A top Republican’s answer about this ugly sex scandal has all hell breaking loose

Republicans got the news they were dreading as the 2020 election kicks into full gear.

One of the President’s biggest allies stands accused of a heinous crime.

And now this top Republican’s answer about this ugly sex scandal has all hell breaking loose.

Fake news CNN and other liberal “news” outlets have repeatedly run a story about some former Ohio State wrestlers accusing Jim Jordan of knowing about former team doctor Richard Strauss sexually abusing them when Jordan served as the school’s assistant wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995.

This story tends to pop back up whenever Jordan is in the news defending the President against the Russian collusion hoax or any other scam The Swamp is pushing to bring down Donald Trump.

Fake news CNN trotted out this baseless conspiracy theory again last Friday.

Breitbart reported that “CNN published a piece on Friday, after Ohio State University (OSU) announced it had reached a settlement with 11 of the doctor’s victims in 18 pending cases. The piece cited six former student wrestlers who claimed they were present when Jordan ‘heard or responded to sexual misconduct complaints about team doctor Richard Strauss.’”

Jordan’s communication director Ian Fury blasted this story as false in a statement.

“Congressman Jordan never saw or heard of any abuse, and if he had, he would have dealt with it,” Fury declared.

A Republican source close to Jordan doubled-down on this denial in a statement to Breitbart that ticked off members of The Fake News Media who had been pushing the story.

“CNN was wrong about Russian collusion. CNN was wrong about Ukraine. CNN is now wrong about Jim Jordan. Ask anyone that knows him, but the idea that Congressman Jordan did anything wrong is ludicrous and CNN should be ashamed for even thinking otherwise,” the source told Breitbart.

Jordan has also repeatedly noted that Perkins Coie – the law firm that commissioned the fake news Christopher Steele dossier – investigated these allegations and published a report that never mentioned Jordan’s name once.

Many Trump supporters suspect CNN resurrected this fake news story to sideline Jordan ahead of the Presidential election.

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