A top Democrat just confessed to this terrible act of treason

The Democrat Party has a major problem on its hands.

One of their rising stars is in hot water.

That’s because a top Democrat just confessed to this terrible act of treason.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker was judged to have turned in one of the stronger performances from the last Democrat presidential debate.

But to qualify for the debate in the fall, Booker has to gain two percent support in four verified polls.

Currently he sits short of that number.

So he is trying to drum up support by staging publicity stunts to appeal to left-wing voters.

However, Booker crossed the line by aiding and abetting five illegal aliens to enter the United States after they were told to wait in Mexico after making an asylum request.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker crossed the border into Juarez, Mexico, to assist asylum seekers in their efforts to reach the United States on Wednesday.

According to a series of tweets from Booker’s press secretary Sabrina Singh, the 2020 presidential candidate crossed the border from Juarez to El Paso in order to “help escort 5 asylum-seekers and try to prevent them from being sent back to Mexico.”

Singh noted that the visit was not made public in order to guarantee the safety of the asylum seekers, adding, “Cory was able to observe the crossing, interactions with federal immigration authorities, and see the disastrous impact of President Trump’s cruel immigration policy.”

Democrats are fighting off the perception that they support open borders.

They will lose that argument every time.

When Americans see a presidential candidate violating the law to facilitate an illegal alien invasion, there is no other conclusion than the fact that the Democrat Party has made open borders their mainstream position on immigration.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Have any of you right wing morons (OOPS! I repeat myself!) ever read the Constitution’s Article III definition of treason ans the method of proof?

  2. show me a democrat in congress are senate that does not break the laws , they think they are above the law. its time to investigate them all. trump 2020.

  3. And WHY hasn’t “Spartacus” been arreseted????? If I did what he did, I’d have immediately been arrested and jailed. “Spartacus” isn’t above the law.

  4. The conditions you see at the border are al the doings of POS Obama. he is the one who instituted the detention pens for children, So stop trying to put the blame on Trump. Right now all he border patrol is following what was in place under Obama!

  5. Check Booker’s passport, if he has one, as to whether he got it stamped for Mexico when he went. If not, Mexico should arrest him for crossing without going through the proper methods. He is not above the Law just because he is running for POTUS.

    • Corey Booker loves to smugly, do whatever he pleases, no matter how stupid or illegal,
      because like most Liberals he doesn’t think the laws of our country apply to him. He should be arrested and held accountable, just like the rest of us would be. What they should have done at the time was not let him back into the US.

    • Booker is going to need MUCH MORE THAN A “SPARTACUS MOMENT” to make it much further! His attempt to “DERAIL” Justice KAVANAUGH was equally as ineffective,,, as well as should have been an EMBARRASSMENT FOR HIM!

    • Mexico doesn’t stamp your passport and their northern border. Even in Mexico City they generally won’t do it, since Americans don’t need a visa but if you put a $20 bill with the passport page you want stamped they will give you an entry stamp for $20.

    • At least he is honest to acknowledge his wrongs and come clean. Maybe the court will cut a deal if he were to clean up his act. Let the jury decide!

  6. There is nothing illegal about helping people seek asylum. This article, and the comments following it, says how so many Americans are ready to think the worst. Nothing in the article indicates he dis anything illegal.

    • AKLADY: What Cory Booker did was illegal.Every one at these illegals at the retaining centers could claim asylum, which means they all could storm our country.Don’t you realize our country can not support or hold this massive influx of people entering our country illegally?Plus Booker did not do this as an humanitarian. He did it for a publicity stunt.Just to try drum up more sympathy votes. Or to look like a hero.Which he is not.Everyone who wants to enter our country must follow rules to do so.Booker wanted to thumb his nose at President Trump, as well. Something the Democrats have been doing since Trump took office.They know no shame….

      • My family came to the United States ar the turn of Century and spent their time on Ellis island. And the reason for that is to make sure they were healthy with no diseases that could decimate the country and to protect the American citizen!

      • This person calling itself*AKLady* in my humble opinion is NO lady, & the AK stands for “a s s kisser”

    • First we had the SAVERS. Save the whales the trees , the birds , the insects . As a money raising racket that may have done a little good , but was principallythe founders income. The savers racket has pretty much dried up .
      The next racket is the VICTIM GRIEF GUN RACKET. we raise money , get interviewed , and know next to nothing about firearms. There is no discussion what might be effective, for instance have you heard any BLABBERMOUTH BLAB ABOUT LOCKING OUTER AND INNER SCHOOL DOORS ? Suppose your residence was broken into , WHAT THE HELL IS THE FIRST THING YOU WOULD ADDRESS? FOR THE THINKING CHALKENGED, ANSWER, A BETTER DOOR, AND DOOR LOCKS.

