A sex scandal from Kamala Harris’s past just came back to haunt her

Kamala Harris is basking in the glow of favorable media coverage for her Presidential campaign roll out.

But the fake news media is doing their best to ignore an ugly truth from Harris’s past.

Now this sex scandal just came back to bite Harris.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown recently wrote a column about how in the 1990s Brown dated Harris when she was a young prosecutor.

Brown was the Speaker of the State Assembly at the time and 30 years older than Harris.

And in the column, Brown admits Harris dating him kickstarted her political career.

Brown wrote:

I’ve been peppered with calls from the national media about my “relationship” with Kamala Harris, particularly since it became obvious that she was going to run for president. Most of them, I have not returned.

Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago. Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker.

And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco. I have also helped the careers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a host of other politicians.

The difference is that Harris is the only one who, after I helped her, sent word that I would be indicted if I “so much as jaywalked” while she was D.A.

This is a #MeToo in reverse scandal.

Here, Harris used her relationship with a powerful man to further her career by earning promotions she may not have deserved.

Brown was also married at the time of this affair.

It smacks of Bill Clinton type scandals that bogged down the Democrats in the 2016 election.

If Harris is the nominee, this scandal is sure to follow her into the General Election just like Bill Clinton’s misdeeds followed Hillary.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • The comment that she would indict him if he so much as jaywalked could not be more preposterous. Kruella Harris was without reservation the worst DA that ever scammed their way into that position (no pun intended). One of the first things she did was to ignore the law that made capital punishment mandatory in the case of killing a police officer. Dismissing the protests of both law enforcement throughout the state and the constituents of the city of San Francisco, she unilaterally chose not to ask for the
      death penalty in a terribly tragic case. She never gave a damn about doing her job; this was entirely all ego, politics and power for her. As AG, not one person in this state can point to one thing she did for the benefit of California. She was a lazy, power freak just waiting for her opportunity to run for the senate (completely financed by the national DNC and Soros). Her conduct during the Kavenaugh hearing exposed her as a vicious, corrupt and utterly diabolical fiend who only has her own interests at heart. Kruella Harris isn’t even fit to sling drinks in a saloon.

  1. Imagine if she ever got to the oval office she would make Bill’s antics child play, she would have a field day on that oval rug!

  2. My people have a saying – “All women are prostitutes – the only difference is in the price or pay rate!!!”. It is obvious from the report that this Senator used sex to advance her career (obviously not love) – so she is or was obviously a prostitute by my people’s thinking or saying – advancement of her career was her price – obviously not love – in the stated affair with Mr. Brown. Whatever Democrats may say or imply – the new supreme court Judge Kavanugh, President Clinton, or President Trump – assuming the allegations against them are true (I do not believe they are all true) – those affairs were neither for advancement nor helped in advancement of their respective careers but obviously for fun or love. Should a former prostitute aspire to become the President of USA – of course – but in my opinion or wish – may “God forbid a former prostitute becoming President of USA”. A former prostitute becoming a US Senator is already going too far.

    • After having a tranny for 1st lady,( i mean 1st tranny) an illegitimate President, now, a prostitute? Enough is enough! Goodness, what is America doing?

  3. Will you just look at how this vile, disgusting man allowed Harris to use him like that just to get ahead. Allowing her to have sex with him just to get ahead. He was abused by her.

  4. Yes, William hit the nail on the head! All I mentioned was “lowered taxes” and my brother got so emotional that he sped out my driveway upset cussing me out. What is wrong in the minds of Dems? It’s as if they have been chained to a tree for so long that once unchained, they stay by the tree still thinking they are chained. Go Trump 2020. Tough Americans stand with a strong President!

  5. so what if she dated a man over 20 years ago, a man sexually abused women in the past and is now on the supreme court, conservatives are so hypocritical!!

  6. so what if she dated a man over 20 years ago, a man sexually abused women in the past and is now on the supreme court, conservatives are so hypocritical!!

  7. dating? Dating? With his lifelong eye for beautiful women + her gluttony for power & position …? Too bad Willie is taking the High Road on this — we want DETAILS ! I was in the South Bay of SF when their union played out before millions in Central California. And let me tell you — KAMMIE BASKED IN IT. She looked on it as STATUS for herself and her upward climb. “SHE” wants to run for President? First, GIRL … you gotta get the Nomination. Then, and most important — you gotta run against the most successful PRESIDENT of the last 70 years, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. Can’t wait to get my Popcorn, sit back, and watch all this unfold. haaaaaaa …..

