A senator asked the FBI Director the one question that Hillary Clinton fears the most

The FBI spent the better part of the last two years in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Under Jim Comey’s leadership the Bureau was corrupted by anti-Trump hatred.

And now one Senator is asking the FBI Director the one question that Hillary Clinton fears the most.

Americans were stunned to learn of an FBI raid of the home of whistle blower Nate Cain.

Cain transferred documents to the House and Senate Intelligence committees under the Whistle Blower Protection Act that detailed possible criminal activity committed by Hillary Clinton in the Uranium One scandal.

The documents also showed Robert Mueller – who was the FBI Director at the time – covered up her lawless behavior.

FBI agents stormed into his home and confiscated copies of the documents despite the fact that the Justice Department Inspector General identified Cain as a whistle blower who was entitled to protections under the law.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley fired off a letter to current FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding he explain this outrageous conduct.

The Daily Caller reports:

The whistleblower, Dennis Cain, who was once employed by an FBI contractor, reportedly turned over documents to the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz regarding the bureau’s failure to investigate potential criminal activity regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the Russian company that purchased Uranium One.

Horowitz subsequently deemed Cain a whistleblower protected under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, Cain’s lawyer, Michael Socarras, told TheDCNF.

Grassley sent a letter to Wray on Nov. 30 asking pointed questions about the raid on Cain’s private residence in Union Bridge, Maryland.

Critics contend that the FBI exercises a clear double standard.

The Bureau throws the book at Trump allies and Clinton critics, while covering Clinton and other Democrats’ – as well as their Deep State allies – crimes.

Director Wray better able to provide some good answers.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • There have been two sets of laws since Clinton came on the political scene. Laws for her and the rest of us inferiors. That’s why she’ll never see jail time.

    • Fire McCabe immediately…to the tune of
      Prosecute all of these people who have
      disgraced the FBI and DOJ and take it to
      The top. This country can be turned around
      once the trash is removed. When Comey is
      sentenced it will be a great day in history.

    • It is not inexplicable at all. It is itimidation. The highest levels of the FBI are corrupt, like every single thing the Clintons ever touched, from Arkansas to Washington, nothing but a trail dead bodies and corruption.

  1. It was unwarranted. It was illegal. And I guarantee you its also a plot for another coverup. And now House Senate DOJ/FBI/IG are going to sweep it under the RUG and Cain had better watch his 6 forever. He will be dead in less then a year. Just saying. And you all know its the truth. To many hi up people in this thing. Can’t clean the swamp when the swamp is almost everyone of them. This is why Trey wants out. Can’t beat them and he knows it. They probably threatened his family lives knowing them all.

  2. What I see here in comments about the FBI I find interesting. When I was an anti-war activist in the 60’s, we felt the same way about the FBI.

  3. FBI = Framing Bureau of Instigators. Their mgnt level had rightly aquired their new name. Unfortunately the legitimate agents are getti g the shaft because they have no way to stop this. On 2nd tbought, maybe they do. Why can’t they investigate their own top dogs and then go after them? No one seems to want to.

  4. Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the airport runway tarmac….Bill told her to find Hillary innocent of everything that even he knew what Hillary did was against the law. Bill knows how egotistical Comey was and knew he could be bought. Bill promised Loretta the AG job under Hillary for buying him off. Bill and Loretta knew that Congress was appropriating monies to build a new FBI building. If Comey’s investigation found Hillary absolved from all wrong-doing, GUESS WHOSE NAME WOULD GO ON THAT BUILDING???? Lynch met with Comey and promised him HIS building!!!! Comey found Hillary innocent of all wrong-doing!!! But guess what? Just a few moths back the Houston newspaper had a small piece write-up showing that the appropriation bill to construct a new FBI building had fallen through!!! Poor Comey!!! he did all that lying for nothing!!! Comey needs to share a cell with Hillary!! I take that back!!! NOBODY should be punished that much!!! Let him have his own cell!!1

  5. I believe there is more to this raid on Nate Cain than has been told and it will “leak” out sooner or later.
    DJT WILL not be able to do what he needs to do with some people until this Mueller “persecution” is over. We are all so OVER Mueller, think how POTUS feels!

    • Hey…..Mueller: Want adjoining jail cells with the “other Trump HATERS”? ? ?? ? The CLinton’s, Rosenstein, Comey, Strozk, paige, Clapper, { & many more}…..Just one big happy family……OHHHHH, The wonderful “Reunion”…….{ FUN FOR ALL}……i sincerely hope Dennis Cain, doesn’t meet with another “Mysterious” fate……like so many “other” CLinton foes!

