A secret recording had Devin Nunes hot under the collar

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes recently spoke at a fundraiser for a Republican colleague.

Nunes laid out what is at stake in the election in terms of finding the real truth about how the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump.

But when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow leaked a secret audio of Nunes’ remarks no one could believe what he said.

According to Nunes, the stakes of the election could not be clearer.

If the Democrats win control of Congress then the Deep State cover up about the Obama administration and the FBI will continue.

Democrats will wield the subpoena power and they will sweep the scandal under the rug.

Politico reports:

Republicans’ bulwark around President Donald Trump could be imperiled this fall if Democrats are able to seize control of the House of Representatives in the midterms, Rep. Devin Nunes appeared to warn in a secretly recorded audio tape.

“It’s like your classic catch-22 situation … This puts us in such a tough spot. If Sessions won’t unrecuse and Mueller won’t clear the president, we’re the only ones, which is really the danger,” Nunes (R-Calif.) said, according to the tape. “I mean, we have to keep all these seats. We have to keep the majority. If we do not keep the majority, all of this goes away.”

The recording was obtained and aired by “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC on Wednesday night. Nunes allegedly made the comments, which touch on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and special counsel Robert Mueller, at a private fundraiser last month for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.).

Democrats would also intensify the Russia investigation for two reasons.

First, they would want to bog down the Trump administration in an endless investigation and piles of document requests.

That would mean staff time that could be used to implement the President’s agenda would now be occupied with responding to nuisance requests by a new Democrat majority.

Secondly, Democrats are looking for any excuse to launch impeachment proceedings against the President.


  1. now, now, dumber than a box of rocks is more appropriate. This Mueller investigation needs to come to a close before it affects the midterm elections, even Jeff Sessions needs to see this. There should be a fistful of investigations going on with the democrats. They are even going so far as to try and influence elections just to get Democrats elected.

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  6. I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us because if you do the survivors will write what we did here for 10,000 yrs
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  7. Zee I know I’ve went too far also. I just picture them lefty idiots harrassing people. I know that’s why Diane acts so nasty on the blogs. I’m going to tone it down but still make the case for conservative principles. No more arguing with Diane. You can’t fix stupid.

  8. Rod Rosenstein has been obstructing Congress from performing its duty of Oversight on the Department of Justice, so impeachment is in order. The problem is that it would be impossible to get the 67 votes in the Senate that is necessary to convict. Impeachment without conviction is harmful to the GOP.

  9. what an oxymoron you are ,the only thing democrats have done in past 18months is obstruct and divid our country , 8yrs before that they gave it away to forieners and entitlements ,YEA THAT REALLY WORKED , SPENT ALL GOVERMANT MONEY SO NOW THEY WANT MORE OF YOURS FOR PEOPLE THAT DONT SUPPORT THEMSELFS !!!!!

  10. ps.Diane, you attack almost Every new name Posting on RR.
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  11. Diane, you attack Every new name Posting on RR.
    Everything you post Is ‘Tracked’ along with
    everyone else. All files are stored in a
    database & categorized.
    1st Amend- ‘Free Speech’ does Not Support
    Slander/ Defamation etc. Legislation in place for
    such activities. Censorship/ IS taking place in
    Many Venues on Many Fronts for Various Reasons,
    Nefarious or Not.

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  14. O. Possum, I’d love to put Mueller in a lone room and cross him. He’s a liar, and a traitor, and should be sitting in Federal prison at this time! He’s even more crooked than any other Democrat. Yes he’s well aware of what went on, but he’s not going to acknowledge the facts! I would say that it’s likely he’s the mortal Satan, for certain, he is not an honest or just individual. Frankly, I have few doubts that he was NOT in collusion with the traitors he’s now protecting!

  15. Diane says I’m offensive. Let’s take a vote. All whom wants me to quit blogging say simply yes or no. Majority rules.

  16. Diane, I agree Nunes should be charged for obstruction. He and Trump can continue their bromance while serving time together.

  17. I see diane is still “TROLLING ALONG” Look diane, “DEARIE”, try reading the other comments that PROVE that most on this site thing you are a ignorant MORON also.
    You tell others to not “call names” but in the true fashion of an IGNORANT LIBERAL (do as I say, not as I do), you step right in and do EXACTLY what you tell others they should not do, again a typical BRAINWASHED LIBERAL.