    • good job there dan,,,, these dems will be working damn hard running to beat mr trump, especially in the condition their in, speaking of helter skelter. not a one of them has a platform of substance, even their very their very all dark horse cortez. if this is the best they’ve got, GOD save us all. my best advice keep recruiting, while harris and willie are jump starting their love affair, may be a while longer before divovce is announced.

      • Yea Rodger, couldn’t agree with you more but, ya left out one thing. If she wants too rise in the democratic party she has too blow Soros and Bezos and Bill Clinton… Then maybe…

  8. Kamala is a disgrace to women. She has given truth to what so many people accuse affluential women of doing, sleeping their way to the top. Why haven’t we heard from the women’s movement or Me Too?

  9. That’s how she got the moniker Kum-alla ova my Harri-ass!!👌
    I hope all u fuc’s talking shit show up in 2020!! These Demo-stains need 2 be taken out!! We need 2 make sure no illegals r allowed 2 vote i.e tx. Pa. and the list go’s on and on….

  10. Quite often women use their “attributes” (bodies) to get ahead or advance their careers then, afterwards claim that they were/are offended by male advances! If they don’t want to provoke male attention, then why are they walking around with their breasts and asses hanging out? Unwanted advances usually don’t happen unless they’re invited!

  11. T

    //// true that ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  12. The democrat women wore white for the SOTU. Who started the KKK? The democrats, example Sentor Byrd of West Virginia, and Sentor Thurman from South Carolina, wore white sheets, and pointed hats. The only thing missing from those ladies were the pointed hats.

    • Thurman made me ashamed to be from SC. The whole time he upheld the KKK he had a black child and made her keep quite. Thank God I never voted for him.

  13. Why is anyone worried about Harris when we have a sex pervert and Putin loving Traitor squatting in the White House right now?

    • Russia collusion is on Clinton & Obama even though they lost against Trump 😂😂😂 look into Clinton Foundation since Russia $ was pd into that.

    • No absolute not!! Best president ever! I’d be more worried about brainwashed main stream fake news watchers like you!! Your type is who screws up American citys talking shit about something you know nothing about! See how fast your heros like camel Obama disappear in next couple months.

    • So you are a DEMOCRAT LOVING asshole, you are probably as corrupt as those that you support. If you can’t accept that Trump is by far the best president since Reagan you obviously can’t see the wood for the trees or have been walking around blind and deaf for the last decades.When are all democrat supporters gloing to wake up to the fact that the corrupt democrats have been walking roughshod over you taking your money to support their lavish lifestyles, the best examples being the CORRUPT CLINTONS, THE CORRUPT OBUMMERS, BERNIE SANDERS, NANCY PELOSI, CHUCK SCHUMER, I could go on and on, if you believe that these traitors have been good for America you obviously haven’t a clue.

    • Eric. Try not to comment anymore. You obviously have an economy with Brains. But remember Jesus loves you. The rest of us think you’re a simple minded stupid ASSHOLE!

  14. All that bobbing up and down has scrambled her brain. She should now work in a glory hole at the local truck stop.

  15. Willie Brown, the mayor of San Francisco dropped here when he found out that she smelled like fisherman’s wharf, between her money making knees.

    • What more can be said about this rude, disrespectful, disgusting waste of air, DNA anti American traitorous POS that hasn’t been said and the American people aren’t aware of? It boggles my mind how she literaly got another term to F**K us deeper into the ground like she did in her previous terms. Anyone thinking this old hag cares about America and the American people need to get their heads out of their asses and start paying attention! Case in point: while she lives in a 5 million dollar mansion in Napa Valley, San Francisco, her district is a disgrace: crumbling and failing infrastructure, invading hoards of bums (ger constituents), crime, homeless ‘tent’ camps taking over the strets, sidewalks and city parks, streets reeking like toilets with the stench of garbage, used condoms, dirty needles, piss and piles of human feces, some of the highest costs of living, unaffordable housing and the list goes on and on. All this while this waste of humanity lives in an 11′ walled secure compound yet denies a secure southern border, If this isn’t hypocricy to the max, I don’t know what is. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong wit the Ameican people allowing this to happen, is there something in the air,or water, are the Amerivan people stupid and clueless masochists or have they been smokin’ the wrng kind of weed (where legal and illegal) Inquiring Americans need, want and deserve to know, why?

