A top Democrat picked a fight with Ron DeSantis that they instantly regretted

Joe Biden is not the only Democrat trying to pick a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

And like always, this battle did not go well for the Left.

And this Democrat picked a fight with Ron DeSantis that they instantly regretted.

California Governor Gavin Newsom spent some of his campaign war chest on running an ad in Florida on the Fourth of July.

Newsom tried to troll Governor DeSantis over his declaration that he leads the “free state of Florida.”

In the ad, Newsom falsely claimed freedom was under attack in Florida because DeSantis wants to stop teachers from grooming children into transgenderism through sexually inappropriate lesson plans.

The ad struck anyone who watched the news over the last two years as absurd.

Governor Newsom locked down California businesses and mandated masks for over one year.

Newsom shut down schools and tried to impose vaccine mandates on students.

And Newsom almost got himself recalled when he demanded Californians cancel their Thanksgiving holiday plans and then got caught dining with nearly a dozen people at the French Laundry.

If he thinks California is a free state, Governor Newsom has a bizarre concept of freedom.

The ad also stuck out for another reason.

Joe Biden is an incumbent Democrat President.

Ron DeSantis is viewed as one of the top challengers in the Republican Party to unseat Biden.

And Newsom is out spending money picking a fight with Ron DeSantis as his way of sending a signal to Democrat voters that he is ready to scrap with Republicans in 2024.

Elected officials do not flagrantly advertise their willingness to run for President when a member of their own Party is serving their first term in the Oval Office.

But Joe Biden is so old, so senile, and so damaged politically that Democrats are not afraid of White House retribution for broadcasting their desire to take his job.

Instead, what Democrats truly fear is getting stuck with Kamala Harris if Joe Biden decides not to run for re-election.

And that is why Newsom is running ads attacking Ron DeSantis.

Newsom wants Democrats to pick up on the fact they will have more alternatives than Harris in 2024.

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