A top Biden nominee’s shocking terrorist history has him in hot water

Joe Biden is on track to be the most far-left president in history.

That is if he doesn’t take things too far for even his Democrat supporters.

The shocking terrorist history of a top Biden nominee has him in hot water.

Since taking over the White House in January, Joe Biden and his allies have wasted no time forcing their agenda on America.

He has signed unheard of numbers of executive orders.

Not only that, but the orders he has been signing are far more extreme than any other president’s in history.

He is doing all of this to further cement his support among the most radical extremists on the Left.

And following his latest nomination to a top government position, it is clear that Biden is just getting started in this far-Left crusade.

Biden just announced he is nominating Tracy Stone-Manning as the Director of BLM.


In this case, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Her nomination is so alarming because Stone-Manning was a part of the notorious eco-terrorist group Earth First! when she was attending graduate school at the University of Montana.

The group is considered an eco-terrorist group by the FBI, who cite the destructive and illegal tactics they used in their crusade to shut down anything they believe is harmful to the environment.

Since their founding in 1980, the group has taken responsibility for dozens of sabotage attacks on logging operations, and most recently on gas pipelines.

In 2020, the group took responsibility for shutting down a pipeline in Aspen, Colorado, which left thousands of people without heat or hot water in the middle of the freezing Colorado winter.

Stone-Manning’s time with the group was when they were at their most extreme.

She served as editor for one of the group’s largest publications throughout the 80’s.

But she didn’t just sit on the sidelines while doing that work.

In 1989, Stone-Manning was an accessory to an act of eco-terrorism called tree spiking.

Tree spiking involves putting metal or ceramic spikes in trees in order to damage saws and ultimately thwart logging operations.

This tactic doesn’t just disrupt the operations of loggers, it puts their lives at risk.

In 1987, a 23-year old mill-worker lost several teeth and part of his cheek and jaw after a large band saw shattered when it struck an 11-inch spike in a tree.

Stone-Manning ultimately gained immunity for her crimes in 1993, when she testified against her former roommate and friend, John P. Blount, causing him to spend 17-months in prison.

Someone with this kind of history probably shouldn’t be given a top position in the government, especially one that deals with land management.