A shocking video of Celine Dion’s health emergency will make you gasp

Celine Dion is one of the most famous singers of all time.

But her career may be over.

And a shocking video of Celine Dion’s health emergency will make you gasp.

Video of Dion’s medical condition included in new documentary 

Amazon Prime’s documentary about Dion entitled I Am: Celine Dion, included a clip where Dion suffers a painful seizure that resulted from the medical condition she suffered from known as Stiff Person Syndrome.

Stiff Person Syndrome is defined as a “rare acquired neurological disorder that most often causes progressive muscle stiffness (rigidity) and repeated episodes of painful muscle spasms.” 

In the clip, Dion is discussing her health and then begins experiencing a seizure, causing her to writhe on the ground in agony.

Doctors stabilized her by strapping her limbs to a table.

The doctors eventually administered a nasal spray to alleviate the pain.

Dion discussed what she feels like when she experiences a painful medical episode in public that she has no control over.

“Every time something like this happens it makes you feel so embarrassed and so, like, I don’t how to express it, it’s just . . . you know, like to not have control of yourself,” Dion stated.

Dion reveals medical diagnosis 

Celine Dion is one of the legendary figures in the history of music.

Known as the “Queen of the Power Ballad,” Dion reached the apex of her career with “My Heart will go on,” the lead song from the soundtrack of the Titanic, which was the highest grossing movie of all time until 2019, when it was surpassed by Avengers: End Game.

“My Heart will go on” sold 18 million copies and won every award imaginable, including an Oscar for Best from Movie, the Grammys for Best Song, Record of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. 

The song spent 10 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay.

But in a shocking December 2022 Instagram post, Dion announced she was canceling the rest of her tour.

“Unfortunately these spasms affect every aspect of my daily life,” Dion said. “Sometimes causing difficulties when I walk, and not allowing me to use my vocal chords to sing the way I’m used to,” she said in her Instagram post. “I have to admit, it’s been a struggle,” she said. “All I know is singing, it’s what I’ve done all my life,” Dion told her fans.

“It’s been really difficult for me to face these challenges and to talk about everything that I’ve been going through . . . It hurts me to tell you that I won’t be ready to restart my tour in Europe in February,” Dion added.

Dion hopes that one day she can return to performing.

But her current medical condition prevents that from happening.

“I Am: Celine Dion” tells her story, and it’s streaming now on Amazon Prime.

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