A top Democrat went on TV and explained how they planned to steal the election

Democrats are playing for keeps in 2020.

They are manipulating every lever of power at their disposal to oust President Trump.

And now this top Democrat went on TV and explained how they planned to steal the election.

New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries is the fourth ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.

Jeffries is often talked about in Washington, D.C. as a potential replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On Thursday, appearing on Joy Reid’s MSNBC program, Jeffries ripped President Trump for opposing the Democrats’ demands for tens of billions of dollars for a universal vote-by-mail scheme that will turn the election into a trainwreck.

“We’re continuing to hold firm as it relates to the $25 billion in assistance for the postal service that was requested by the Postal Board of Governors, a bipartisan group entirely appointed by Donald Trump. These are his own people. Now, next week or next month under the leadership of Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, The Oversight Committee will have the postmaster general before Congress to testify under oath so we can expose these shenanigans to the American people,” Jeffries ranted.

Jeffries then unleashed a litany of conspiracy theories and falsehoods to claim President Trump was “corrupt.”

“Let me put this in context. This is the most corrupt administration in American history, and this is all part of a continuing conspiracy to subvert our free and fair elections. It started back in 2016 where, according to Bob Mueller himself, a lifetime Republican, the Trump campaign welcomed the foreign interference by the Russians, which was designed explicitly to artificially place him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Then last year, he corruptly abused his power, withheld $391 million in assistance to a very vulnerable Ukraine as part of this scheme to pressure a foreign government to target Joe Biden, an American citizen, in order to cheat in the 2020 election. And now there’s this vicious effort in the middle of a pandemic to try to shut down the postal service so they can’t be universal mail-in voting.”

States like Florida that successfully run vote-by-mail programs have had years of practice to put systems in place to make sure the vote is secure and accurate.

The Democrats want to throw the country into chaos by switching to nationwide mail-in voting less than three months before a national election, which will lead to chaos.

Already, in Pennsylvania, Democrats want to accept ballots postmarked after Election Day.

In New Jersey, nearly 1 out 5 ballots in the city council election were thrown out when the state went to a mail-in voting scheme.

Switching to all mail-in voting will stretch Election Day into election weeks as mail-in votes trickle in.

And since late arriving mail-in votes mysteriously always favors the Democrats, it will lead to an election where few Americans can have confidence in the outcome.

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