  18. D.A.N. – Who are you trying to kid? 45’s got his head so far up Putin’s a** that he can’t breath (please stay there for at least 5 minutes). He’s a conspirator and Mueller’s going to prove it. When the truth collided with reality, I hope your ready to accept that 45’s a traitor. (Did you grow up to capital letters now, DAN? Hahahahaha)

  19. Dan – Don’t give yourself that much credit…..You cause my mouth to gag, but not my skin to crawl. It would take a much stronger man…..you’re too weak.

  20. Diane, Trump is kicking his backside, not kissing it. Which is what 0bama did on principle and Hillary did for money. You know, like how 0bama would be more flexible after his reelection and Hillary sold out the US to a Russian company in the Uranium One deal. Now why don’t you run along to your fake news stations as that is who you seem to watch.

  21. Well she is the one who loudly proclaimed on national tv that there was no way that Trump could get all five of the swing States. And that he never would be President. She has to tell the truth sometime. 🙂

  22. In the same recording Devin Nunes admits to wanting to impeach Rod Rosenstein. Nunes is a disgrace who is so intent on currying favor with the Stable Genius In Chief that he shirks his duties as congressman. Perfect reason to vote Democrat in the midterms.

  23. You idiots swallow everything they throw at you. Try listening to the real tape of what Nunez said instead of believing the lies you are being told. God help us all with you easily influenced low life’s.

  24. congress MUST IMMEDIATELY amend the FOIA act to impose a personal (not agency) big fine for anyone who ignores or refuses to comply with FOIA. The congress must change the law so that it states no document shall be redacted that the congress requests. Congress is responsible for many issues, to include national defense. They have security clearances so no document destined for Congress should be redacted. Redacting is a coverup for hiding crooked issues/acts. I would like to see a redacted document placed next to same one not redacted and then we can see if it should have been redacted. Remember, the DOJ/FBI have violated FOIA by stalling and refusing to provide subpened documents requested by congress

  25. Dan – YOU and cliff need to learn how to contribute to a conversation without your childish names that you label people that disagree with your right wing conspiracy theories……oh wait…..you probably can’t…..you need a brain to be able to contribute and you’ve given us multiple reasons to see that you don’t.

  26. how come we still have on US soil those that promised they would move to Canada or out of the USA if President Trump was elected. We are still waiting for them to leave nation. As for those that proclaim President Trump is NOT their President, they should go to the country that houses their president.

  27. All US Citizens should go slow and carefully when they cast their votes in the futurel The GOP MUST stay in majority IF this crooked FBI/DOJ is to be cleaned out. Never before in our history has a governmental agency (agencies) been so deeply involved in attempting to disrupt an election and unseat a bonifide President. The Democrats promise nothing compared to President Trumpl A vote for any GOP nominee is a vote for the future of our Nation (USA)

  28. Like I said in one of my posts, She should seek the “help” of mental health professionals, she has a BAD case of “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME”. It will be her undoing.

  29. Cliff – Your post doesn’t “allow” reply either. It’s the website, not me, you idiot! But how can I expect you to figure that out? I picture an obese old man, sitting in his chair (all day, like Dan) in his stained briefs, farting occasionally, gumming his food because he has no teeth…..you know, like all Trump supporters they interview on TV at his rallies. How close am I?

  30. Dan – So now, today, you’ve labeled me as a queer? Yesterday I was 4-5 different people posting on this nutcase website. I’ve also been labeled a communist. Do you know what an idiot you really are? Probably not. Sad, though, that you really have nothing to contribute to a conversation and can only criticize and label people.

  31. David – or show up at Trump rallies with bats or why not run into a crowd of protestors with your car? But the right doesn’t promote violence, right?

  32. Comment to diane the TROLL,
    I see you aren’t “allowing” a REPLY , SO here goes. ANYONE that is disrespectful to the POTUS and calls “names” like two-year old to me, ARE ANTI-AMERICAN therefor, COMMUNISTS. You can agree to disagree, but to SPEW FALSE liberal “talking points” FABRICATED by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS and the “LAME STREAM MEDIA” without any PROOF (other than what you are FED by the “fake new” channels shows how SICK you are.) Try using your OWN FEEBLE BRAIN instead of “parroting” LIBERAL FAKE GARBAGE. Or seek “professional mental “help”, apparently you have “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME”. That is what happens when the COUNTRY, and the PEOPLE are WINNING and the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are losing GULLIBLE “plantation residents”.

