A top ally of Ron DeSantis just gave Joe Biden a reality check that left him fuming

Joe Biden has been a colossal disaster for the country.

His latest blunder backfired in a major way.

Now a top ally of Ron DeSantis just gave Joe Biden a reality check that left him fuming.

Joe Biden is the most radical open borders President to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Every state is now a border state from the crisis Biden created.

Biden’s grudge against Ron DeSantis put Florida in his crosshairs.

The Biden regime has been using scores of secret flights carried out in the dead of night to dump illegal aliens into Florida and other states.

Last year, after an illegal alien who lied about his age to get into the country was flown to Florida, he later murdered a father of four.

Through lawsuits and a strong law enforcement response, Ron DeSantis has been aggressively fighting back against the lawless Biden regime’s open borders agenda.

DeSantis recently signed a bill into law to combat the Biden border crisis by prohibiting state and local governments from contracting with companies that help bring illegal aliens into Florida.

He also announced the creation of a strike force against illegal aliens to help combat human trafficking, drug smuggling, and Biden’s midnight flights.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is one of DeSantis’ strongest allies in the fight against the Biden border crisis.

Moody is leading several lawsuits to get the regime to enforce the law.

In an appearance on Fox News, Moody praised DeSantis’ latest move to combat the lawless Biden regime.

“It’s a wonderful thing to work as an Attorney General alongside a Governor like Ron DeSantis, who doesn’t ignore when criminal activities are going on and doesn’t make decisions or policies that embolden criminal organizations,” Moody said. “He actually watches very closely what is going on within our state, within our borders, and takes action to combat that.”

“And we’ve received information that our law enforcement has routinely engaged those smuggling folks into our state, uncovering large amounts of drugs enough to kill thousands of Floridians,” Moody continued. “And enough is enough.”

“You can’t have illegal activities going on right in front of you and pretend they’re not happening,” Moody explained. “As executive officials, we have a duty to act.”

“And so this is a really strong, bold step by Governor DeSantis to call upon our office to work with and impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate how organizations and folks are helping, aiding, and abetting these criminal transnational organizations that are smuggling children in a very dangerous way,” she concluded.

DeSantis asked the Florida Supreme Court to create a statewide grand jury to investigate individuals and organizations who are conspiring to smuggle drugs and illegal aliens into the state.

A statewide grand jury is rarely used in Florida, having only been convened 20 times in the last 40 years.

Ron DeSantis’ bold action against the Biden border crisis is why he’s become a rising star in the conservative movement.

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