A shocking new poll showed Joe Biden is about to be replaced by this Democrat

Joe Biden continues to learn just how many in his Party are ready to ditch him.

No incumbent President has ever seen this erosion of support.

And one shocking new poll showed Joe Biden is about to be replaced by this Democrat.

The latest head-turning poll about Joe Biden’s political collapse came from the University of New Hampshire.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg actually led Joe Biden 17 to 16 percent in a 2024 New Hampshire Primary matchup.

A sitting President trailing a cabinet secretary while also garnering the support of just 16 percent of his Party’s voters in a Primary is unheard of.

President LBJ winning the New Hampshire Primary with 49 percent of the vote in 1968 caused him to decline to seek re-election.

Biden at 16 percent is a code red emergency.

The rest of the polling data helped explain why so few Democrats support Biden.

Their survey found 74 percent of New Hampshire residents do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election, a 180-degree reversal from one year ago, when 74 percent of residents wanted him to run for re-election.

“As in June, few New Hampshire Independents (14%) or Republicans (10%) want Biden to run again. However, support for Biden running again has dropped dramatically among Democrats – only 31% want Biden to run again, down from 54% in June and from 74% in July 2021,” the poll’s summary read.

New Hampshire voters understanding that Biden is old and senile in part drove his declining poll numbers.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all think the 79-year-old Biden is too old to competently function as President.

“There is also broad bipartisan concern among New Hampshire residents about Biden’s age. Seventy-eight percent say that they are very or somewhat concerned about Biden’s age, including 88% of Republicans, 75% of Democrats, and 65% of Independents,” the polling summary added.

No President in modern polling history lost more support in a quicker period of time than Joe Biden.

Age is part of it.

But Biden is also a failed President.

Biden unleashed inflation and an illegal alien invasion on the southern border.

Biden oversaw the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

And Biden has tried to impose woke transgender ideology on the military and schools across America.

Even Democrats – who support this agenda – understand Biden is a decrepit failure and that he will lose re-election.

That’s why the polls show Democrats are looking for an alternative.

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