A top Ron DeSantis ally sounded the alarm on one huge problem caused by Joe Biden

Joe Biden is on the verge of unleashing one major catastrophe on the country.

His blunder is poised to upend everything.

And a top Ron DeSantis ally sounded the alarm on one huge problem caused by Joe Biden.

The worst border crisis in the country’s history is unfolding under President Joe Biden.

A Biblical flood of illegal aliens are pouring across the wide-open southern border.

Now, the border crisis is on the brink of spiraling out of control with the fate of Title 42 in legal limbo.

Title 42 is a public health order invoked by former President Donald Trump that gave federal authorities the ability to quickly deport illegal aliens to protect the country from the pandemic.

The Biden regime has been pushing to end the policy that has been used to deport millions of illegal aliens since March of 2020.

The Supreme Court stepped in to temporarily keep Title 42 in place after an emergency request from 19 Republican state attorneys general.

The Court is mulling over about whether or not to let the Biden regime end the policy.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was involved in the request and appeared on Fox Business to sound the alarm on Biden’s open borders agenda.

Through her litigation over the past couple of years, Moody said she has “uncovered so much evidence” that the Biden regime “purposefully” opened the border.

“Through litigation, over the last two years since Biden took office, I have uncovered so much evidence that shows this administration has purposefully dismantled our public safety immigration structures at the border,” Moody said.

The Department of Homeland Security’s refusal to enforce immigration law is leading to an invasion at the border.

“First they stopped deporting people, they do away with ‘remain in Mexico,’ they purposefully decrease the detention capabilities at the border, and then throw up their hands and say ‘we have to release every one because we have not enough detention capabilities’, and which is, by the way, in direct violation of federal law,” Moody added.

In the recent $1.7 trillion omnibus bill, additional funding was allocated to the Border Patrol with the stipulation that none of it could be used on border security.

Moody said her “greatest fear” was that the Biden regime would blame the “chaos and catastrophe” at the border on Title 42 ending.

Nearly 18,000 illegal aliens per day are expected to cross the border once Title 42 ends.

“They’ve been doing this all along and my greatest fear, Maria, and you’ve probably seen this leading up to this week, is they’re going to blame the rescission of Title 42 for the chaos and catastrophe that we’re seeing at the border,” Moody explained. “When in reality, it began when this President was sworn in and he abdicated all responsibility for protecting the sovereignty of this nation.”

Joe Biden is trying to dismantle any semblance of security to leave the southern border completely open.

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