A Supreme Court Justice left the hospital with some jaw dropping news

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shocked Washington by announcing she underwent surgery to remove cancerous tumors form her lungs.

Liberals were petrified her declining health would allow Donald Trump to make a third Supreme Court nomination.

And then Ginsburg walked out of the hospital and made one jaw dropping announcement.

Ginsburg left the hospital and the Supreme Court announced she is recovering at home and that she had resumed work over the weekend.

The Daily Caller:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was discharged from the hospital Tuesday, after doctors removed two cancerous nodules from her left lung Friday.

The 85-year-old justice left the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and is now recuperating at home, according to a Supreme Court spokeswoman. The high court advised that Ginsburg resume work on Sunday.

Ginsburg has been hospitalized twice in 2018. In addition to Friday’s procedure — called a pulmonary lobectomy — she was admitted to George Washington University Hospital in November after she fell in chambers and fractured three ribs. The cancerous growths in her lungs were identified at that time.

Liberals had a 24-hour panic over her cancer diagnosis.

Trump wished Ginsburg a speedy recovery, but all anyone on the left could think about was the possibility of Trump appointing her replacement.

Ginsburg’s announcement gives the left hope she can hang on through the 2020 election.

Mitch McConnell already stated he will hold confirmation hearings and a vote in 2020 if an opening occurs.

Ginsburg’s health and possible retirement will be one of the most closely watched stories in American politics over the next two years.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I think Roberts may be being blackmailed due to the illegal adoption of his two children from Ireland. Irish laws preclude anyone other than an Irish citizen being able to adopt an Irish child. Some “funny business’ occurred when his blonde hair-blue eyed children were supposedly legally adopted in South America. Enough said.

  2. She has made the statement that other countries have better constitution than we do. How could anyone with this. Belief rule in any case and be true to her oath to uphold the constitution?

  3. I believe Viet vet hit the nail on the head, and you can’t dispute comments she has made, proving as Vet said, she’s a left-wing activist, but she’s not alone, so the injustices by three Judges, hardly shows an effective and Honest Court system for the highest court in the land.

  4. No, where judicial activim is obvious, the Court should simply be ignored. As Andrew Jackson said: well the Court has made their ruling, now let them enforce it.

  5. Indeed, while both were/are evil, where the Nazis murdered one innocent human, the communists murdered 10 to 20 innocent souls.

  6. The good thing is the republicans “stack” the deck with Justices who are either originalists or textualists. It doesn’t get better than that.

  7. Because she’s a communist and wants to be replaced by another communist, so they can carry on the anti-American agenda.

  8. We don’t need any leaning judges, though right wing justices would follow the Constitution and the law.

  9. IN 2012 The old ACLU communist gave an interview in Egypt and said that any country thinking about drafting a constitution should not use the U.S. Constitution as a model…you know, the Constitution she took an oath to protect and defend. You would have to have been living under a rock for the last quarter century to not know she is a left wing activist and not a justice. The problem we have in this country today is there are so many people who are either communists or ignoramuses.

  10. Please share with us the basis of your remarks about hate being the sign of a mental disorder. Would you say which disorder you’re referring to?
    Thank you.

  11. Would you please share your evidence that Ginsburg is not a true justice? Just what is true justice? You impugn her character with what evidence? Just don’t like old, successful, women?

  12. I wish the Justice well with her health issue and if she can not return to the court she should take the time to make a better decision for her health and retire. Life is to short when you have spent the years she has serving her job. God bless you and I wish you well.

  13. Betty; Mince no words, straight to the point, of what. You got more from him that you would have gotten from Hillary. To bad with so much hate, a sign of a mental disorder.

  14. Ginsburg needs to retire or even die. She is useless and she is not a true justice. She follows the Constitution she made up for herself. I don’t think she has ever made a honest decision on any case.

  15. Only death will remove Ginsburg from the court. She is determined to remain through Trump’s term, which she hopes will end in 2020. Then, if a Democrat wins, she will retire. At this point I am more worried about the Chief Justice, who seems to be a “never Trumper” with the tweet he put out about Judges. He has joined the Liberals more than once, including the disastrous decision on Obamacare, which is bankrupting the Middle Class. Principled people should never vote because of political bias, like McCain did or perhaps Roberts. McCain was so full of hate for Trump that it permeated every decision he made in his last years.

  16. Imagine if she were a right leaning justice and suffered these health issues? The left would be holding rituals praying to their Satan to take her life. They can then threaten her replacement the way they did Roberts to get that person to swing their way.

  17. I would like to see her step down too but I just want to see it for the good of the country. We do not want to see this country molded into any country you want to name to the south of us. I should add a couple a couple of our own states to that. Guess which ones.

  18. At what point does one become concerned with the physical and mental abilities of an individual? What point might we ask – Do I want her flying the plane I’m on, or be the crossing guard for my grand-children, or operating on me ?
    This would bring the wrath of the ADA.
    This is a good reason for TERM LIMITS !!

  19. Why don’t the old bat give it up. She is old, sick and and cannot stay awake for any of the meetings. This is why we need term limits and also to be able to get rid of anyone who cannot properly do their job on SCOTUS.

