A top Democrat bragged about creating this massive woke airline disaster

Democrats are trying to inject wokeness into every aspect of society. 

Now they’re setting the stage for big problems for the country.

And a top Democrat bragged about creating this massive woke airline disaster.

Democrat brags about placing DEI policies for airline pilots in bill

Congress overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill to fund the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for the next five years.

President Joe Biden signed the bill into law in a victory for Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp.”

The bloated $105 billion bill was stuffed full of pork and wasteful spending.

Supporters in the Senate claimed the FAA bill would “strengthen aviation safety standards, grow air traffic controller & safety inspector workforce, implement safety technology on runways & in cockpits.”

Like any massive spending in the “Swamp,” Congress was trying to ram it through as quickly as possible before reauthorization expired.

That allowed members of Congress to insert pet projects into the FAA bill in the scramble to get it passed.

Representative Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) boasted about slipping in a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) provision to increase the number of minority pilots during an interview on Roland Martin Unfiltered.

“We were also able to get monumental legislation into the FAA Reauthorization Act that really flew under the radar, thank God,” Crockett said. “But this was funding to make sure that hopefully we can increase the number of African Americans and Hispanics that are entering aviation which can be very expensive, but can obviously be very lucrative.”

Pilot training can be extremely expensive, so many get their training in the military before switching to civilian aviation.

“So we set up a situation where basically there will be full rides for those attending grant HCBUs as well as HSIs to go into aviation,” Crockett continued. “And in this crazy anti-DEI environment, we were able to get that done.”

Airlines have come under fire for the growing number of close calls that almost resulted in disasters and malfunctioning planes. 

Prioritizing wokeness over competence for pilots is going to put travelers’ safety at risk.

Crockett’s DEI provision is part of a trend that critics contend could lead to a catastrophe.

Airlines join the DEI craze sweeping through the corporate world

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby vowed that his airline would have half of all pilots “women or people of color.”

The airline opened a flight school to train potential pilots with little to no aviation experience to boost diversity.

Alaska Airlines underwent a similar diversity push for its pilots.

And Boeing – whose planes are under heavy fire for numerous problems – stated that it was committed to boosting minority hiring as part of the company’s DEI agenda.

Consumers’ Research executive director Will Hild told the Daily Caller News Foundation in January that aviation safety is taking a backseat to a political agenda.

“The main focus of airline DEI programs is promoting so-called racial ‘representation goals.’ In other words, racial discrimination that puts woke ideology above safety,” Hild explained.

Democrats are willing to put airline travelers at risk to advance their woke political agenda.

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