  6. The government is going to be shut down… but it won’t be Trump…It will be because all crooked democrat politicians will be in Jail and that will leave no one incharge of the house… Jail Them All !!!

    • Whoopi and not the Goldberg but the chicken have come home to roost. The Demo Craps are crapping their pants. I would love to see all of them in Gitmo.

    • If jail does not get them, the 400 year cycle of the sun will because they believe in global warming and we are headed for global freezing where food will mot grow in North America or most places around the world. It will only grown indoors with aquaponics, grow lights, growing beds, crushed rocks, fish tanks, constant heat & electricity, pumps and plumbing. I am working on ways for how people can grow their own food without a lot of investment or operating costs. I have set up a blog that I am adding to all the time as I come up with solutions. If you have ideas, please post them on the blog http://www.solarhibernation.com Joe Maxwell

  7. It’s ridiculous to say that the FBI is corrupt anti-Trump people. The vast majority of FBI agents are Republicans. James Comey is a registered Republican. The New York office of the FBI worked to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign by leaking the emails of the husband of one her associates. What has happened is that Trump feels that the FBI is supposed to be his personal police force, like Russian despots had the KGB, and the FBI, starting with Comey has resisted that.

    • ronsch… Don’t come here and be stupid…You speak of RINO’S in fear for their jobs when self funded non criminal, non establishment Republican Trump was elected. You see…Trump has no crooked donors to answer to and this freaks the sh#t out of you delusional crooked mob rule democrat protester snowflake Loooosers.

    • Ronsch, Can you say “Jim Comey is a RINO”. We wonder how much payoff he received from HRC. The Clinton’s buy people like you buy a car. When you need a car you buy it, right?
      This is a interesting turn of events, I hope HRC is having cold sweats over it. I have heard all the govt. corruption that keeps coming into the sunshine is like peeling layers of an onion, pretty good analogy!
      Nate Cain, the whistleblower had better watch his back, being careful he is not added to the list of suicides surrounding “you know who”!

      • Comey testified in Congress this week that the FBI investigation into Russian involvement in the campaign was started to defend Trump. They found that four people in his campaign had made contacts with the Russians, and the FBI wanted to warn Trump about that. Instead Trump turned to welcome the Russian involvement.

        • Ronsch, you better lay off those heavy drugs you’re taking. If you’re in California, DON’T DRINK THE WATER!!! Mind-control is a bitch.

    • “The Bureau throws the book at Trump allies and Clinton critics, while covering Clinton and other Democrats’ – as well as their Deep State allies – crimes.
      Did you skip over the above while reading this article? Most of, if not all democratic congressional members are deep state establishment traitors – so are many republicans & they seem to be concentrated in the CIA, NSA, FBI & DOJ, but so are the heads of many other departments that are holdovers from Obama. Calling oneself a democrat or republican does hot automatically make you an honest or honorable man or woman.
      Those being protected from being prosecuted are a mixture of republicans, democrats and possibly some 3rd party people. but taking a look at the ones they are protecting from being investigated and indicted can be divided into 2 groups very easily. The protected group consists of one world global government, aka the new world order, and the deep state establishment traitors and their protectors are also among the traitors. The other group, which is constantly attacked in an attempt to demonize them, are the patriotic AMERICANS, and it is the traitors who still working from within and others now no longer within, take President Trump down as their only hope to avoid being indicted, detained and prosecuted as enemy combatants of this nation.
      Traitor Rod Rosenstein, hired Mueller as special counsel, because he knew Mueller was a traitor also, since both of them were participants in the Uranium One treason. They already knew how the Russian Dossier came into being and that it was pure BS, before Mueller was hired. The real reason he was hired was to put Mueller back on the federal payroll and into a position of knowing & blocking any investigation or indictment of any of their fellow traitors, because they fear the domino effect will be triggered with the prosecution of the first one and they will all be held accountable for their treason that has culminated in their all out effort to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President and treason against him is still ongoing in this farce of Mueller’s investigation. It also put him into a position to frame President Trump for anything possible, because they are in mortal terror of following McCain through a military tribunal.
      Wake up! At this point the new world order is in its latest crime against humanity in their desperate last ditch effort to regain control of our government. That crime is now ongoing on our southern border. Their lies, propaganda and money to dupe these invading armies of illegal immigrants into becoming willing pawns for the new world order to use as the tool to crash into our nation and crash our economy and take out President Trump, in hopes of avoiding being held accountable.
      To late for damage control,also past time for everyone to decide if they are
      AMERICANS or traitors!

      • Very well stated, Wondering Woman. The NWO is the true director behind the scenes and has been for decades. With a bought and paid for Hillary in the White House, this country would never have recovered. I doubt there will be another conservative Rebublican President elected in our Republic. The great nation that fought and won WWII is a fading memory.

