A secret service agent delivered this bone-chilling bad news about what arresting Donald Trump means

Jackson A. Lanier, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats spent six years fantasizing about this day.

Now it is nearly at hand.

And a secret service agent delivered this bone-chilling bad news about what arresting Donald Trump means.

Dan Bongino served on Barack Obama’s Secret Service protective detail.

Bongino also served from 1995 to 1999 as a New York City police officer.

So Bongino understands all the law enforcement and legal angles about what it means for the Democrat District Attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg to arrest Donald Trump on fabricated, politically-motivated charges.

Bongino is now a popular conservative podcaster and Bongino warned his listeners that if Bragg follows through with arresting Trump, that America is now a third-world police state.

“But the police state and this abomination is here right now. This is third-world b.s. That’s exactly what this is. This is the kind of story you’re used to reading out of North Korea, but it’s here in the United States right now. And the fact that media people and the liberals will celebrate this shows you what I’ve said all along. An axiomatic truth of The Left,” Bongino stated.

Bongino wanted everyone to understand that he was not lumping all Democrats into this group, but Bongino wanted his audience to understand that the militant Left that wraps themselves up in identity politics wants to hurt conservatives.

“Listen, everyone at home turn up the volume right now. So you understand: I’m not talking about all Democrats. I want to be clear on this. I don’t stereotype like they do to us. The progressive socialist Left. The identity politics Left – Make no mistake, they don’t think you’re people with bad ideas. You MAGA crowd and conservative people out there. They think you’re bad people with ideas. That justifies in their mind anything they will do — listen to me clearly: These people will hurt you if given the opportunity,” Bongino continued.

Bongino explained that Democrats weaponizing the justice system to target conservatives will not end with Donald Trump.

Bongino concluded by telling his listeners in blue states to get out and move because political activists in District Attorney’s offices have made it clear that conservatives have no rights in blue states and that their intention is to criminalize political opposition to the Democrats agenda.

“To the people in New York City and any other maniac lunatic blue state out there. California, Illinois, Maryland. Listen to me, please. I grew up in New York and ran for office in Maryland and all these states. Well, I’d get out as soon as you can. I am not kidding. You have zero rights in these places. They’re talking about escape taxes for you and everything else,” Bongino concluded.

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