  33. Dan – You’re deplorable and disgusting. Wish I could report you as being offensive, but this right wing website condones idiots like you. How’s that mandate from M of ignoring me working out for you? Obviously not so well! Hahahahaha

  34. Queers are not to be mistreated. Only people need to understand this is a sickness. Or a mental disorder.

  35. Cliff – Why do you idiots always refer to liberals as communists? 45 is the one kissing Putin a ** and won’t admit he’s only in the Oval Office because of their interference. If anyone is a communist, it’s 45.

  36. Bonnie – However you will NEVER learn. Your incapable of thinking for yourself. You have to rely on Breitbart and Faux AlmostNews to tell you what to think. Sad.

  37. Diane,
    The ONLY ones doing the “obstructing” are the DEMOCOMMUNISTS.Get your head out of your colon, and breath some fresh air. The “truth” might come to you after you wipe your eyes, LIBERAL TROLL. better yet, try writing your moronic posts on a COMMUNIST SITE you will be welcome there to spew your LIES.

  38. And you, Conrad, are a pathetically delusional libtard. Some advise for you from Mark Twain: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt .”

  39. Jhn – I’m not going anywhere, dear. Have just as much right to voice an opinion as you do. Even though your opinions are ignorant and misinformed as they are. You can spout your nonsense all day long for all I care!

  40. Dan – Yes, Rachel is a lesbian….remind me, again, how this affects YOU? And since you have zero knowledge of my sexual orientation, we can assume you’re just an ignorant cult follower and disregard anything you have to say (as if you had anything educational to say anyhow).

  41. OH yes! She REALLY knows how to spin LIES over and over and expect maybe SOMEONE MIGHT believe her if she keep REPEATING the same lies like a parrot. Typical DEMOCOMMUNIST “tactic”. PRESIDENT TRUMP may be a “bobble head” to you,you disrepectful communist LIBERAL MORON, but to ME, and MANY OTHERS he is STILL OUR POTUS and CROOKED HILDABEAST the “forest queen” LOST to him (and WE THE VOTING PEOPLE) Get over it, and move on, or leave MY country.

  42. Here you are again spouting your usual nonsense! If it weren’t for Mr. Nunes, we would not even know about most of the corruption of the Intelligencia and the Dems. He is a hero for uncovering just the tip of the iceberg and we need him and a Republican majority to finish the work before 2020. Expose the scum and clean out the swamp!

  43. Only problem with you’r analisis is that Nunes called the investigation to end , when the real truth was starting to appear that his version was not the case.

  44. Marlene – But Hannity does? Hahahahaha Let’s compare their education levels. No contest. And Nunes should be indicted for obstruction of justice. He’s been obstructing from the start.

  45. That’s all that is needed to start shooting these demo/commies in the streets…….civil war is long over due…

  46. Typical Libtard…Can’t win and nothing of importance to say….Whine about a spelling error… You know, find something to whine and cry about no matter how insignificant. Snowflake.

  47. I guess you are “new” to computers. “spell check” can and WILL “change’ words. So making a MORONIC comment like that makes YOU the IDIOT.

  48. Madcow is beside her self, she is losing viewers and is in danger of losing her show. Why would Nines care if what he said goes public? He has been saying this same thing publicly for over a year. And he is not the only one. Go away Madcow you have no credibility.

  49. You are “forgetting” HILDABEAST, the “forest dweller” and her CORRUPT “team” have committed MORE CRIMES than the “dreamed up” FAKE “crimes” PRESIDENT TRUMPS team “supposedly” committed.
    Even some high up DEMOCOMMUNISTS ADMITTED all this was a “nothing burger”.
    HILDABEAST LOST, PRESIDENT TRUMP WON (thanks to we the people that outvoted the scammers, lairs and election riggers.) get over it, or MOVE to a country more “suitable” to you. North Korea perhaps?

  50. So many of you missed the point, griping and whining about the messenger, not the message. The Rosenstein plan is no shocker, but what was the BIG news is that Nunes admitted that if someone had opposition research from another country, that YES, it would be illegal. He KNOWS what Trump and his team did was illegal, and he is just putting party before the country to protect an admitted criminal.