    • It is a violation of U.S. Law to aid and abet an illegal alien to illegally enter the USA. Don’t we have enough grief at the Violated U.S. Southern border without a U.S. congressman flaunting the Law? He will do anything for publicity, so I hope one day he gets his wish and we see him in cuffs doing the perp walk. FALL ON YOUR SWORD Spartacus.

  7. he should have been arrested as soon as he crossed the border but the S O B is a sen. a democrat, and he is non white

    • MadMan–don’t you understand? Cory is special–he is black, a politician and that makes him SPECIAL and above the laws that apply to we white underlings. The constitution and laws do not apply to him. He is special and as you will see–nothing will happen to him.. I just hope and pray he is knocked out of the primary bunch. Spartacus needs to fall on his sword.

  8. he democrats are so stupid when it comes to open borders, or are they? No their no. Every illegal that come over gets a license. Then they are told they have to vote. What party are they told will give them everything free? The democratic. I REST MY CASE.

    • No their no? Makes no sense. come? you mean comes over. Only legal people get uh licescene Coon ya git back tah where ya comes from in lern Engleesh?

  9. IF BOOGER crosses the border again . stop his ass and ask for his passport….if he can’t produce one refuse him entrance , and then pull his passport all together so he will be with the people he loves so much.

  10. Since we know that New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has committed a terrible act of treason, why hasn’t he been arrested, charged with treason, tried, convicted, sentenced to death, and executed according to the law?
    The law……….?

  11. While we are at it here…. Why hasn’t ex president Obama been arrested and indicted for treason? Giving millions in cash directly to a known terrorist country like he did IS TREASON !!! THATS A FACT !!! TIME FOR REPUBLICANS TO GROW A PAIR AND PUSH BACK HARD ON THESE F’n demo commies !!!! Also.. I DO KNOW HOW TO FUND AND BUILD THE SOUTHERN BORDER WALL FOR FREE! REALLY ! ANYONE KNOW HOW TO REACH REP DAN CRENSHAW? I WILL TELK HIM OR PRESIDENT TRUMP OR VP PENCE. ARLEN

      • Booker is a piece of rotten crap that needs to be put in prison for a time and every penny he has be taken for his fine. He’s nothing but a loud mouthed fool.

      • The REAL reason for Booger’s action was the Smellit deal ,where Booger and Camel toe Harris got the anti lynching law passed in D.C.( they sponsored) (using Smell it’s so called assault to get it passed in less that 30 days…until February 2019 it would of NOT been illegal to lynch a person in the 10 square miles that is D.C. (other STATE laws do not apply in D.C.)….AH ! the real reason come out…..huh

  12. Treason? You call this treason after letting Pyongyang Donald off the hook for his treasonous acts?

    • Sir. you are an IDIOT POS who should be ashamed. The demo-rats have done nothing but act in a total idiot fashion. They have done nothing to make this country strong, they HAVE caused total destruction by their outrageous hate and subversion of this country. The DEMO-RATS have caused this country to become the laughing stock of the world. They are willing to let this country turn into a mess like Venezuela, GOD help the US!

    • Vet who is tied of right wing lies: First of all, I know you are not a vet, so stop dishonoring those of us that served. And secondly, your posting by calling President Trump a “pyongynang” Donald is very telling who you really are; That Eric or Scott27 fool. Or perhaps your alter egos Betty or Nancy Alexander.Well who ever you really are, go some where else to spew your Democratic propaganda. We of common sense are not interested….

    • This is for Vet who is tired of right wing lies… WHAT??? You are a Vet? Yeah, one of those so called Doctors who takes care for animals. You sure as hell are not a MILITARY VETERAN, or you would not have stated the crap you just posted about a great president. You truly are one POS. I’m am an IN COUNTRY VIETNAM VETERAN, CLASS of 66-67, 25th Infantry Division, CU CHI VIETNAM and My oath of Allegiance has never expired and I support PRESIDENT TRUMP and if he can bring PEACE and stabilization to North and South Korea this is truly one of the better PRESIDENTS we have ever had. SO SCREW you saying you are a vet.

