!!! The real sad thing is it is going to be much too late to do anything about it!!! Businesses are not going to come back again, we will already be overrun with illegals, and the country will no longer be the envy of the world we will all have lost our freedoms, and the great country we once was be be lost forever!!! All the Democrats that the people put their trust in will have the complete control of everyone’s life and they will be the only ones living the high life and all of the people will be at the politicians mercy and that is just a fact!!! Let’s face it the citizens of this country have gotten played like a violin and it all started with these Democrats playing on the citizens emotions and symphony for the needy and the truth is these Democrats don’t give a damn about the needy they only care about complete power and nothing more!!!! I am so very glad That I lived long enough to have lived in this country when it was a just and patriotic country and we always put our country first and we almost got it back thanks to Trump, but the young and foolish today have taken the freedoms they have for granted and really have no sense of country and pride and are all going to regret what they have done when everything is gone!!!

  54. Because everyone knew Obama lied and never wanted to stop the flow of Illegals because the Dems wanted illegals to vote Dem.

  55. What CRAZY thing has the Donald Done to unnerve you. Just one thing only.
    He Follows immigration Law promulgated by Previous Congress and followed by the Saintly Obama as well….why no out cry there?

  56. Try this. Dems passed bills to stop illegals but did not enforce those laws. Trump is enforcing them and the DEMS hate Trump even more. Dems passed the laws only to satisfy the Rep but had no intensions of ever enforcing those laws. Trump enforced the laws and the Dems and the Media say now he should not be enforcing them because they were NEVER meant to be enforced just passed. Worthless Dems.

  57. Stupid Betty, Lying crazy low IQ Betty. If anyone is overdue for the mental ward, it is you. One thing for sure, when they institutionalize you it will be forever. They will have you on so many drugs, drool will drip from your chin until the moment of your death.
    You are not worth another comment from me or anyone else on this site. You are a cockroach and should be stepped on.

  58. Let’s all get out ARs and go. If the dems won’t help stop them then we should do so ourselves. After all it is our taxes that are paying for the free ride. I am tired of working so hard while watching others sit on their Axxes and ride free. Let’s roll!!

  59. The colonists NEVER stole America from those here originally. And those here originally came from other places as well.

  60. So the colonists who stole America from the native 1st nation are scared of invaders the American people are the invaders the English started it and now we have a bastard nation, geronimo says Make America Great again leave our nation go home to where you came from

  61. Did you know that many babies were stolen from their real mommas in El Salvador and Guatemala just to use as shield to get those horrible women across.
    OH the poor women! NOT! Many are kidnappers already! Now trying to invade our country.
    Yes close the border completely! Not let them in just to detain them, give them a lawyer, and help them gain access! NO SHUT THEM OUT! Would you open the door for rats into your home? You will be if they get across the border. And then how long before the American public are running for their lives?
    How long before American is turned into what they are running from?
    If the Democrats have their way it will be sooner than later.
    Our family, friends and loved ones fought and died for our rights as Americans. We take that for granted terribly! We need to start the Draft back up. Protect our country and train these young people what it really means to support yourself and your country! They have lost that!
    These people are going to have to go back to their countries and fight to gain their land back from the terrorists! Instead of giving the terrorists a cloak to get through into our country too!
    Oh and maybe STOP HAVING BABIES IN A WAR ZONE! Ya think?! They are in such terrible conditions yet they can get into bed, have sex, and bear children as fast as they can! You cannot care for or feed them! Stop adding to the problem! “Mother’s” trekking this distance with very young babies or any children, to commit a terrible crime against the US!?! What kind of mother does that?
    Sacrifice their child’s life to be part of a crime spree that may end them all up in prison or being deported back to their home country.

  62. So the colonists who stole America from the native 1st nation are scared of invaders the American people are the invaders the English started it and now we have a bastard nation, geronimo says Make America Great again leave our nation go home to where you came from

  63. The people coming from those DRUG CARTEL-RUN COUNTRIES ARE OPPRESSED, BEAT DOWN PRISONERS OF THE CARTELS AND THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS SUPPORTING THE CARTELS. Please don’t be so naive to think the young men can even know what to do with no education or limited education. Those countries are nothing like America nor Americans.

    But I have a strong theory that someone who has orchestrated this whole caravan has brainwashed those people into believing America will welcome them, knowing full well that we will not. That someone is george Soros, the same snake that orchestrated the “muslim refugee attack” in Europe where hundreds of thousands of indigent uneducated animalistic Muslims entered Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, the U.K., etc. and now those countries are having to deal with rogue bands of muslim men roaming their streets attacking their females and children. By attacking, I mean rapeing them — even with the husband trying to fight them off. It has become a nightmare for those countries as each of them is trying to deport many of those animals out of their COUNTRY.

    So this Caravan is the solution to Soros’ dilemma that Pres Trump would not allow any of those muslim refugees into our nation, Soros found another way to impact our economy and security by marching thousands of indigent people right over our borders.

    Forget about the young men fixing their countries. Soros has promised them treasures beyond belief in the U.S. — jobs, housing, No CARTELS, etc. of which some of it can be true if they are accepted for asylum.


    If you want to get angry at someone about what is happening, single out George soros! He alone is the snake behind this whole fiasco. He is who should be taken out and left in the middle of the desert in a deep dark hole. Why? Because He is just using these people as a tool because he is a SOCIOPATH that uses people for his own ends. He doesn’t care about anyone in that caravan; but he does care what they will do to our Country — flatline our economy — make us vulnerable to invasion and compromise our infrastructure!! Soros knows exactly what all those thousands of people will do to our economy and he is gloating because if those people get into our nation, Soros plan worked!

