A secret report let James Comey and the Deep State know their days are numbered

James Comey and the Deep State have waged war on President Trump.

It all began during the 2016 election.

And now a secret report let Comey and his Deep State allies know their days are numbered.

Congress is eagerly awaiting the Inspector General Office’s report on the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election.

This report has already led to the firing of deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators about press leaks he engineered during the Clinton email investigation.

CNN law enforcement analyst James Gagliano warned that the upcoming Inspector General report will savage Comey and his leadership team.

This report will add fuel to Donald Trump’s campaign to drain the swamp by purging the Deep State.

In addition to McCabe, FBI officials Lisa Page and James Baker resigned from the Bureau.

Both were Comey loyalists accused of being anti-Trump leakers.

This report is expected to lead to even more resignations and firings.

That will only benefit America.

James Comey’s “leadership” destroyed Americans’ faith in the FBI.

Throughout its history, it was respected across the aisle as a nonpartisan institution that upheld the rule of law.

But under Comey and his cabal of conspirators, it morphed into the political enforcement muscle of the Obama administration.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. go to Freedom Watchusa.com to sign Larry Klayman’s petition asking Trump to remove Mueller and appoint him as special counsel in his place to investigate Obama, Hillary, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, and all. Read his petition and his complaint already filed to speed up getting all of Mueller’s e mails, texts, etc. as he thinks Mueller himself is the major leaker on the Trump/Russian collusion! Larry Klayman is a former prosecutor with the DOJ, but sure hoping he is legitimate in wanting to work with Trump in MAGA!

    • I have been waiting since Comey said that Hillary’s activities did not add up to a punishable act, and therefore she should not be prosecuted. NOW I AM HAPPY! And I can hardly wait for a “SPITFIRE PROSECUTOR” gets nominated to take this one “TO THE BANK”!!! Maybe even Mueller is involved, and that would do my heart good!!!! The “BLINDFOLDED LADY” may be put to work on this, and I hope it is kwik!!! Now, if all goes as nature usually calls to the fore,,,we will see just how many of the “BAD APPLES” that have been under the guise of “THE FIRST LAD PRESIDENT” and her “NETWORK OF, OR DEN OF THIEVES”. GUESS WHO ELSE MUST BE SHAKING IN HIS BOOTS>>>>>>THE BIG ZERO, cuz I don’t believe that our first MULATTO PRESIDENT is innocent either!!!

  2. We keep hearing about this report — when will we see it?? What is the hold-up? Are the liberal nuts stopping it from being released? They need to wake up and smell the roses, unfortunately theirs are dying.

  3. This is a right wing rag if I ever saw one. YOU may think that you represent my views, but I can assure you that as a MODERATE REPUBLICAN–a dying or extinct breed, apparently–you in no way represent ME! You are a scurrilous bunch and certainly not ‘patriots’ in my definition of the word.

    • Sounds like all the MSM and elite air head predictions that you libs made right up to Midnight election day. Then you woke up in a pool blood. Sorry your insurance policy lapsed, and the entire company is going to jail. #Trump2020

  4. A secret report let James Comey and the Deep State know their days are numbered


  5. I believe that justice will soon come to DC and to our so called justice dept. When it does we should declare another national holiday. We could call it “Justice Day”.

    • Aaaaah! How soothing that sounds after that jarring Stormy Daniels day. Don’t know who he was, but the strip act patron who threw his wallet in her face, causing her to storm out, must not have thought she had much to celebrate.

      Law, Order and JUSTICE have been absent so long thanks to a slew of new world order puppets and deep state traitors, that it sure is nice to see them about to return to the federal government.

  6. If the DOJ/Sessions do not take care of getting rid of these beings who are trying to take our country down into the sewers, then the people must take care of it instead of just sitting around and talking about how impossible it is to do. If our ancestors had acted like us, this country wouldn’t even exist; and we would still be living under England’s rule. People, get some nads!

  7. Evil will lose and all those who have done corruption, treason, in our government will go down, Honesty will WIN AMERICA will be great again. Remember to what scripture says about latter days, wars, rumors of war, not knowing one season from another, signing of the peace treaty with God’s chosen people Israel/ America needs to come back to GOD repent of her evil ways, get back to basic living with morals, standards, and obeying GOD’S word, and the laws of GOD. HONESTY,….get rid of all the anti American programs, Educate our children of the basic, reading, writing, arithmetic, History, current events, communication, respect, also have trade schools for our children, smaller government with people who will be responsible doing their job and not robing the American people. Teach observe the students, help them by keeping them on the right road, and not a road of self destruction, or bulling others, but by working together.