      • Hey “Buffalo”!! If no one else said it, here goes….WELCOME HOME BROTHER! From another Vet who served in the Highlands, and got hit right before “TET”! Spent a couple of months in the Air Force Hospital in Japan. They wanted to send me home, but said No!, so went back “in country” to finish out my tour. (101st Abn out of Phang Rang)

    • tis the left lies that you believe but your brain cells have all died off. Donald hasn’t been treasonist but most of dem congress have been plus most of the last administration.

    • A vet supporting the rise of the fourth reich? I really doubt it, unless you’re perhaps a veteran of Hitler’s troops?

    • Watching CNN and MSNBC will keep you ill-informed and ignorant. There are no “right wing lies”. That’s what you’re told and like a good little lemming you go right along with it. You are the perfect useful idiot. The left loves dumb people. Left wing supporters are the Hitler youth of the past. Just as we eliminated them we will eliminate your kind soon.

    • to continue fail nk policy is foolish so now we talking war happen when talks stop so talks better then war remember the Demorats were in power during all wars the republican demorat Bush fought it a revenge war for love of daddy a gross misuse of the war power act nut dems love him and he has exposed himself a rhino leaning left one world order like daddy

      • This happened over a month ago. If Booker was to suffer consequences of his actions he would have already been arrested. Just goes to prove that there are two sets of laws, what WE do and what THEY do.

    • I guess you would rather have a nuke up your azz than see our president bring to an end a sixty eight year old war with N. Korea? Talk is cheap–negotiations are better than wars. President Trump did not lift any sanctions and a door was opened to further future negotiations.

    • Supposed “Vet tired of right wing promises”… you surely are NOT a Military Vet. Your ignorance of our President is amazing. Absolutely NO REAL Veteran would not know what progress has been made of the close to shambles the last administration left behind in this country. President Trump has come through with EVERY promise he spoke of during his campaign and THAT IS WHY the American people voted him in. NO, we are NOT talking promises like open borders for illegals to come as they please, NEGATIVE you FOOL !!! We are talking American jobs for Americans and bringing back American Corporations from overseas and he has done that!! “Lies you say… !!!”… You have a Laptop.. write those lies down for us. IF indeed you ARE a Combat Vet.. put your words down on paper. Yeah, Iand hundreds of thousands of others thought so… “YOU DON’T HAVE THE BALLS to show yourself online again!!

      • George: Oh yes he will! He uses all different names. But it’s the same pathetic person. Sometimes he uses female names as well.Isn’t he a really upstanding human being? NOT…..

  13. What concerns me most with articles like this, is the casual use of the word “Treason.” Our Founders didn’t like the “T” word for a specific reason, and so placed in our Constitution a definition of the only acts by which the charge of Treason can be used to prosecute. Under the Hanoverian rule, Treason was whatever King George said it was, and so the restraints that were put in place to narrow the charge of Treason to consist of two acts. Treason as defined by the Constitution consists of “Levying war against the United States” and/or “adhearing to our enemies, providing aid and comfort.” Even though we might consider Ol’ SpartacASS’s actions Treasonous, they don’t fit the Constitutional definition of Treason. His actions could fall broadly under the umbrella of Sedition.
    Ol’Dumbaticus screwed up on this big time, and he should be arrested and charged with the crime. Illegally entering the US is a misdemeanor offence against the US. Under 8 U.S. Code § 1324, aiding and abetting an illegal alien across the border is a Felony offence for the citizen who does such. It’s a punishable offence with a mandatory minimum sentence of one year’s imprisonment (and here’s the kicker) for each alien he assisted (so he’s looking at 5 years prison time so far). Whatever his reasons for committing this crime (don’t believe the Social Justice warrior or higher Moral Authority load of donkey dung, he pulled this to one up his opponents first and foremost), since he stands to gain from his actions, he just cost these 5 asylum seekers their chance at asylum. Illegally entering the US while awaiting the asylum decision, effectively voids the asylum case. If Booker coerced the 5 to break the law (which I believe he did just that) by promising protections which he had no right or authority to give, his potential mandatory sentence for each illegal can be from the minimum of one year to a maximum ten years for each offense. SpartacASS could be hit with a 50 year prison term over this (Please Lord, make it so).