      • William , I think you covered everything pretty well. As to who the voters are, I do not have a clew. Just when I think sanity may arrive, the door opens and more insane pour out. Sorry

        • Yes, William hit the nail on the head! All I mentioned was “lowered taxes” and my brother got so emotional that he sped out my driveway upset cussing me out. What is wrong in the minds of Dems? It’s as if they have been chained to a tree for so long that once unchained, they stay by the tree still thinking they are chained. Go Trump 2020. Tough Americans stand with a strong President!

      • I wholeheartedly believe that the democrats are cheating and stealing American citizens of their constitutional votes. I don’t believe they won the midterms. Just look at across news about all the illegals, non citizens, and dead people voting all for the democrat party. When election officials try to remove these illegals noncitizen and dead people from the voter rolls, they’re sued by the democrats lawyers, the ACLU.
        We need to get this straightened out before our Presidential election or we will have lost our country.

    • Sorry ladies but I have got to state the truth about Harris. The way she behaves is as if no matter what she does, such sleeping her way to her career is alright, since it was her choice of how and when to use the sex weapon for maximum benefit to her. Now if a man did that??

    • Navy PO2: The whole demcratic partyremoved GOD from their platform during the last presidential caucus. That makes all democrats the party of the godless.

  16. Another thing we will never hear or see on the liberal news channels.
    We as people need to stop supporting these liberal shows.
    Stopping the money flow will go along way in finally getting somewhat actual true news, so we can judge for ourselves.

    • Regarding the liberal news channels: Hopefully this includes ABC’s the View. This show was decent when it began a little over twenty years ago but it has become a one sided liberal rant against anything thet happens to tickle their fancy. Currently it’s President Trump. The way these old hens carry on is disgusting, like school girls without any class and maturity. Funny thing, they never have guests with opposing ‘views’ on as a change of pace. I thought this was an equal opportunity forum to give your views on current events. It’s on opposite ‘the Price is Right’ where I live. At least with The Price is Right, some lucky audience member just might hit the jackpot and have their lives changed for the good. Why is this waste of one hour airtine still on is well beyond me. It’s days are over soon

    • Make a list of all their sponsors and send copies of protest letters daily to all of them, the media editor[all of them] as well as corrupt politicians!

    • Harris is the female version of willie clinton, the sexual predator. Dems desperately need someone to take up his mantle of depravity 🙂

    • I do not condone this activity in order to further anyone career. I do think this would hurt her but the corrupt network news media certainty will not report thid

    • Well I never thought that I would ever say this, but the Word of God says you “think it you might as well say it” so here I go….Looking at the faces and actions by the Hot Manaukies of the Democratic Party all dressed in White tonight trying to impress the World…. they are United…well I guess they are United in wanting to Rule America and act like real jerks….they did not impress anyone tonight and none of them will ever be President and I really say that We need a Rest from of black Power in the White House so the Democrats can get over Obama and his Regime not being their Dictator!Even the CBS News People lied after and during the President walking away to leave! Will they ever quit
      behaving as little children and quit their lying on Our President…how ignorant do they really think and believe We the Patriots Are? We watched the whole Speech and then when it is over the News men and women started making up
      lies and lying to the Public…Really CBS needs Closed Down For Good!

      • In re: to they all dressed in white…i agree with all you said. & I’ll take it a little further stating to me they all looked like they were there representing a Cult…Weird!!! Did anyone else, seeing that & feel like that? It flat gave the willies!!! Just saying…

          • Irma you are so right racists all that where in white and two sitting side by side one with a blue rag on her head and that kind of people are really throwing votes our way and I mean. Plenty of them keep it up libs

          • Irma: Maybe they were trying to convince everyone who saw them on tv,that they were angels! Yep, satan appeared as an angel of light, but he was not of GOD, he was a deceiver, as are the ones who dressed that way including ms Pelosi. But, they’re day is coming, when JESUS comes back to get HIS chosen ones (the believers of the Gospel). They’ll have their place in hell!

        • White showed their total lack of originality. If they wanted to really follow their fascist party line they should have worn blue.


      • I can’t believe you had the guts to write that, go in hide under a bridge and never come out and you a minister of what the white cloth.
        White folks are evil people and that devil we have now needs to go straight to HELL WITH THE REST OF YAW HATE ASS WHITE FOLKS.

        • Victoria what a mouth you aren’t pleasing to god you need Jesus not to judge anyone Victoria but he says erternity in hell is a very very long time god bless

        • Victoria Allen:
          Shame, Shame, Shame on you! You must be black to say such things! I thought black folks had more sense that what you just wrote! But, maybe you are one of a
          million that totes “everybody is picking on us black folks”, when in all actuality
          it you who are doing the picking! Huh?????

