A shocking new poll about Donald Trump will leave you speechless

Donald Trump has been the unquestioned leader of the Republican Party for over six years now.

But is that about to change?

This shocking new poll about Donald Trump will leave you speechless.

Surveys show that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the favorite to win the Republican Party nomination for President in 2024 if Donald Trump decides not to seek a second term.

DeSantis’ high-profile fights with the Biden administration over mask mandates and vaccine passports, as well as with Disney over the company’s support for grooming five year-olds with sexually explicit lessons on transgenderism and homosexuality, is causing the Governor to attain an equal level of popularity with Americans as Donald Trump.

According to the latest Rasmussen survey, 52 percent of Americans approve of both Trump and DeSantis.

Trump and DeSantis hold a similar “very favorable” mark.

However, on approval with Republicans, Donald Trump does hold a seven-point edge over DeSantis.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, DeSantis and Trump are even with a 52% approval in the national poll of likely voters. And he surpasses Trump on the disapproval rating with 33% to the former president’s 45%.

Among those with a “very favorable impression” in the survey, it’s DeSantis over Trump 37%-35%, according to the analysis. But with Republicans, it’s Trump, 83% favorable, to 76% favorable for DeSantis.

On many issues of great concern to conservatives, Ron DeSantis took the lead.

Ron DeSantis was the first Republican Governor to ban vaccine passports.

DeSantis also signed legislation that would effectively gut Joe Biden’s unconstitutional order mandating employers with more than 100 workers force their employees to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Joe Biden also helped brighten DeSantis’ star.

Last fall, as Joe Biden’s approval ratings sank following the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, he attempted to reboot his Presidency by turning DeSantis into the villain of the coronavirus Delta variant surge.

But Biden severely misread the electorate.

Biden picked a fight with DeSantis over the Governor blocking mask mandates in schools and banning vaccine passports.

Ron DeSantis correctly judged that the American people were ready to return to normal, whereas Joe Biden wanted to impose a biomedical security state.

Instead of turning Ron DeSantis into a boogeyman for the American people, Biden elevated him to the leader for the majority of Americans who demanded an end to lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine requirements.

And that is why polls show Ron DeSantis with a similar level of support as Donald Trump.

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