      • Cory Booker was acting as his usual ignorant self during the inquusition the senate committee put Judge Kavanaugh through during his confirmation hearings.. Booker–as usual was grandstanding and claimed to have a Spartacus Moment.. He is so ignorant –he did not know Spartacus fell on his sword and ended his life. That is why–my remark–Booker was being Booker–Stupid.

    • Chuck thank you. We all have to do something. I do not know it it will do any good but I am going the reach as many members of congress that I can on Senater Booker. By the way my sister and brother both Democrats are not voting Democrat in 2020. They said the democrats running for president disguised them along with the rest of the party.

    • There are several others that are actively doing similar acts, sending money to help them leave their countries, sending staff to coach them on what they need to say when they cross the boarder.

    • I trust that you can reasonabley agree that literally giving what? $400 million $500 million in green hard cash to a known terrorist country IS IN FACT “GIVING AID AND CIMFORT TO AN EMEMY OF THE USA SND THE WORLD” … THETR IS NO “CASUAL” USE OF THE EORD TREASON HERE… JUSY THE TRUTH !!! U TRY SENDING EVEN $100 USD OVER THERE BY WIRE OR CASH… AND SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES BEGORE YOUR ASS IS IN GITMO??? OBUMMER DID COMMIT TRRASON AND SHOULD PAY THE PRICE FOR IT… HIW MANY F’n acts of terror anf or .utder have neen commiyted using our money!!! The worst thing is that the pos didnt even send his own money…. He stole from us… The us citizens…. And gave it away to our enemies!!!

  14. Cory Booker is nothing but a racist far left wing Idoit , he hates Whites and he hates America , Cory needs to be sent to the Gallows with Obummer n Hillary Killary to have there necks stretched , for sins against God n Country

  15. The comments on here are 100 to 1 for our country/POTUS and against Booker/Dems. Expect that to be the numbers in 2020!

  16. I support President Trump totally. It
    is time that the DOJ and FBI support us.
    Cory Booger broke the law. He should
    be arrested and jailed for immigration
    Fraud. I would be. What if I go load
    five in my car and take them back to
    Mexico? What about the semi driver who
    was just arrested with 30+ aliens? Why
    is it okay for Booger?
    Do your jobs and support the law…we’ll
    do our job and support you.

    • I support President Trump. Senator Cory Booker Broke the law. I find it disgusting that we citizens have one set of laws to follow and our government has a different set of laws for themselves called ignore the laws. Especially the Democrats. They ignore the laws when it one o them. But if a republican Senator did what Senator Cory Booker did, God help him. What Senator Cory Booker did will have a negative affect on the presidential election if he gets away with it. DOJ and FBI do your job. You missed it with Hiliary Cinton.

  17. There is a need of creating a position. The Democrat leaders along with the activist judges walked all over the laws. Why the f can’t the federal government do something about this?! No one is above the law, period!

    Trump, contact me. I show you how it can be done.

    • I’ve got news for you! If “it” sucks it’s because of the dumbasscrats and turncoat repooplicans. Damn I’m glad I’m 75YO… ????????????????????

    • Booker deliberately broke the law for his own political purposes, and he admitted to it. Arrest him. Why the hell not?? I would like the government to give me and answer, I am entitled to one.

      • Unfortunately we’re seeing it on a daily basis, almost, that certain individuals are, in practice immune/above/impervious to the laws that govern the rest of the population. Absoutely terrible when considering that these very same individuals seek to govern this country.It must be made clear that the law applies to all!

  18. Friendly reminder to all those people who voted for Trump
    You voted for a three-time married draft dodging fraud who launders dirty Russian money with 3700 shell companies under his control and you have the nerve to call someone un-American ????????????

  19. Corey Booker was the weakest link on the debate stage. He has nothing to offer Americans. His cure all seems to be wanting to decide controversial issues concerning illegal immigration and gun confiscation by exerting executive orders. Let this guy get in office and we will see exactly why the second amendment to the constutution was included, to protect citizens from a tyrannical goverment, and if Spartacus wants to confiscate guns, he’ll meet a resistance that will devide this country forever. Why is he not in jail for bringing illegals into this country. How can anyone running for President even consider open borders? If we open the Southern border, lets get rid of customs at Air Harbor in Phoenix, close customs in New York, DC, and Los Angeles. No need for undocumented illegals to stand in those long lines while the invasion intensifies. Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, and Feinstein all voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006. That was the time to act, 13 years ago. I suggest that the border crisis would be far less threatening had we followed through with that. Al the liberals are concerned with is getting these people into the United States because every one of them that eventually could vote, would be a vote for them. They don’t care about these people.