          • Betsey, you are sooooooo correct in your comment. A lot of the blacks like to play the “poor me” card. When in reality they have Many More Opportunities to succeed, get ahead in life today than Any WHITE ASS FOLKS will ever have today.

          • Victoria Allen, I watched all the protests with people yelling BLACK LIFE MATTERS. It don’t matter if it is an unborn black baby. How many have been killed while women say it is my body my choice. No! It is there body but they have no choice. So don’t hand me you are being picked on.
            You stand up and fight against abortion then I might believe you.

    • Harris’s lower unit is spiked with Tobasco, she’s a man hater, but she loves willie’s wallet and rejects his 86 yr old penis delicti.

  17. Bubba was a scumbag sexual predator but at least he had the good sense not to reward his hos with political jobs. Harris is a typical Negress puta who f***ed her way to the top, sucking for success, LOL!!

    • And We the Patriots do not need anymore Presidents like her in Office to be Humiliated by her Sinful Immoral Actions…she would do the same if elected just to tick us all like Billy Bub did! She probably would call a News lecture daily to demonstrate how sex is performed, how to Screw to Get to the Top,and How to lie and Mean it!

    • i guess it is true, but hard to believe, take a good look at her, can any guy imagine waking up in the morning and seeing that, of course there are bags, but if if you have a week stomach, you are in trouble. go trump 2020

  18. Dear whoever thinks there are saints and angels in politics. I don’t want to attack your delusions. I suppose there is some limited number of people who remained in DC to try and help even after they clearly saw how much BS, deception, thievery and dishonesty.Indeed, no doubt some tried to change the mold. The thing is, those actively participating either left their delusions or left town.

  19. This woman is an individual that does not care of honesty or humbleness she is blood thirsty to advance and will do whatever it takes to advance herself. Too bad the word is out she is lost in the democrats political pathetic jungle.

  20. One thing is for sure, her mouth is no virgen. If she had as many dicks sticking out of her as she had in her, she would look like a porcupine. Fretful.

    • Yeah! LIP CONTROL! Hum Dinger! Only way to The Top! Earn it The HHHHHHHHard WWWWay! Interesting That The United States of America can or Wil let these women of Race and Not being a Citizen of America and can be State Senators and Try to be President of This Great Country. AOC, Talib! The United States of America is letting this Happen.
      People would say How could I Say This! I’m a fifth Generation American Indian and Direct Desendent of Chief Whiteknife / TOSAWII of Nevada. I know Who I am and Where I come From.

      • Tony No its Not the USA allowing this to happen. Its the Democrapic/ LIBTARD clan allowing this to happen. We Deplorables didn’t let it happen when Killary ran for President. We Don’t/Won’t let it happen here either if we have anything to say about it! Trump Train 2020 baby!

  21. The sloppy irresponsible media is doing everything in their power to bury this New York Times article about Harris, published in 2015. The NY Times referred to Harris as a “top cop” AG who, according to her critics, “failed to take on prosecutorial misconduct.” The profile noted in 2015 her office was called out for “defending convictions obtained by local prosecutors who inserted false confessions into the transcripts of police interrogations, lied under oath, and withheld crucial evidence from the defense.” And the morons on the left what this trollop in the Oval Office…a woman who earned $400,000 a year on her back, a whore whose Indian mother taught her morals? If giving BLOW JOBS in the Oval Office is your idea of the first female president then by all means vote for Kamala Harris. If “Prosecutorial Misconduct” you your idea of American “Law & Order,” then Kamala is your candidate…

  22. I’m surprised that the Marxist media would let this one get away. After all if this was a Republican you’d never hear the last of it.

  23. Kamala bad example……is that how YOU liberated women rise to the top, by opening your legs sleeping with their bosses to advance your carrer…shame on you……”putita”


      • Another woman who apparently slept her way to the top, and then expects to be respected. They always told me that if you wanted to discuss issues, become a Republican and go to their events and conventions. Go to Democrat events if you want to get laid, I guess it must be true. roflmao

          • Linda, I may disagree with you Politically, but certainly, we all should be able to have a Discussion, with out all the snide innuendos and profanity laced comments. Being a Conservative, I’ve heard it from both sides. What it tells me; Vocabularies, are pretty limited, it’s a shame. What it proves; As a Society, our EDUCATION system, has too become politicized and has Failed the American People.

