A top Obama ally faces jail time for this shocking crime

The walls are closing in on Barack Obama’s Deep State.

Investigators are closing in on all the criminals embedded throughout the government.

And now a top Obama ally faces jail time for this shocking crime.

Robert Mueller charged one Democrat during his politically motivated fishing expedition into the Trump Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Mueller’s team charged former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig for lying about his work with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on lobbying work in the Ukraine.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former President Barack Obama’s White House counsel goes on trial Monday, accused of lying to and misleading Justice Department officials about his work with President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

Craig was indicted in April on two counts of giving false statements to DOJ officials related to his public relations work in Ukraine. Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee, threw out one of the counts Craig is facing Aug. 6 — he still faces one count.

The case stems from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, which uncovered evidence of alleged wrongdoing by Craig, but referred the material to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for prosecution. He is alleged to have violated a core component of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson is presiding over the case so there is a chance Craig could escape accountability for his crimes.

And Berman Jackson already did Craig a favor by throwing out one of the charges against him.

But there is still one more charge Craig is facing jail time for.

This case is a key test to determine if justice is applied equally in America or if there is one standard for Trump associates and a different one for Obama loyalists.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I think we need to revamp the justice department. Look how long it is taking to prosecute these guys. This bit that if they prosecute they are afraid they would get a Democrat jury. At this point in time I would trust the jury mire than I would trust the justice department.

  2. America is not a free country till Obama and all of his mobsters is still free and not in jail ! They all should received what they is deserve , this is a Liberty and the Freedom !

  3. Those who support Trump have racists tendencies themselves.
    It makes all Trump supporters feel much better about themselves to know that their leader President Trump is also a racist.


    President Trump, through his UGLY RACIST RHETORIC has inspired a hateful racist to shoot and kill 22 people in El Paso Texas.

    And within 24 hours after that shooting a second mass shooting in Ohio that killed 9 more people

    Justice will catch up and haunt President Trump and his supporters for many years to come.

    Because of Muellers testimony in the investigation of President Trump, he can now be arrested after his term is up and because of this TRUMP NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW

    Because President Trump tried to defy the Rule Of Law by ignoring a court order NOT to add a citizenship question to the census he sent a message to all Americans that it is Okay not to obey the laws of the United States.

    Trump is supporting brutal dictators, targeting Muslims and other minorities with hateful policy, and bringing out the very worst divisions in us.

    Trump is blocking the FULL Mueller report from being released to the public with the help from his appointed AG WILLIAM BARR.


    It terrifies me to see President Trump make America more like those corrupt dictatorship regimes through out the world.

    I’ve watched him fire officials investigating him, launch a full-scale attack on our free press, and even call for his political opponents to be locked up in jail.

    He’s praised the world’s most violent dictators — and he’s even suggested his term as President should be made permanent.

    I’ve never seen the kind of all-out assault on democracy that the Trump administration has unleashed over the past year.

    His administration has targeted immigrants and refugees and separated children from thier parents.

    Thousands of children – some as young as 18 months – have been taken from their parents at the border at an average cost to American tax payers of over 700 million dollars per year.

    Every time I turn on the news I’m hit in the gut with another way President Trump and his Republicans are derailing our country.

    They’re eliminating our environmental protections in order to sell our oceans and national parks to oil corporations.

    They’ve abandoned the American people. They’ve relentlessly chipped away at President Obama’s legacy. And their only concern is how to help themselves and enrich their friends.

    Trump has spent the better part of the last years undermining the special counsel’s independent probe into Russia’s interference in our elections. He has fired his advisors that disagree with him.

    He has pardoned a convicted racist in Arizona and someone who leaked classified information in the Bush administration.

    Republicans gave and are still giving enormous tax cuts to the wealthy putting them far from paying their fair share of taxes.

    And they expect the middle class to make up the missing tax money needed to run the country by gutting health-care, Social Security and other vital Social Services.

    Millions of people rely on these services just to survive.

    These attacks go way beyond battles over civil liberties and civil rights; they are attacks on basic tenets of democracy — checks & balances, the rule of law, and separation of church and state.

    When republicans use gerrymandering and voter suppression to so-called “win” elections, it has nothing to do with “winning” anything.


