A Top Trump official left Maxine Waters at loss for words with this answer

Maxine Waters is enjoying her newfound stature as Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee.

But she let this power trip get to her head.

And Waters was at a loss for words when one top Trump official shut her down with one answer.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin appeared before Waters’ committee voluntarily for a routine appearance.

Toward the end of his testimony, Mnuchin made mention of the fact that he had another meeting to attend and he thought he and Waters had agreed on a follow up with her office, which would end the session.

That kicked off a back and forth where Waters rudely tried to put Mnuchin in his place.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday at the House Financial Services Committee hearing, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s battled with committee chairwoman Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

After explaining he had a meeting to go to, Mnuchin said, “I have sat here for over three hours and 15 minutes. I have told you I’ll come back. I just don’t believe we’re sitting here negotiating when I come back. We’ll follow up with your office. How long would you like me to come back for next time? I have told you I’ll accommodate you.”

Waters said, “I appreciate that, and I appreciate you reminding us of the length of the time the secretaries have been here. This is a new way and a new day, and it’s a new chair, and I have the gavel at this point. If you wish to leave, you may.”

Mnuchin thought Waters was supposed to gavel the sessions to an end when they reached an agreement on a time for a follow up with her office.

Instead Waters went in to a power trip.

Breitbart also reports:

Mnuchin said, “Ok, well then please dismiss everybody. I believe you’re supposed to take the gavel and bang it.”

Waters shot back, “Please do not instruct me as to how I am supposed to conduct this committee.”

Do you think Maxine Waters was out of line?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



    • Maxine never does anything without getting nasty. I would have been surprised if she had been gracious. I don’t know why anyone would allow her to chair a committee.



  1. I don’t like Crazy Max but when you are The Chairperson, one can run a meeting any way you want. Not everybody is plugged into Robert’s Rules of Order.

  2. Good OLD MAD MAXINE she’s the gift that just keeps giving. She’s a joke always has been and will be a joke. I feel so sorry for the people that keep voting for her. When will they learn. She doesn’t every live in the district that votes for her. I live in California born and raised. I hate this state but I can’t move. We are going to HELL in a hand basket.

  3. I laughed myself silly when I heard this story…. that woman is so stupid, it’s pathetic. How many bank execs did she have to ask what their position was on student loans (three?) before she finally GOT IT…. that it had been under government control for almost 10 years!. LOL, What a dim wit!!! Then she admitted to the world, she had been educated by the people she was trying to interrogate, while they were laughing under their breath, by saying: ” O.K…. small business!” Can the Dem’s come up with anyone less qualified?? Probably. Just give them a little more time…..

    • That’s true, but she is smart enough to have become stinkin rich as a government servant. Many of the people in DC have become rich while in Congress, and the White House. Look at Obama. He went in with about a million dollars, and left worth at least 12 times that.


    • Maxine Waters should be held in contempt for all the taxes she owes, but first, she needs to go to the Mental Ward for a very long stay because of all the incoherent spewing out of her mouth!! She has said things that don’t make any sense and the Dems are willing to put them farther down under Republicans!! They have to know Americans are not with them, are not stupid or blind!! We have chosen our defender!!

  5. Maxine Waters is simply awful! She imagines herself as a Queen of some sort … She is uninformed, goofy acting, incompetent, and completely out of sync with the general needs of America. How does somebody this inadequate even become a Government Official? The least she should do is to attend some night classes in a Community College in order to learn some very basic elements about communicating, debating, discussion styles, corporate ethics, respect for others, and how to best present your ideas. A few lessons on what decent manners look like would also be helpful, along with just what common sense really is, along with some good old plain manners!

    Ms. Waters, if you choose to not improve your capacities and skills you should remove yourself from Public Office! You clearly do not belong there in your current mode of incompetence. Do something smart for all of us … simply resign and move on to something else that you can actually do!

  6. The quoted ‘script’ Is Excellent !!!
    Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin WAS IN
    Maxine Is a ‘DisGrace’ to
    ‘Brothas & Sistas. & Hope they ‘Know’ it.
    Many Do, & we Need More’ to ‘get it’ .