    • I would love to see all of this before I pass on to my reward and I truthfully think we elected the correct man to get the job done and that our good Lord put him in office. How else could we have one against the rigged election, main stream media, then and now against our good President, etc etc etc;.

  8. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & when chanting go ” TRUMP USA” .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller ??

    • All these positive comments are good and well but the Deep State will not ever end until Obama and his administration, its leaders and supporters are made to surrender their fallen cause to the current president and the will of a majority of the nation. They are like a cancer in need of total removal as anything less will not do.

          • Steveur, you are right about that. He is the worst president ever, and is still trying to subvert everything about President Trump. He has visions of grandeur, and is totally delusional and corrupt! Does he know his so called legacy has been wiped out?

  9. The snakes in the FBI will be retiring soon, before they get indited, so they keep their full pension !!! Hillary wants to move out of the country before she gets indited and Obama should do the same !!!!

      • I think the American people are fed up so much that we won’t let congress drop all this. There are quite a few who need to be indicted, prosecuted, and sent to prison.

  10. We keep hearing about all these explosive findings that will bring an END to this Deep State MADNESS, yet NOTHING Ever happens to anyone involved!
    I get tons of ‘we got ‘em now’…talk in my inbox. I wait…..and wait….& all that I ever hear on the news is more Trump witch hunt BS.
    Fox reports, but it never seems to go past them, to anyone else & it’s never talked about. Dead, buried. MWhile Trump hunts continue to thrive.
    I’m sick of the witch hunts, but also as sick of hearing about all this proof of the which hunts, collaboration between the DEMS & Russia, & between themselves….but still NOTHING is done to anyone. They still want Trump out!
    I doubt Soros is paying EVERYONE, including Trumps people to keep things on the downlow.
    So WTH is going on with all these trumped up charges, accusations & promises to have THEM shaking & running?
    Never happens!
    So I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s one thing to KNOW. Another to SHOW & keep it on the Front Burner, like they do daily with Trump.
    All talk….

    • Yes I agree their has been a huge amount of BS regarding got you but saying nothing has happened is incorrect.

      Assistant Attorney General McCabe fired and lawyer Lisa page and baker resigned and Comey is under investigation for lying under oath.

      Granted their should be more but we still have the inspector General report. I will give it a pass for now but I do agree more needs to be done.

    • I understand your frustration. I believe it depends on the midterm elections.Hoping (and praying) that Republicans retain control of the House, then I believe there will be mass firings by Trump.

      However it would take a second term before Hillary Clinton can be arrested and tried for her crimes.

      Sanjosemike (no longer exists in CA)

    • So what does that tell you all this B got them now crap is just BS they haven’t got them what’s going to get them is there going to get Trump and the rest of the criminals that’s why all this week got him now s*** is just crap

    • Don’t hold your breath. HitLIARy is still out & doing as much damage as she can, to keep her supporters riled.
      The Clinton’s have never even been investigated for all the suspicious deaths surrounding them.
      Nothing ever happens to the ones doing all the lying & harm.
      So it will continue.
      Just keep praying for President Trump to be able to hang in w/all the madness, & not be bumped off too.

      • The FBI was politicized in 1993 when Slick Willy fired the existing director for no apparent reason. There were no questions asked. He was replaced by Louis Freeh, who made sure all of Willy’s s shenanigans never saw the light of day. If you want Russian collusion Google this guy.

  11. Can’t wait for the $hit to run UPHILL !!! All the way to and past Hell LIAR y to the unqualified, incompetent, boneheaded JACKASS himself, Bath House BarryOHOMO, the Brown Clown.

  12. Comey got scared and started babbling like Rod Blagojevich did.

    Sorry, Comey. You are going to jail. Had Hillary won the elections n, we would have lost our country and freedom, you scum bag!

    Time to fight very hard for our gun rights. Just ex cute the Parkland shooter. No more free rides for the mass killers that claimed the reason of insanity.

    Almost all these mass killers hid their gun/ammo purchases that tells you one thing: … they knew it is wrong to kill.

    We need to replace the liberal judges now! We have to have common sense consequences for these killers.

    Trump 2020!

  13. We don’t need no steenking report, we all know what’s going on in Washington DC, and we have to wait for a report to arrest obama for treason and sedition and all those below him who cooperated? C’mon man!

  14. I will be very happy when all of the evil, cheating, non-trust worthy and dishonest politics are gone from politics forever, never to return.

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