A top Republican went on TV and revealed who offered stab Trump in the back in 2020

Donald Trump thought he could trust his cabinet officers to carry out his agenda and support his administration.

That turned out to be misguided.

The President found out when this top Republican went on TV and revealed who offered to stab Trump in the back in 2020.

Maryland’s RINO Governor Larry Hogan is positioning himself to be the John McCain-style “media darling” of the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary.

Hogan’s on a book tour trashing the President and conservatives at every turn to build up his credibility with the Fake News Media.

And in an interview on Bloomberg TV, Hogan revealed that “several” members of Donald Trump’s cabinet begged Hogan to challenge President Trump in the 2020 Republican Presidential primary.

“There were only a couple and I am not going to reveal the names because they are private conversations, and I certainly would not want to see a couple of friends fired from the administration… I don’t think it comes as any surprise to folks that there are a lot of people in the administration who have sometimes spoken out here and there. It was just one small thing to mention in the book. Certainly not a main focus of anything we were talking about. I did not have any kind of a serious effort to try to run for president. But a lot of people are encouraging me. I was surprised to hear how close some of these folks were in the White House,” Hogan stated.

Hogan never followed through on this doomed crusade because even he knew enough to realize there is no market for Never-Trump traitors in the Republican Party at a national level.

But when asked why someone in Trump’s cabinet asked some RINO governor to primary their boss, Hogan claimed it was because they thought he could win the election.

“I think it was a little bit of a concern about losing the election and when the bottom is going to drop out of this thing and what was the alternative. And could we find someone who could perhaps put together a winning coalition in the fall,” Hogan added.

Larry Hogan has zero chance to be President.

In 2024 Hogan will be the latest McCain/Jon Huntsman/John Kasich clone to think supporting abortion, amnesty, and gun control while hating the conservative base is their path to the Presidency.

Hogan’s campaign will end in failure just like theirs.

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