  7. C’Mon folks–we do not need to be like the LEFTIES! There is no reason to be insulting to this poor woman. Reminds me of another Congressman from Harlem– Adam Clayton Powell–except he did not have any thoughts of legislating or doing his job. She has the same venom as the black demonstrators of the late 1960’s. They throw out comments and let the bricks fall where they may… Mostly false comments! She is the same–Impeach, Impeach,etc. No consciousness of truth. Upbringing did not teach her manners and “decorum”. Her attitudes remind me of a ghetto dweller.

    • Waters is another uneducated fool who likes the feel of Hitler’s Power over everyone. She would be great at the trash dump directing trash packers where the best trash can be found.

  8. Maxine Waters is a disgrace to the USA. I am truly ashamed to be associated with her as a fellow American. If she spent half as much energy working for the government (for what she is paid to do) then the Democrats might be able to pull together some kind of policy that would benefit the country. Which begs the question…”why is she allowed to be so arrogant and tasteless and seeking a vendetta with all people other than herself, and getting paid for it????”

      • Not hardly, Maxine Waters exudes hate and is off of her perverbial rocker, as are most “Democrats” at this juncture. The woman was beyond being hate & rudeness should be called out. Talk about being a crook, she is up to her neck in it.

        • BJH is a typical, low-intelligence, liberal MORON . . . just like Maxi-Pad Waters! Our President has restored respect and decency to the White House. The Obamas are gone (Thank God). Maxi-Pad should reside with them at the Washington DC Zoo in the Monkey House!

          • Harry I think you mixed up BJH with Jack. Go back & re-read them. Jack is the jerk. BJH defended PRESIDENT TRUMP.

      • Trump may seem arrogant but at least he’s doing his job and keeping campaign promises. Maxi pad only spouts crap and does nothing to help America. Embarrassment is what she is.

    • Nancy–I agree–She is extremely arrogant and does not care who she tramples–as long as they are Trump Supporters. She reminds me of the Parliaments where the members of the legislature would get involved in fisticuffs!! And they are supposed to be LEADERS, showing the way to the rest of the population, and setting an example. I wonder how the students in the elementary schools are influenced by this hate monger!

      • @ Harry Balls, I suggest you reread my post, I am a staunch Trump supporter and I dispise Maxine Waters ! You Sir, are a rude person who cannot comprehend written content.

  9. Poor Max. Quite obvious to me that she doesn’t deal from a full deck and needs to be put into a straight jacket and placed in a padded cell and never allowed to return to society.

    • She needs to be put on monkey island at the zoo. The other chimps would soon realize she is retarded ape and would grow tired of her screeching and complaining. They would then surround her and commence to throwing $hit all over her. That would be true justice.

    • Gregory – You got that right. And the sooner she is put in a straight jacket and out of Congress the better for our country.

  10. You’ve missed the real Mad Maxine story of the week. She thought she was going to smoke the banking CEOs over the crushing student loan debt. Until each and everyone of them answered that their bank had not been giving student loans since the federal government had taken it over in the mid 2000s. I guess Maxine was absent or asleep during the decade that was happening. Talk about low information.

  11. The President should drop off the next caravan of illegals on her homes door step. She lives in a sanctuary city. She has always bitched about President Trumps handling of the immigration problem. NOW she thinks she is GOD. Just because she has a gavel. That is how Communists act when they get, what they think is power.

    • Unfortunately Trump was correct about Democrat controlled cities turning into “shit holes” but in San Francisco it is “drug infested shit holes”.

    • Waters is a perfect example why we need to amend the constitution & limit terms . She is not very intelligent & should probably work at a bank at maybe a teller’s position –maybe. If a top Mgt. Consulting firm went through Congress, at least 50% would lose their jobs & a large percentage of those laid off would be the Donkeys

  12. Disgusted
    I never have nor ever will assume that once elected to Congress an individual’s race would determine policy for other than all Americans as good policy should affect All citizens equally. If an individual chooses to do otherwise and favor one group over another thus proving me wrong so be it. The failure is not with me.nor the system, but an individual lacking decency, honor and that concept of shared equality we all hold dear. In that case history shall judge and eventually the votes will correct the imbalance.

    • That’s true. It’s unfortunate that by the time correct the imbalance she will have already done massive amounts of damage, to the US. We definitely need term limits to stop people like her.