  64. Betty, The only loonie I see is you. You are obviously a low IQ, low information liberal creep who has nothing of substance to say because you know nothing truthful or accurate.
    Buzz over to a liberal site where you will find multitudes of people just like you, turkey! Oh excuse me, I just insulted Turkeys everywhere!

  65. Trump is smart enough to protect the borders for security reason, Why no comments when Obama had the same Policy?

  66. Hey, Tony. One thing No Sane person would also do is elect an Clearly Insane Person as President yet that ‘s exactly what happened with CRAZY donald, that Deranged, Sick Minded, Lunatic! To really save our country, Lock Up Trump In The Nearest & Toughest Mental Hospital in Washington State.

  67. Seems most Americans would be 100 percent immune to be being frightened of Amything & Everything Currently Happening Today With so many Loonies Out There esp. after two years of living under the Insanity Of CRAZY donald, that Oval Office Manic!

  68. We should just build the wall around Los Angeles, San Francisco, DC, and New York.Transport all aliens appearing at our border to these cities. Do not let them leave. Let the people who wanted them here deal with them. Also ban guns in these cities so they will not be a risk for the aliens.

  69. I’ve seen the pictures that include some women and children. They are used to play on our sympathies. I have no sympathy for any woman who uses their child in this manner and puts them in danger. Someone, please start that Go Fund Me Page and let us all know. Watch those contributions grow!! We can do it!

  70. They seem to be well and Privately funded , We should fund the Wall , maybe A Funded Militia of Private US Citizens to protect the border. It is time for a Million Man March to Arizona / Tex etc….It is nice and warm there. Time to Round them up and herd them back on their captured Trucks and Buses

  71. Amen, We private citizens should help fund the WAll since congress refuses to allocate funds.

    The young men invading should go back to their own countries and fight for Freedoms, All Free Countries had their own men shed blood

  72. I wish the President would put out a GoFundMe page for the purpose of building a credible wall; or, better still, have someone on the staff start a (tax deductible) 501C(3) organization for the same purpose — and if we can’t build it, hire the Israelis!

  73. Sam Underwood, Diane ghost writes using other names however when she gets mad at people she will write a comment as Diane. She’s always here. You can easily figure out the other “pen names” just being observant.

  74. your right $$$$ spent by repubs gets noticed how many B$$$$$ spent by the last house dwellers on personal vacations????????

  75. These damn Democrats want to say take them in while they them selves are living in Washington. And they love to speak for us here in Texas . We are already over whelmed here with illegals and it’s not fare to say we have to take them.Tgey are endangering us here.Its their plan to take over Texas because it’s a red state.The Democrats hate us true Americans and want us gone. They need poor ignorant uneducated people so they can rule forever!Our country is going to faulter and we are going to loose her!

  76. A proper test of the good intentions of the dems would be to send 75 of those nicest migrants directly to the Pelosi’s home for a 30 day trial. Marshalls around the home so that they can only stay on her property.

  77. Can’t enforce them they need the Democrats to vote on it too.Hes hands are tied and they know it. He’s have to spend millions to have thousands of military placed at the boarder. Millions more to feed them, medical attention, ect. And the Democrats will do nothing and it will bring the devisit sky high and they will day look at the money he used! But that who they are!

  78. THATS ANOTHER MILLION LIBERAL EVIL DEMON- CRATIC VOTES — godless platform of COMMUNISM – abortion – same- sex deviant perverts — and the Freemasonry LEUCIFERIAN new world control order —-ST THOMAS AQUANIUS – PRAY FOR US –

  79. No sane person would open the front door of their home to a stranger without first asking their intentions. No one would open the door without a backup plan of protection in place. No one would open the door without considering the consequences, unless you are an emotional reactors that disregards common sense for “feel good” decisions. Build the wall, vet the migrants, save our country. No to hard to figure out.

  80. Now that Commiefornia is full of wildfires, we should build the wall around the borders of the west coast and our southern borders and give the burnt out Commiefornia back to Mexico and let that be their problem with these illegal INVADERS.

  81. George Soros and the demoncrats are funding it. Yes, criminals mostly. In photos I see only men, no women nor children. That says it all.

  82. I hope Trump realizes that we the people who voted for him want this mess straightened out. We cannot afford any more of these mooches in America. Enforce our laws.

  83. Liam O’Reilly, Good, very good comment! According to the article it would be much worse but for Mexico not catching them by the tens of thousands. Liberals have been very successful in getting the word out to third world countries that they can apply for welfare in America and live FREE forever! It seems we can’t get funding for the wall so President Trump needs to take away the reasons they want to come here. In fact, after the wall is built (provided it is) the “free ride” should be gone forevermore!

  84. Build the wall, save our sovereign country, keep our people safe. Please search and view videos to see the majority in the caravans are young men. Some women and children in front followed by a literal sea of young men. This is not right, these are certainly not families of people. Please, everyone find and see for yourselves.

  85. Clearly this is the very agenda that our enemies wanted to see in America: no more American sovereignty. That’s it.

    Many of our citizens are now bonkers in the head that they can’t be reasoned with anymore. Unless we can revive along with even the liberals to stand up and say no to illegal immigration. I know a few liberals that are not happy with the caravan news. Maybe there is hope, depending on how much influence the liberal media can be on the liberal voters.

  86. Most of the Illegal immigrants are coming from Central America, but not exclusively. Many are criminals, diseased, unskilled, and cannot speak English. Two organizations in the USA: Council por La Causa and Council por La Raza train illegals on how to apply for free Welfare, free housing, free food, free medical Care at the ER, etc.
    Is there a shortage of people in the US and some benefit for open Borders?

  87. The DIMM’s appear to be ready to allow anyone into the country without question. Do you suppose they would have the same position if the caravan was Russian, Chinese or Banglideshi. I’ll bet they would.

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