  24. Nancy Pelosi said the Wall is immoral, how about adulterous men or women? Aren’t they immoral? I think that’s what the Democratic Party is heading now, Scandal after scandal among their Party!

    • She is muslim, isn’t adultry forbidden for women? She should be taken to the streets and stoned, per her religion. Why did the people of California vote for her? Maybe only those residing in the cemeteries voted for her? I am sure there were illegals and deceased that voted for her, the payoff money goes far. She has a filthy mouth also. That is not ladylike. She acts more like a muslim man than a woman since she spreads for whatever will get her somewhere.

      • “Why did the people of California vote for her” because they are STOOOPIDDD thats why. They also voted for Nancy Gov. Moonbean Maxine and how many other weardo s?

      • Probably vote for her for the same reason they keep reelecting Waters, Pelosi, Feinstein and the rest of the fruits and nuts! And they want to do away with the Electoral College so California can determine who our President will be??? Good luck with that!!!

        • I live in California, and I certainly DID NOT vote for that POS. The only reasons the dems want open borders is to get votes. I wish the Earth would open up in California and swallow all the dems who voted for Harris, Pelosi, Schumer….all of them and then the rest of the Earth might be saved.

  25. Typical democrat, screw everyone on their way up in preparation for the big screw job when they get in office. Bend over America!

    • Susanne58! Well you must ( Not Have Any Family Values ) if you can Say! Get over that one Folks! Your Probably a demicrap! Kamala Harris is Only Using the RACE CARD! Remember her mom is Hindu ( And Not a United States Citizen ) and her father is a Jamaican ( and Not a United States Citizen and Both Parents NEVER RECEIVED CITIZENSHIP & illegal citizens and Don’t forget Kamala just as Guilty of being ( A ILLEGAL AND IMMIGRANT ). Don’t know how she became a Senator! Of California she probably got a Wet Willy Brown.

  26. Kamala Harris the “Horizontal Progressive” – this is old news about Willie Brown. But – When I first opened the link there was her face and the face of Maxine Waters eyes up looking more deceased than anything else – and I thought DAMN – she really was desperate to get ahead.

  27. At least Kamala did not produce another “Chelsea Clinton”. She’s smarter than Hillary.

    Politically, she cheated her way to power. Willie Brown was obviously another corrupted politician that repeatedly step-sided the other public servants that deserve the recognition and promotion for their hard work.

    Apparently she gave herself a huge leap into the presidential race after trashing a good man at the Senate Judiciary hearing. She’s a scum bag.

  28. Sleeping her way to the top (i.e. “lay to play”) seems to be the modus operandi for leftist women. Her serial behavior would have probably been a resume enhancer for most Dems, but for the fact that the parties were married to others while they were swapping bodily fluids.

  29. I knew Willie when he was Mayor, I lived right in Downtown San Francisco. One night I sat in a Seafood Restaurant while Harris and Willie were having Dinner. They were having a big loud argument. Willie was angry because he found out Harris was Married, and having an affair with 2 other Politicians and Willie. I actually heard him say” DUMP THEM OR I WILL CUT YOUR EXPENSE ACCOUNT OFF”. and Willie does not give a damn. Old Harris loves her swinging Sirloin.

  30. If she was doing BROWN, there has to be others! She thinks that she is from the elite! Ever since she was elected as a senator, all she has done is to attack PRESIDENT TRUMP, well here it is K.H. give back the money you have taken from your supporters, I’m sure that there be more coming out of your closet! Your buddy CORY SPARTACUS HAPPY, HE WILL BE THE NEXT ONE WHEN THEY START DIGGING INTO HIS PAST!

  31. My goodness isn’t that how ALL liberated women rise to the top, by sleeping with their bosses. Little sarcasm, but unfortunately it is actually true. This witch made her name by her actions as a DA in CA. I especially loved her arresting parents when their kids played hookey. Or how about her try to rise above her blackness by asking that Blacks have maximum sentences regardless of their crime. BUT she let illegals off the hook.

    • She likes to use the African American theme but her mother is from India and her father from Jamaica. Neither appears to be African American.

  32. Thank God we got Fox News,to tell Americans the true story about Harris, because CNN and the rest of the media would not let us know,they want to keep her under the rug.when will they learn to report news for the support of a country an honesty not for your personal needs and hatred for Trump, that’s why your ratings are going down I hope the sponsors will drop all of you.

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