  13. I sometimes wonder whether this idiotic bitch ever went to school and if she did, was basic English on the curriculum. Also I doubt if her parents taught her to be so rude to other people, then again, maybe they did. The sooner she is out of politics, the better.

  14. Demoncrats seem to be confused about which way is forward. They are still in such a “tizzy” that their candidate lost. Well, they need to put on adult undies and move forward in joining President Trump in Making and Keeping America Great-!!! With or without them it IS Happening. Join it sulk, are the choices. But, the angry nonsense is overly childish and has been carried on for too long.

  15. Maxine is ignorant she does not know right from wrong however she will know right from wrong when she gets to hell where she belongs.

    • Yeah but what she does with that Gavel after hours could prove entertaining. Oh get your head out of the gutter, I meant that after hours she makes deals to get her criminal friends off the hook. Sheeeesh


  16. Maxine Waters, by what she says and does, only solidifies what most people think of her…she’s stupid! Not a very bright woman at all! Someone Trump would label as a “low I.Q. person.”

    • She is Dumb. She is old as ???? and senile. She is corrupt, unethical. She should not be Chairwoman of the financial. She should be expelled. She is a bad news. Senile.

      • Question. Is it true that in Congress they are allowed inside trading info. And that’s why someone that has a six figure yearly income leaves congress as a millionaire? Has anyone heard that?

      • Yes, Deb. It’s true. Plus, she & her hubby have had many nefarious financial dealings. She has been labeled the most corrupt politician in Wash. MANY times.

  17. Known as the most corrupt politician in DC, her days are numbered. I would venture to guess that her name is on one of the sealed indictments. She didn’t go from rags to riches on a Congress person’s salary. She has been cheating for years. She’s also a slum lord. When the hammer falls re: her corruption and she’s waiting for trial, she should be forced to live in one of her rundown housing projects.

  18. I want to call her office and leave the message….peach fory-five and say it 3 times. I’m so sick of this woman. She is a disgrace to the U S

  19. The Ignorant Bitch Is Out Of Line Every Time She Start Bumping Her Gums. The Stupid Bitch Needs To Go Back To Street Walking In Watts.

  20. Waiting to see her wearing a formal James Brown robe while in her new,exalted position.
    Lady wants the clout, but doesn’t have the smarts to handle the position.
    Give it to any eighth-grader and they’d do better.
    Just this past Wednesday she thought she was going to make a big spectacle of embarrassing a couple of big-bank CEOs on student loans.
    – Asked each ““What are you guys doing to help us with this student loan debt?”.
    Each had to “remind” her that since the GOVERNMENT took it over in 2010, NONE of them have made student loans since.
    This lady has no clue…

    • Cerberus
      Yeah, that WAS awfully stupid to make those comments to the CEOs and CFOs of three huge lending and banking institutions. But it was the TONE and way the dingbat said it. Accusatory, snide and snotty. “What are YOU doing about these delinquent loans YOU’VE made…”. These are sharp intelligent educated people she was addressing. And icing on the cake the moron was on the committee when the legislation was motioned and passed at Obama’s urging. By the way in 2010 non payback of student loans was 153 BILLION dollars. Thanx to Waters’ and Obama’s intervention the government is now stuck with one point three five TRILLION dollars. Or almost ten times the amount in 2010. What a fool.

    • You would have thought that she would have done her homework on school loans before asking Bankers this question. She hasn’t got a clue on how to run a committee much least be the Chair. What an Idiot!!! She also could have been more professional with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, she doesn’t even know how to run a meeting. What a looser!!!

    • She is just a bad example for America…black white purple green …doesn’t make any difference. We need to start electing people with intelligence instead of ego, so We all need to quit acting like a bunch of Neanderthals.

  21. She has always been out of line. In some ways she if everyone listens to what she says is a black version of the kkk. But then again there are a lot of people with that same thinking and most come out and say it. But if a white person says something then they’re racists. Let’s think about that. Seriously please.

  22. Maxine is a bully who doesn’t know when she should quit! If it had been me, when she said I could leave, I would have said “Great! Bye!” and got up and left! She is just like Adam Schiff, kept saying how she KNEW the President Trump was guilty of collusion, and how he should be impeached. I think she should have to answer for her lies! Anyone else would have to!