  51. Probably for one of the few times on her pathetically biased waste of time on the air – she proved that Mr. Nunez is an honest aboveboard person. She shoul play that tape over and over and it will only enhance the truth. Ms Maddow wouldn’t know the truth if it but her. She is affixed on a losers agenda and lifestyle. One day she will know the real truth but it will be to late for her and individuals like her. I feel sorry for her hope she changes direction while she still has the opportunity to choose. We as Independents, Republicans and Democrats can push an agenda that benefits all by sitting down together and discussing our differences. In our hearts as Americans we basically want the same things —an opportunity to succeed, raise our children and be able to know when we leave this world we accomplished a legacy that will propagate our children and grandchildren .

  52. Aaron will learn the hard way about liberals using people like him. He must think they care what happens to him and that is so very wrong. If we lose our freedom, look for Aaron because he doesn’t matter to the liberals/communist ran deep state.

  53. Sums it up pretty well excwpt that the Deep State goes way beyond Hitlery. She is simply one of its minions.

  54. Blind are you playto many Vidio can’t read ? What the f. K is wrong with you ? Just dumb!

  55. It’s morons like yourself that have put our country in peril – someone comes along to give all an opportunity to succeed and you and individuals like you are to ignorant to see it. You can’t fix stupid and folks like you are living proof, I feel sorry for you – one day the crooks you deem your leaders will be judged and so will you for your complicity in furthering an agenda that will be the ruin of our country as we know it. It amazes me that every opportunity that is available because of President Trump – you folks would rather follow people that wouldn’t send help in Benghazi an Ambasador and 4 Patriotic Americans lost their lives just so your precious leader could cover up her running guns thru Linus to the same people that fought against our service men & women in Iraq – she sold our Uranium to Russia to enhance her supposed charity – you aren’t smart enough to see anything – There is a Hell whether idiots like you or her evil highness believes it or not and you will find out once you blind followers become tenants.

  56. I am shocked I tell you! Shocked. Just kidding. I don’t even think this is a surprising or shocking revelation. Rachel Maddow is digging hard to find SOMETHING she wants to be upset about. Pretty sad.

  57. Hillary ‘s cartel members are running the show. Sessions is a useless coward. Liberals are disgusting low lives. Young people today are so stupid. They are followers of communism. They don’t even know what it means. Lazy useless babies. You watch Hillary’s cartel will be having more people killed. Obama is right there with her. Traitors.

  58. Nunes told the truth. We ave to vote get a majority in Senate & gain House Seats. If we lose the House, there will be a stock market crash, housing bust that will make 2008 look like a mild head cold. Nothing will be accomplished by us just keeping the Senate, the Government will be deadlocked into do nothing, may as well shut it down, turn out the lights & fire everyone.

    I heard the new poster child of the Democrats interviewed again. She doesn’t even know who Nancy Pelosi is, thinks we are already paying for single payer health insurance, apparently thinks Democrats already control both chambers. She will have company just like her, dumb as a box of rocks.

    They will run out the clock on the tax break,not approve funding for military raises or equipment, block any efforts to clean up the Obama/Clinton illegal activity, & probably make Hillary President in 2020 because she has the money & power to break the DNC.

  59. The Republican leaders can have their own reasons not to go ahead with the impeachment on Rosenstein until the election is over. That is NOT a sin to think such a thing. See that even the Democrats have their own strategies ahead of any scheduled plans. Gee!

    Rachel Maddow loves to show her gasp at this news but it is no big deal.

    Nunes broke no law for commenting his thoughts.

    Time to appoint Kavanaugh and then begin the impeachment process. Rosenstein is like a dog that keep throwing up & eating his vomits. He is the cesspool of the Justice department.

  60. Devin Nunes, one of my heros, we need the Congressioal Body to work as hard as he does digging out the truth. He has been lied about, accused of wrong doing & recused himself but vindicated, the DOJ has stalled his requests so many times most people would have given up but, still he fought on, he dug his heels in labored over the job at hand. Finally, it is beginning to look as if Rosenstein (DOJ) is giving a little at a time. I am sure everyone, as I am, wonders why all the stall game. Probably he is involved in skullduggery also. This has gone on far too long and it’s high time we are able to move on and get to the bottom of what transpired and what can be done to make sure our Intel Communities are apolitical and safeguards and systems to make it happen.

  61. There are illegals in our CONGRESS…they do illegal and corrupt things daily to harm AMERICA. Voters need to vote accordingly in 2018 and 2020.

  62. The kommiecrats would ask for documents from the Trump administration? Don’t give them any, that’s what the kommiecrats and Deep State do. Ignore it. And, if push comes to shove, Trump can just send pages of thick black lines, like they do. No problem. No worries.

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