        • Congress investgated nothing. The investigators are all Democrat Deep State criminals covering their own backsides. Judicial Watch has the documents that can nail them to the firing squad wall. EVERYONE in the obama mis-Administration is a criminal and or traitor. Convict them all is what is needed.

        • Found nothing???? Which planet have you been living on???? Congress found corruption beyond belief in all of these deep state establishment traitors, who apparently spent most of their time blocking investigation of and covering up crimes of their fellow traitors. The SWAMP is still full of these traitors who are still blocking congressional investigation of crimes and covering them up to prevent any of their fellow traitors from being hauled into court. Those blockers are still on the federal payroll and inside the CIA, FBI, DOJ but heads of many other departments are also DSE traitors!

        • Ronsch is a shill, don’t waste your time with him. There is just no possible way anyone can be that blind and stupid. It is just not a possibility. Ronsch take a hike. You don’t belong here.

    • ronsch…..{ you “gotta be kidding” }…….Does America’s “enemies”, all register their “honest” political affiliations?…..Flake is a Libtard….{ not a Republican, like he “registered”}……so many others…..”Corrupt” politicians, register “one way”, & “vote the other”! “YOU”, must be a millennial, libtard….{ did you vote for cortez?}……get a life!

    • James, to make you feel better, the AG has the documents. That’s why there was absolutely no need for the raid! Who are those FBI agents working for?? I tweeted to Wray and ask him what he was going to do about it, probably nothing. He is Deep State. I could never understand why Trump picked him to be the FBI Director. I came to that conclusion the day Wray was being interviewed for the job. Can’t Trump see thru all the blather? I’m even questioning myself why do I support Trump, he’s not draining the swamp, in fact, he’s hiring many Obama’s people and Democrats! Look at Pompeo, he just hired his assistant, a woman who HATES Trump! Trump should have said NO on the spot. What’s wrong with Trump? Does he like all this turmoil? I’m really wondering about our POTUS, tired of his ridiculous tweets and his poor messaging.

      • Nancy, Trump is so many steps ahead of them and when the “Check Mate” move is made, they will never know what hit them. There is only so much that we, the Patriotic Citizens, will allow before there is another civil war and it won’t be North vs South – it will be Americans who still believe in our Constitution & Country vs those that want to bring us down. Foreign OR DOMESTIC – is what this boils down to – I know which side I am on and will remain.

    • Let’s all PRAY,…..That there are many copies of this stuff…..so that no one can deny it! C’mon Trump…..MAKT THIS STUFF An “open book”….de-classify all of it…..the american people deserve to “know” just how much dirt there is out there!

  8. I only have 1 question, who the f**k ordered that raid??!! They need to be in prison for obstruction of justice and witness harassment.

    • I agree with you. This nightmare has gone on long enough. They all need to go to prison starting with Obama, then the Clintons, and all the heads of the alphabet agencies. Mueller should bring up the rear. I am so sick and tired of reading about all this corruption and nothing is being done about it!

  9. Wray was a very poor choice. PERIOD
    Hopefully, when the Mueller probe has been completed, Wray, Rosenstein and the remainder of operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, will be incarcerated or dismissed from their current positions.

  10. Prosecute the obama administration criminals. They all need to be in prison. FBI Director Wray is showing his true colors and he needs to be fired and investigated. Charged too since he’ll come up leftist/dirty.

  11. It’s obvious, even to Fake Media that we have a two-tiered legal system, one for Democrats, the other for Republicans.

    Even some prominent Democrat, like Alan Dershowitz realize this is highly damaging to our Democracy. This represents the initiation of Democrat-controlled totalitarianism.

    Dershowitz clearly recognizes this. Democrats however believe that ANY price is worth return to power.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  12. Why do you focus on Hillary rather than the gangster in the White House now? I say your patriotism is nothing more than partisan stoopidity. Hillary has nothing compared to the greedy, collusive, dishonest, dementia patient currently occupying the White Houser!

  13. It’s time to develope another intelligence agency to investigate the existing agencies and hang those treasonous bastards in public.

  14. Wray had to direct this. Certainly he was aware of the “whistleblower” list but it still happened. We need an FBI Director who can clean this outfit up and Wray has proven he’s not the guy to do it.

  15. When our investigative agencies and investigators are more criminal than criminals the chase…it is time to mass fire them.

    • It’s time people lost their fear of bitch killery and put her and her mob away. Some dumbass in another post today spoke of Trump’s so-called mafia. That shows the insanity of commiecrat supporters.

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