  20. We need to remember that when the inevitable bellyaching about holding a confirmation vote in 2020 is “bad form,” the “Biden Rule” is that you shouldn’t hold a confirmation vote in a year in which the current President isn’t on the ballot — which presumably won’t apply to 2020.

    That said, if there is a God, she won’t last past summer.

  21. What should scare you is the way they were indoctrinated into a Communist sharia mindset as for teaching what is proven to be fact as in the truth most of that is totally disregarded they are all being taught to only believe that which is fed to them by their teachers and the mouthpieces of the Democrats and Rats which is the LSM, total purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing commentators.

  22. Are you familiar with the lie claiming to be a lie that is the Protocols of the elders of Zion the part about better a gentile die so a jew can live and those scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtards believe it.

  23. I read that as VEY AWFUL BAD NEWS ABOUT GINSBERG. The only good news I want hear about the old bat is she is quitting or she has died!

  24. Pardonne moi, no determiner was needed meant to say, so now who is brain dead, and that was a rhetorical question a statement and not an interrogative.

  25. She is doing the same like McCain did. McCain were the other evil. He wrote how he wish his service and which Cemetery he wants to be in. Democrats worst than communism, they working on built the New Global World, where the people would be just slave, because they wish to control the whole world. They said McCain was a HERO! HERO in what? In Vietnam about 50 people death belongs to him etc. His father and grandfather get permission from Nixon to bring him back, otherwise he will be in jail forever. Even in his private life was a jerk. So this woman 85 yrs old, and sick, but wants to rule every dirty things maybe even from her grave too.

  26. Liberal panic won’t keep RBG alive a moment longer beyond her expiration date. Then it’ll be time for the next confirmation obstruction circus.

  27. Her age & her actions/words should be the reason NO ONE should be appointed for a LIFE TIME appointment EVER!!!!
    But both parties will make sure to stack the deck in their favor somehow…..????
    Remember it’s not about helping the people of this great country but helping themselves PERIOD!!!

  28. So Mark…..
    Is it also “sick” when people say the same crap about the President? Or is it ok because its “evil” Trump? The things being said on here about her shiuld not be said about anyone(left or right)…but what has been said about Trump is 1000x’s worst. (In my opinion) Lets hear how you feel about those remarks because your so insightful…….
    (crickets probably)

  29. This woman cannot even stay awake while the supreme court is having their picture taken. Personally I think it is time to kill the Supreme Court as their decisions are against humanity and thus against our Constitution. Using the privacy thing as a reason for okaying the murdering by torture of babies now close to 70 million as the reason for okaying abortion, the murder of babies reeks of Satan. Of course murderers want their murdering done in private. Than they say taxpayers do not have the right to protect themselves against invaders which is what having a government is about, the protection of citizens who are taxpayers. It is time to kill the Supreme Court and put laws back into the hands of the citizens by allowing citizens voting directly on such serious things like the murder of babies and safety in our homes by controlling our borders. Remember the woman walks out of clinics with their bodies in tack while the babys body is in pieces in a garbage can. Whose body is being murdered, it is not the woman’s body. Remember, U.S. citizens are not allowed to run into other countries without proper papers.

  30. Ben, you are the sad person! As a Trump supporter, I don’t wish anything bad on the old goat but I do think she is getting too old and she seems to have forgotten her vow to uphold and defend the Constitution! Why do you think Liberals have been wanting to change it for the last 100 years? I’m.

  31. Nothing to fear, people! Some feckless snowflakes have volunteered to donate body parts to the old goat even if it would mean their own demise! This tells us more about the state of young people in this Country and to think they get to vote is the scariest!!

  32. My last husband was given a clean bill off health after his llobectomy, but the cancer had spread outside the lung and the surgeon completely ignored the radiologist when he said there was cancer there

  33. From what she has said about the constitution, if she was honest she should retire along time Back, her vow to uphold the same has meant absolutely nothing to her!

  34. Has she proved herself to be such a liar. Or was she just BSing when she said she would resign and leave the country if Donald Trump was elected?

    I understand after he was elected, she said she would not leave the office as long as President Trump was in office. What a BSing liar.

  35. Ben…You are the sick one. I know HUNDREDS of Trump supporters and NOT ONE of them would wish her dead. You have no clue about those who support Pres. Trump. You are a sad person.

  36. A sick “Trumpian”comment, wishing death on people. You sound just like HIM!!!!! A “child” comment. You are a “sad” person…….

  37. regardless of your opinion of Ginsburg, either left or right, she server our country, and we should pray for her and a new Supreme Court opening.

  38. Lung cancer docs gave her a clean bill of health – she better pick out a box. last about a year if she’s lucky

  39. she sure does sleep alot. almost every gvt event where shes in the crowd shes asleep. she has done her duty. time to retire espicially with cancer

  40. A dedicated Anti Trumper – she will hang on but she can’t hang on for 2more years of this term and definitely not for 4 years of Trump’s next term – C Ya Ruthie baby

  41. Ruth Ginsburg acts like Generalissimo Franco. She just refuses to meet up with her past and will hang on for decades.

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