    When they think that they are going to loose an election because the majority of Americans think that their agenda for the United States is bad, then they just block people from voting in order to protect their agenda and greatly benefit themselves and their corporate billionaire CEOs.

    Trump said while he was campaigning that



    Refusing to act on climate change….

    Encouraging violence against journalists….

    Legitimizing white nationalists…

    Cozying up to dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un…

    Slashing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security…

    Attacking the right to vote…

    Declaring a phony national emergency to pay for his border wall…

    Separating children from their families at the border…

    Banning transgender servicemembers from the military…

    Appointing radical right-wing judges…

    Lawmakers in any political party who are doing NOTHING to stop Trump MUST be voted out of office.

    CONGRESS MUST ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get Outlook for Android

  5. Will, you mean aside from his constant lying (again, last week he took credit for a Veterans bill sponsored by McCain and signed by Obama two years before the last election); and he even lies about where his father was born; oh, and his all-out assault on integrity, ethics and the law; not to mention his “hiring only the best people” some of whom are now in jail; and his constant bullying and name-calling, which most of us grew out of by the age 10; his “easy to win” trade wars, which are killing businesses here (particularly dairy farmers); and tax breaks that really only benefitted corporations and the wealthiest among us; and not to mention absolutely soaring deficits (which republicans used to be against)…. I could list things all day. Open your eyes.

  6. Anyone that doesn’t believe Obama knows everything about the fake Russian dossier is just plain dumb! Obama was the puppet master, and Loretta Lynch and James Comey and everyone below them were his puppets. One text message between, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page even stated that the president (Obama) wants to know everything we are doing.
    This was nothing short of election rigging by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others, these people need to be arrested and prosecuted:
    Current FBI director Christopher Wray, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Susan Rice, James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller (Uranium one) Eric Holder (Fast and Furious) and Barack Obama and many more belong in prison! Every one of them needs to be arrested and prosecuted for treason against the American people and the United States of America!
    Because John Kerry (a civilian) is trying to usurp the power of the president he gets added!
    Firing or allowing these criminals to step down and collect pensions paid for by the American people must stop and it must stop now! No one is above the law!

  7. Caldwell continues on his Nazi rants. Hitler would be proud he created so many hateful Americans.

  8. Hey Dog, you noticed and you are a Nazi just like most of the people who post here, Hitler would be proud of all the Americans he helped create.

  9. Did you notice that your post was mostly ignored? LOL!!! No one cares what you think about Trump. He is cleaning up the sewer and cesspool that the Dems left to him and he is making a lot of progress. When it comes to the next election, he will be re-elected. Get used to it.

  10. I don’t recall that being in the bible, but doing that would slow him down. Lol! As a matter of fact, maybe it should be done to several other leftists who freely lie about the Right, and the President!

  11. Does anybody really believe that anyone of those 23 DEMOSCUM VERMAN YA-HOOS has what it takes to run this country like PRESIDENT TRUMP I wouldn’t bet on anyone of those IDIOT FOOLS especially when there’s a worldwide recession on the way we need this man’s GENIUS when he tells everybody @ his rally’s the STOCK MARKET WILL CRASH it’s TRUE how quick everyone forgets the stock market shot up 8000 points when he was elected How would we do if J.BIDEN was PRESIDENT 10,000 points crash so all U BLIND DEMOCREEPS want to believe that anyone of those Leftist IDIOTS can handle this complex ECONOMY.

  12. Don’t hold your breath Amy, expressing O’bambam is like a greased pig, just when you think you have him, he manages to slip away.
    In my opinion,it would be better to take an idea from the BIBLE. WHERE a troubled prisoner had a Habit of running away.

  13. Your name is stupid and your comments are even worse. Trump is an evil mobster, a serial sexual assaulter, Russian money laundering,, a constant braggart, liar, thief, insulter and worse of all a traitor, he asked for Russia’s help and received it hours later as his campaign worked with the Russians and had over 13o contacts. Many went to prison and all of them Kushner, Sessions, Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Gates, etc. all lied about it in original testimony. You are on the wrong side of history, evil and good, and you are on the side of the Nazis, Russians, KKK, alt right, white supremacy groups. You’re proud of that but you are a shameful slug.

  14. bj, go to Satan’s right hand where you belong, your hatred, and insane cultism of Trump put you in the category of pure evil. Why do you post, you have no intelligent of informative thoughts.

