A top Joe Biden VP contender got hit with this lawsuit that could sink their chances

Joe Biden’s selection of a running mate could come in the next two weeks.

Now all hell is breaking loose in the search process.

And a top Joe Biden VP contender got hit with this lawsuit that could sink their chances.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms generated a lot of buzz in the VP selection sweepstakes.

But Mayor Bottoms already has a number of strikes against her.

Bottoms allowed Black Lives Matter rioters to take over sections of Atlanta.

And now Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s hit Bottoms with a lawsuit over Mayor Bottoms’ illegal orders to put Atlanta back into shutdown and to impose a mask mandate on the grounds that both of these mandates run afoul of Governor Kemp’s statewide executive orders.


Democrats love this coronavirus crisis because it allows them to flex their big government muscles and dictate nearly every facet of Americans’ lives.

There are some studies that claim masks are effective in controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

But other states like California have had a mask mandate in place for months and still the virus is running its course across the state.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was the first to reopen his state’s economy back in April.

That kicked off a chain reaction of state’s reopening that saw the United States create a record nearly eight million jobs in just two months.

Democrats like Mayor Bottoms want to reverse that trend and throw the economy back into chaos because they think it will help Joe Biden win the election.

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