A top Republican dropped this scary fact about the government’s UFO cover-up

Information continues to leak out of Congress about the government’s knowledge of UFOs.

But the controversy surrounding them is having one undeniable impact on the country. 

And a top Republican dropped this scary fact about the government’s UFO cover-up.

More information coming out of Congress about UFOs 

For decades, the possibility of the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) was treated as a conspiracy theory.

In 2022, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report that said that the government had investigated more than 500 cases of “unidentified anomalous phenomena” – or UAPs as the government terms UFOs – mainly spotted by military pilots. 

Most of these incidents turned out to have routine explanations, like a weather balloon or a drone, but 171 had no explanation.

Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) has been the most outspoken Member of Congress about the government’s cover-up of the existence of UFOs.

“I get it. People will talk down to me and they’ll make fun of me and make comments about little green men,” Burchett told the Knoxville News Sentinel in 2023. “But I’ve had people that are actual pilots that have shared photos with me. Military people that, at one time, had some pretty good credentials.”

“I’ve met with scientists, some of the top people in the world, that tell me that we have extraterrestrial craft in our airspace on a regular basis,” Burchett added.

Congressman says UFO cover-up costing taxpayer money

Burchett is a critic of the government’s lack of transparency on UFOs.

He told Fox News Digital that the government cover-up of UFOs is wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

“I think there is a cover-up,” Burchett said. “I mean, it’s a cover-up when you release a file, and it’s just half blacked out. And there’s a cover-up when one group says one federal authority says something exists, and then another federal authority says it doesn’t exist. That’s a cover-up.”

The effort the government puts into hiding the information it has on UFOs raises questions about the information they have, according to him.

“So, yeah, it exists. The cover-up is real, for whatever reason,” Burchett continued. “And you’re spending tens of millions of dollars on it on something that you say doesn’t exist, yet you continue spending the money on it. It makes you wonder.”

Burchett has been calling for the government to release its information on UFOs to the public, but national security officials “bring you in a secure setting, even for the most mundane so-called facts. And, to me, that just reeks of a cover.”

He said that it will take a President who’s willing to put all of the information out there for the public to see for the issue to finally be resolved.

“Like I said before, it’s not about little green man or flying saucers, it’s about tens of millions of dollars that our federal government is spending on something that at least some of the members of the federal government say does not exist,” Burchett explained. “Yet they will not release all the files.”

The mystery surrounding the existence of UFOs is costing taxpayer money to hide something the government says doesn’t exist.

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