  15. Can’t wait until the walls close in on Obama himself and he goes to jail!!!! That will be the day America truly becomes free!!!

  16. The DemonRats want to turn our country into the ultimate draconian, totalitarian dictatorship with them in the driver’s seat. Their only interest is power.

  17. If a dem wins an election America loses. The dem party hates America, our Constitution, and our freedom. The goal of the dem party is to gain total control of our government. They are very dangerous.

  18. Dreaming is FREE but reality EXISTS and people vote in function of it. Good luck to recover ASAP from your derangement!

  19. Nite:
    This indicates that Red Man doesn’t have all of his marbles. People that keep saying hahaha***** do this in mental institutions quite frequently.

  20. Amazing. He’s in trouble for working with a TRUMP campaign manager and all you can see is that he was an attorney ten years ago during the Obama PRESIDENCY. Talk about DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. You won one election, get over it. You won’t win the next one, guaranteed.

    This judge is as corrupt as Holder, Lynch, Comey and all of the Deep State ilk…
    WHO DOES THIS JUDGE THINK SHE IS KIDDING? This has nothing to do with equal justice,
    it’s just another Washington Side Show!…and a hideous BLOW JOB!

  22. Judge Amy Berman Jackson threw out one charge? Obama appointee, non Observant Jew, Married a black man so she probably had to dig deep to find some half assed liberal interpretation excuse to be able to drop that one charge. You can’t throw a stick in any government agency that you don’t hit someone from that deep state. I’ve figured the deep state out! It’s people who want our Democracy or our government to be how they say they want it to be. Our problem is we let the Northern Tribe Israelis in and they are using Jew as a cover to get special exceptions but they aren’t Jew. Not from the tribe of Judah.

  23. Hey Dan, I Had Great ‘fun’ W/ that person.
    & Put him ‘To Shame’. HA HAAA & LOL . Waaay
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    & he Cannot/ Will NOT ‘admit’ WHAT
    ‘redman’ Tribe of which he calls himself.
    THEY Wou;d ‘surely’ SCALP him.
    > No more comm’s from ‘this camp’. Heh.
    > Hope U come back, read this. ♥Mon.

  24. Exactly!! And if a double standard ends up being applied here, then Americans need to revolt because that’s pure political bias and has NO business in our Judiciary branch.

  25. Every person in this mess who’s had anything to do with the Obamas needs prison time.
    They’re in it up to their eyeballs.

  26. Amy Jackson a far left wing judge , a Obummer appointee , she’s threw out one charge already , let’s see if she pulls her head out of the liberal crap machine and comes to her senses , most probably not , she has to look good for her fellow commie Rats , to hell with Justice and We The People !!

  27. The Redman is a white man who shows his ignorance with every comment. His constant use of hahahahahaha show a true lack of intelligence.

  28. i wrote to: Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee,
    several mo’s ago re ‘Jurisprudence’.
    > She doesn’t Care & is ‘tainted’.

  29. If jackson lets craig off then Trump should pardon Manafort and end his prison sentence, after all craig is just as guilty as Manafort craig should have to spend time in prison the same as Manafort

  30. He will get a slap on the hand. Because he’s Obama clan and a democratic. Democrats are using the constitution for wrong motives to what it was never intended! Communist organization within the UNITED STATES. Sad!

  31. Good grief, folks, why do you keep responding? You’re only pouring fuel on his fire and adding to his show. He gets his kicks by watching your reactions. Ignore the fool and he will go away.

  32. Berman should be removed from office. She has shown OVERT bias in cases involving Trump supporters, and, now, in an open/shut case of lying, she tosses one of the counts against crooked Obama’s henchman. She is unfit for office and should be removed, immediately

  33. Really red man you fit right into and sound just like the rest of America’s white man racism skin deep superficial slurs

  34. Ding, ding, ding!!! You get the award for the most ignorant comment of the day! Congratulations!!! Seeing as how the Libtard Demonorats that run all the big cities have literally turned them into 3rd world countries, I know your comoment was sarcasm. Because if not, your idiocy knows no bounds.

  35. Why is it that every time a Democrat gets in trouble it is Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson that is assigned to the case? Her bias is legionary, and yet no one can ever answer a simple question about how judges get assigned in D.C.

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