A top Republican’s answer about this ugly sex scandal has all hell breaking loose

Republicans got the news they were dreading as the 2020 election kicks into full gear.

One of the President’s biggest allies stands accused of a heinous crime.

And now this top Republican’s answer about this ugly sex scandal has all hell breaking loose.

Fake news CNN and other liberal “news” outlets have repeatedly run a story about some former Ohio State wrestlers accusing Jim Jordan of knowing about former team doctor Richard Strauss sexually abusing them when Jordan served as the school’s assistant wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995.

This story tends to pop back up whenever Jordan is in the news defending the President against the Russian collusion hoax or any other scam The Swamp is pushing to bring down Donald Trump.

Fake news CNN trotted out this baseless conspiracy theory again last Friday.

Breitbart reported that “CNN published a piece on Friday, after Ohio State University (OSU) announced it had reached a settlement with 11 of the doctor’s victims in 18 pending cases. The piece cited six former student wrestlers who claimed they were present when Jordan ‘heard or responded to sexual misconduct complaints about team doctor Richard Strauss.’”

Jordan’s communication director Ian Fury blasted this story as false in a statement.

“Congressman Jordan never saw or heard of any abuse, and if he had, he would have dealt with it,” Fury declared.

A Republican source close to Jordan doubled-down on this denial in a statement to Breitbart that ticked off members of The Fake News Media who had been pushing the story.

“CNN was wrong about Russian collusion. CNN was wrong about Ukraine. CNN is now wrong about Jim Jordan. Ask anyone that knows him, but the idea that Congressman Jordan did anything wrong is ludicrous and CNN should be ashamed for even thinking otherwise,” the source told Breitbart.

Jordan has also repeatedly noted that Perkins Coie – the law firm that commissioned the fake news Christopher Steele dossier – investigated these allegations and published a report that never mentioned Jordan’s name once.

Many Trump supporters suspect CNN resurrected this fake news story to sideline Jordan ahead of the Presidential election.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. A Republican can not Fart in Public, without the Democrats or CNN, wanting Charges brought up. But the Democrats can do anything, and if it is proof by someone, then that person will commit Suicide. And you say no one is above the Law. Vote Republican Forever for Freedom

  2. TRUMP will need another 4 years to clean out the DEEP STATE and appoint the replacement for SCOTUS RBG. I am urging Bernie Sanders to run as an Independent, which he claims to be.

  3. Just like the bimbos who years later suddenly remembered a sexual attack and accused Kavanaugh, these jocks suddenly remember and accuse Jim Jordan. I call BS!

  4. The democrats don’t need to invent any more scandals to attack the president.
    Their god Satan has provided democrats the coronavirus and they will use that to take down Trump in November. Why do you think democrat talking heads on TV are so excited about the prospect of an economy crash, and many people dying? They can hardly contain their excitement when they talk. If the democrats can convince enough stupid people that this virus is all Trump’s fault then they win, and there’s plenty of stupid people in this country.

  5. The Left is desperate to FIND SOMETHING,ANYTHING that they can hold against the Republicans! While IGNORING the skeletons in their own closets!! They want to look pure and clean among the people but their ACTIONS speak FAR MORE THAN WORDS! I sure wouldn’t want Pelosi *praying* for me!!! They are the HYPOCRITES of THIS DAY such as the PHARASEES of JESUS’S DAY!! They are of THIS WORLD! Serving the god of THIS WORLD!

  6. Dan the fag l don’t intend to do anything about George. The question is what are you going to do about it?

  7. It appears all the Democrats can do is create scandals. They sure don’t do anything about resolving the ills of America or anything good for American citizens. At $174,000/yr of taxpayers money, one would think the Democrats could resolve some issues.
    ATTENTION CONGRESS: Serve your constituents or resign. Stop the scandals, present a platform for re-election (if you have one) and resolve issues which your paid handsome to do.

  8. The news of any Republican will travel 100 times faster than any DumBOcrap doing wrong… Our good man George posting above about all the DumBOcrap wrong doings and yet ZERO charges.. but anything a Republican does MUST BE HANDLED NOW!! Where is the justice for Bill Clinton approaching Loretta WENCH Lynch in her aircraft? Where is the justice for Eric Holder’s Fast-n-Furious? Where is the justice for ObUMMer’s Past history at college or anything to do with his life before him being a Jr. do nothing senator of IL? Where is the justice for KILLery’s email server and CLASSIFIED misuse of those documents? Where is the justice for her cleansing the computers and destruction of gov’t property to include thousands of classified emails? When we the PEOPLE get JUSTICE for all this… and plenty more.. we can discuss the FAKE NEWS about Mr. Jim Jordan.

  9. Georgie Porgie,

    I see you are a well-trained idiot for Trumpty Dumpty. Stay stupid and defend your but buddy.

    BYE BYE for now! I will be back to remind ya’ll how stupid ya’ll are soon.

    ps Danniboi Georgie is after your master. What you gonna do about it?

  10. Ya I’ve had some not posted too ! It’s not like I’m gossiping about Schumer and Pelosi affairs , or Schiff is gay , it was logical conclusions , response to everyday nonsense of immature antics from the morons (Democrats) . And for some absurd reason the morons are misleading information about Jim Jordan their ineffective distorted unrealistic expectations from a man that ripped into their false accusations about Ukraine ! And the ineffective impeachment trials the morons tried to inflict. Too bad dumbos it’s not working . Jim’s a bigger man than you.

  11. Anything coming from CNN is suspect. Anything coming from CNN regarding President Trump or Republican politics is guaranteed fake news.

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    Like Jesus said they strain at a knat and swallow a camal
    Liars no TRUTH

  13. I wrote a second comment and this group would not print it under this comment. Their was no foul language in it only the truth and they did not print it!!!!!!!!

  14. JIM JORDAN would have choked the Hell out of that Dirty Doctor!!! He had ZERO to do with those Ugly Acts. It’s the FAKE NEWS CNN at it’s best. I am from “OHIO’ WE ALL STAND OUR GROUND WITH MR. JIM JORDAN! He loved and protected those kids. He was involved with NOTHING!

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