A top doctor said three words about Joe Biden that left him fuming

Things are going downhill fast for Joe Biden.

Speculation about his political future is growing.

Now a top doctor said three words about Joe Biden that left him fuming.

Joe Biden has always been a gaffe-prone buffoon, dating all the way back to his first Presidential bid in 1988.

But when Biden announced his latest Presidential bid, something was clearly wrong.

In his rare public appearances, Biden’s mental decline was clear for everyone to see.

Biden’s handlers used the pandemic as an excuse to hide him away in the basement and avoid scrutiny on the campaign trail.

Now even Democrats are questioning if Biden is up for the job given his advanced age.

Ronny Jackson worked in the White House Medical Unit under President George W. Bush.

He later became the Physician to the President under Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

After leaving the White House, Jackson ran for Congress as a Republican in Texas, becoming one of President Trump’s most outspoken supporters in the House.

In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures, Jackson explained that Biden’s mental decline was putting the country “at great risk.”

“I saw him periodically throughout the years I was there, making the comment that I wasn’t his physician at the time,” Jackson said. “I oversaw the guy that did take care of him, but I wasn’t his physician at the time. But I have seen the same thing everybody else saw. I have saw Joe Biden that was always prone to gaffes.”

Jackson was Barack Obama’s top doctor during his Presidency.

“But these aren’t gaffes anymore,” Jackson explained. “Something’s changed toward — during the time that President Trump was our President, something happened, and Joe Biden started having another issue, a cognitive issue that’s related to his age.”

“And like I have said before, I’m not his physician,” Jackson continued. “I haven’t examined him, so I’m not going to make a diagnosis. But there’s a lot of diseases out there that have a big cognitive component, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multi-infarct dementia. I don’t know what he’s got going on. But he has something that’s causing him to have cognitive decline.”

“So I see a different Joe Biden now than the one that I saw when he was Vice President at the White House,” Jackson added.” And I think there’s lots of tape and lots of video for 40 years of this man’s career. And anybody can go back and compare some of those earlier years and some of the gaffes to what’s happening now. And this is something very different.”

This is a damning statement from a top doctor who worked in the White House when Joe Biden was Vice President.

But his statement on Biden’s mental decline is obvious to everyone who watches the President deliver a speech, including Democrats.

And as Joe Biden’s struggles continue, more questions about his mental fitness will mount.

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