A top Republican revealed this unprecedented plan if Donald Trump is thrown in jail

The Presidential election is entering uncharted territory after Donald Trump’s unjust conviction.

Now Republicans are having to prepare for the worst. 

And a top Republican revealed this unprecedented plan if Donald Trump is thrown in jail.

Republicans are game-planning all possible scenarios for 2024

Former President Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in a Soviet-style show trial in Manhattan.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced on July 11.

That is just four days before the start of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he’ll officially receive the GOP nomination.

Trump’s fate is in the hands of Democrat Judge Juan Merchan who tipped the scales of justice against him during the trial.

Many legal experts think it’s unlikely that he’s sentenced to prison, but all bets are off with the biased judge making the decision.

Republicans have to prepare for the possibility that the former President could be in jail during the Republican National Convention because of the Democrat judge.

That’s why Republican National Committee Co-Chair Michael Whatley appeared on Newsmax where he was asked about what the party would do if Trump is thrown in jail.

“The convention happens next month and your nominee could be sentenced to actual jail time,” Newsmax host Rob Finnerty said. “Four days before everything kicks off in Milwaukee. Have you planned for that at the RNC?”

“Yeah, we’re working on that right now,” Whatley replied. “I’m actually going up to Milwaukee this week and we’re going to have a series of conversations.”

Whatley is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst with the possibility of jail looming for the party’s Presidential nominee.

“But look, we expect that Donald Trump is going to be in Milwaukee and he’s going to be able to accept that nomination,” Whatley replied. “And if not, we will make whatever contingency planning we need to make for it. But the fact is, he’s going to be our nominee and he’s going to be the 47th president of the United States.”

Republican National Committee co-chair won’t tip his hand on Trump

Finnerty pressed Whatley to see what exactly a convention with Trump in jail would look like.

“Let’s say Trump is behind bars,” Finnerty said. “And again, it is a possibility. Would he make a speech from prison? Would he make a speech before sentencing day. Just something that you could play during the RNC. Are those contingencies being thought about, considered, and planned for?”

“Everything is being thought about. Everything is being considered. At this point in time, we will have to wait and see kind of, what the courts present us with the opportunity to do. But look, Donald Trump will communicate directly with the American voters the way that he always does,” Whatley replied.

The 2024 Election is unprecedented with Democrats waging relentless lawfare against Trump.

He’ll face twists and turns during the campaign that no Presidential candidate in history has seen.

Now Republicans will have to prepare for scenarios that were once unthinkable in America.

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