A top Democrat just destroyed Joe Biden’s Presidency with this question

Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi thought they had the perfect plan in place.

Those dreams all just went up in flames.

And a top Democrat just destroyed Joe Biden’s Presidency with this question.

Democrats hope to pass legislation granting amnesty and voting rights to millions of illegal aliens, making Washington, D.C. the 51st state, ban and confiscate firearms, end the ability of 59 million Americans to work as independent contractors, and enshrine voter fraud in American elections.

They need to eliminate the filibuster to accomplish this goal of a complete socialist takeover of America.

But West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin told Vox that he will never vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster.

“I truly believe in my heart of hearts, if we get rid of the filibuster, we would lose the purpose of this democracy, of this republic, which is for the people,” Manchin told Vox. “Not on my watch is that gonna happen.”

Manchin added that the filibuster was a line in the sand for him.

“It might happen on somebody else’s watch,” Manchin declared. “God help us as a country if it does.”

Manchin explained that with political tensions running as high as they are in America right now, eliminating the filibuster so one side could muscle through the most radical elements of their agenda could set off civil unrest and violence in the streets.

“How in the world could you, with the tension we have right now, allow a voting bill to restructure the voting of America on a partisan line?” Manchin asked.

The biggest piece of legislation that Democrats want to eliminate the filibuster to enact is H.R. 1.
H.R. 1 renders voter ID laws useless, creates automatic voter registration that allows illegal aliens to register to vote, and mandates universal mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting in all 50 states.

It’s a power grab unlike any seen in American history and its sole purpose is to rig every election in the Democrats favor until the end of time.

Republicans will never win another election again if this passes.

And the only thing standing between Democrats and complete political power in America is Joe Manchin saying he will never vote to get rid of the filibuster.

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