A top Democrat told a stunning truth about Joe Biden that will change everything you think

An increasing number of members of Joe Biden’s own Party feel emboldened to speak out against him.

The dam is breaking.

And this top Democrat told a stunning truth about Joe Biden that will change everything you think.

The Joe Biden Justice Department charged and won a conviction against former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress after he refused to testify before the January 6 Committee, citing President Trump asserting executive privilege.

Bannon became the first American convicted of Contempt of Congress since 1948, highlighting the political nature of the charges brought against him.

On Twitter, former 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard spoke out against Bannon’s conviction by saying it should concern all Americans.

Gabbard pointed out that both former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan lied to Congress.

However, they escaped prosecution because they are well connected elites in good standing with the Washington, D.C. establishment.

“Steve Bannon has been charged with contempt of Congress & found guilty, while Brennan, Clapper & others who lied to Congress have never been charged or prosecuted. This just shows yet again how the DOJ has been weaponized by those in power to go after their political opponents,” Gabbard began.

Clapper allegedly lied to Congress in 2013 when he denied the existence of a warrantless wiretapping scheme that whistleblower Edward Snowden later revealed.

Brennan allegedly provided false testimony denying the CIA spied on the computers of Senate staffers.

Gabbard told her followers that Bannon going to jail and Clapper and Brennan escaping punishment showed how the Biden administration and Washington, D.C. establishment have weaponized the Justice Department against their political opponents and Trump supporters.

“Whatever you think of Bannon, the fact he was charged with contempt of Congress, but Clapper, Brennan & others who lied to Congress have never been charged, shows how the Biden admin / elite have shamelessly weaponized law enforcement into a political hit squad,” Gabbard added.

America stands out as a democracy because of the rule of law.

But Joe Biden is turning America into a third world banana republic through political prosecutions of his opponents.

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