A top Ron DeSantis ally lowered the boom on this Joe Biden scheme

Joe Biden has put Red states in his crosshairs.

He’s determined to create as much chaos as possible.

And a top Ron DeSantis ally lowered the boom on this Joe Biden scheme.

Joe Biden has unleashed the worst border crisis in the country’s history.

He dismantled President Trump’s successful border security policies, creating chaos.

Every day, a flood of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs pour across the wide-open border.

Biden’s lawless actions have turned every state into a border state.

With the Biden regime unwilling to do its job enforcing the law, Republican-led states have been forced to pick up the pieces.

Florida’s Attorney General, Ashley Moody, is a top ally of Ron DeSantis who is leading the state’s legal fight against Biden’s open borders agenda.

In an appearance on the John Catsimatidis radio show, she explained the dangerous consequences of Biden’s reckless immigration policies.

She said that the regime’s “policies are serving as catnip” for illegal aliens and drugs to flood into the country.

“We had folks all around our state reporting that, by cover of night, flights were coming in and folks were being shipped into our state,” Moody said.

“We get information on that. I had to sue this administration,” she stated.

“Think about that: I am the top law enforcement official in the state of Florida; I had to sue our own government to get information about what they are actually doing,” she explained.

Biden has targeted Florida and Ron DeSantis by secretly flying illegal aliens into the state and dropping them off in the dead of night.

A 24-year-old Honduran man lied about his age and name to Border Patrol officials before he was shipped to Florida on one of these secret night flights.

After arriving in Jacksonville, he murdered a father of four.

This tragedy sparked the lawsuit by Moody to get to the bottom of Biden’s secret illegal alien travel program.

Moody explained that Biden is drawing illegal aliens into the country with his open borders policies.

“As a result of these suits, and as a result of our determination and our unwillingness to just let this happen, we have uncovered that they understand that their policies are serving as catnip for folks, incentivizing folks to come into our country,” Moody said.

“They know that,” she exclaimed.

Moody slammed Biden for his absence on the growing border crisis.

“President Biden has never been to the border,” Moody remarked.

“He refuses to go to the border to look at these men and women in their eyes that have signed up to do these selfless law enforcement jobs,” she continued.

“They want to enforce the law. They want to ensure that America is safe,” she added.

“He has never been there to visit the border, to visit them, to encourage their efforts, or to stand by them as they are exhausted, demoralized, and frustrated,” she commented.

“It is much easier to ignore it, pretend it’s not happening, shove it off on somebody else, but the American people know better,” she explained.

With Joe Biden hellbent on open borders, Republican Attorneys General like Moody will be busy keeping his lawless regime in line.

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