A top Republican explained the frightening way Joe Biden is about to start World War III

The world is burning on Joe Biden’s watch.

And matters are about to get a whole lot more dangerous.

A top Republican explained the frightening way Joe Biden is about to start World War III.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville sounded words of caution in an interview on FM Talk 106.5.

Tuberville warned that because of Joe Biden imposing vaccine mandates and Critical Race Theory on the military, our country’s Armed Forces were 20,000 recruits short of their goal.

“We were 20,000 behind last year in recruiting in the Army – first time ever,” Tuberville stated. “And why is that? Because folks growing up are looking at this, going, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t want to go in there and learn all of this woke stuff. I don’t want to follow up on what they just did in Afghanistan. Are we doing it for the right reasons?’ It just amazes me the direction our military has gone. I talked to a head recruiter yesterday, a General of the Army, and we were trying to come up with ways to help recruiting. That’s all I did for 40 years. As I told him, you’ve got to have something to sell that young men and women want in this country. Right now, what you’re selling is a society most of the people in this country don’t believe in.”

Tuberville went on to explain that America falling short of its recruiting goals threatened national security because the current state of global affairs is a “the most dangerous time” in his life.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do in the military,” Tuberville stated. “Unfortunately, I will tell people this, and everybody needs to understand this – this is the most dangerous time in my lifetime, and I’ve lived in this country, on this planet for 68 years.”

Tuberville ticked off the crisis America faced – the Middle East, Joe Biden’s war against Russia in Ukraine, and Communist China threatening to invade Taiwan – as all holding the possibility of starting World War III.

And despite the growing threat, Tuberville exclaimed that Climate Change was Joe Biden’s number one priority.

“I’ve never seen us in such turmoil in terms of the Middle East now, with Israel shooting missiles in Iran, of course, Ukraine and Russia. I mean, we are teetering on the brink of World War III. And then you’ve got China over there laughing, just going what day are we going into Taiwan? And when that happens, it won’t just be us. Japan is going to jump into that. Australia is going to jump into that. And we’ve got an administration here that is worried about climate change,” Tuberville concluded.

None of these flash points popped up on Donald Trump’s watch.

But the world grew exponentially more dangerous thanks to Joe Biden’s incompetence and cognitive decline.

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