    • Booker is a Stanford Grad. Ain’t Affirmative Action wundaful???? New Jersey is also wundaful–Think about it.. A state gets 2 senators… New Jersy is represented by Booker and Sen.Mendenez a convicted felon for taking gifts and bribes and helping his Doctor friend rob Medicare of 5 million bucks.. Menendez is on appeal but got re-elected anyhow. I believe Menendez is from Puerto Rico and moved to NJ.. He was in PR with congress on X-mas VaCa and you could see them all around the pool with the lobbyists and their bags of cash and gifts for the corrupt politicians.

  20. Corey Booker was the weakest link on the debate stage. He has nothing to offer Americans. His cure all seems to be wanting to decide controversial issues concerning illegal immigration and gun confiscation by exerting executive orders. Let this guy get in office and we will see exactly why the second amendment to the constutution was included, to protect citizens from a tyrannical goverment, and if Spartacus wants to confiscate guns, he’ll meet a resistance that will devide this country forever.

    • Makes you wonder how Booker ever got into Stanford..Affirmative action– a scholarship–open ended so that he could earn a degree in 8 to 10 years.. I saw stuff like that in the Pittsburgh area–Politicians so anxious to get some tokens with a degree–the state totally funded everything for 8 to 10 years and with grade inflation for minority groups–voila–you got some with diplomas but who still could not perform what the diploma said they were qualified to do. Grand experiment==higher tuition to pay for these so called scholarships.

  21. Corey Booker was the weakest link on the debate stage. He has nothing to offer Americans. His cure all seems to be wanting to decide ontroversial issues concerning illegal immigration and gun confiscation by exerting executive order. Let this guy get in office and we will see exactly why the second amendment to the constutution was included, to protect citizens from a tyrannical goverment, and if Spartacus wants to confiscate guns, he’ll meet a resistance that will devide this country forever.

  22. “However, Booker crossed the line by aiding and abetting five illegal aliens to enter the United States after they were told to wait in Mexico after making an asylum request.”

    Have someone with an IQ above the freezing point to water read you what the Constitution says about treason.

  23. Yo, Baldy, how about the citizens of Newark or that bastion of safety in Trenton. Camden, you would never be able to fix. You’re not good enough.

  24. Democrats cry about people being above the Law…and it is them who seem to think they are above the Law…obviously something is out of place here.

    The Wake Up Call is happening. Trump 2020

  25. We should give IQ, EQ as well as Moral and Ethical TESTS before any candidate could be made known publicly! The best way to STOP CORRUPTION is by the Execution of a Sounding Preventive plan!

    • Booker like Clinton and many others in the DNC are highly educated elitists and as soon as any charges are brought against them they plead ignorance. They have no common sense or logic or they are basically criminals.

      • Thanks Tim Shepperson. An ignorant person should never be president. I also think Democrats are confused. Another reason not to be president. They want to increase our population with illegal immigrants and then decrease the population by abortions.

  26. I don’t care if these filthy ignorant liberal pigs are theirselves impeached, jaild, deported or whatever can be done to them. I scream DO IT ALREADY & BE DONE WITH THE LEFTIST MOBSTERS!!!

    • Colleen La Rose: I am sorry to say this, but this sorry piece of s*** is from my state.New Jersey has so many problems as it is, now we have this treasonous creature to deal with ! Someone else posted the truth about Booker.Nothing will happen to him. Sad isn’t it that the minorities get a free ride no matter how many laws they break….

  27. Aint He just Wonderful–Corey Booker??–Cheating his Bros. out of decent wages by touting unlimited invasions of economic invaders who will work for less $$ untaxed and then claim full government benefits and the so called earned income advantages over American citizens.. Those he walked over the border could also be carrying any number of contagious diseases for the taxpayer to pay for. Why even have Border Guards?–Just let the Demomarxists escort them all into the land of Milk and Honey for the invaders –not for American Citizens who have to pay billions to support the third world and educate their children with our school taxes.

  28. This POS is a traitor! He had no business helping these ILLEGALS break the law! He should be censured, expelled from the Senate, tried for treason, and imprisoned for the rest of his life!

  29. He is a dumbass demo and nothing will be done they are above the law. He needs to be put in prison for trason and banned from politics for the rest of his life. What a sore head and Mr. Know it all.

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