    • Bully is appropriate for what I watched play out on national TV. How embarrassing for America! Here we have head of Congressional finance presiding over a committee meeting during which she reveals that she not only does not know that the government, not banks are the student loan go to people she doesn’t even know how to end a committee meeting.

  23. How can they let this moron head the House Judiciary Committee. The idiot is so enamored with her position of power that she can’t see the forest before the trees. She must go on record as being the dummest person in Congress. She must have an IQ of less than 20. Maxine Do yourself and the tax payers and stop embarrassing the Democrats, retire. You are useless. You are the prime example of why term limits were invented. You are so far out of your league you are an embarrassment to your colleges.and America.

    • I think your looking at this wrong, Please televise everyone of her meetings so everyone can see what an idiot she is.

  24. I have never cared for Maxine Waters. She talks loudly but never really saids anything useful or meaningful. All she does is yell and blame others, but never brings anything concrete to the table. Bit of a bully, who tries to get under others angry and frustrated enough to act stupid. Glad Mr. Munkin tried to act like a gentleman and not let her get his “goat”. I’m unfortunately a Californian where all the politicians I voted for lost. Too bad, California use to be a nice state, but unfortunately all the liberals have moved here and taken over. Too bad some of the comments above have gone to Waters bully level in their speech by name calling. Really not necessary. Shakespeare use to do a great job with the English language in insulting people without calling them names. They never knew what hit them.

      • Thankfully Mr. Mnuchin knew the regulations better than Auntie batshit for brains! She has to gavel them out or he could and most likely would have been held in contempt! Thereby giving her an excuse for further abuse! I keep wondering when she will be tried and convicted for her sleazy, illegal dealings on her sleazy hubbies behalf during the housing crisis??? Or is waking up having to see that face already punishment enough for the both???????

  25. The inmates are really running the asylum now. Maxine Waters on the brain is a crook from the get go she has a scandal filled past re: finances that were misused. What idiot appointed the woman who always has her hands in the proverbial cookie jar! That person needs a brain scan just like her!

    • Proof that when you “tbink” you are “empowered” you should mebbe use your head and think before you shoot your mouth off. So congratulations, you have shown the entire United Stares how an empowered black woman should conduct herself not only on Roberts’ Rules of Order, but civility and courtesy. Traits of wbcb which the Democratic party are sadly lacking. Thank you

  26. she don’t need to be on any special committees, she needs to focus her attention on her district which is in shambles, falling down buildings, homeless people all over, illegals all over, drugs and diseases, it is just a disgusting dirty place. But that hateful bitch is too obsessed with President Trump, causing people to hate Trump supporters, snappy with everyone like she is Queen Bitch with her spiteful nasty face. She is just rude and nasty to everyone like her shit don’t stink. She just needs to removed from office because she is not doing her job, she just wants to sit on her high horse and push people around.

    • We went on vacation out to California and I was just appalled at how many homeless people and how many people out of work and I keep thinking that she would want to see that these people get a job and have a place to live. Obviously she is too busy hating Trump to take care of what is needed in her district. You can’t do your job if all you do is mean mouth the President. Its too bad that she feels this way. Perhaps she should give up her position or at least try to be helpful to the homeless.

      • If her IQ was two points lower she would be rock. Beats me as to how anybody in their right mind would vote for such an idiot. Oh that’s right, it’s California and nobody is in their right mind. She is an embarrassment to the U.S. House right along with Pelosi.

    • Try working in that area! You are right she needs to focus on South Central. It’s very sad to see all that trash, homelessness, families living in garages without water or heat,and parks. Young kids in corners selling drugs. She does not deserve the support of the people!

    • That’s a good one! And I agree. She’s a disgrace to the Congress. I wish someone would snatch that hideous-looking wig from her head. She belongs in a mental institution…and I’m sure they have toilets there that need cleaning.

  27. It would be easier to list the times Rep. Waters was NOT “Out-Of-Line”! She is a power hungry ingrate. She has no sense of morality, protocol, or proper decorum. She is living testament to the depts Californians have sunk.

  28. Likely a large part of her disposition is because she likely hasn’t be laid for a decade or two. Probably even male prostitutes would likely say, “Are you shitting me? There ain’t enough money!” 🙂

  29. Maxine; She’s the best California can elect! Way to go Californians, don’t leave that state, would hate to have you vote in mine!

  30. I didn’t know chimpanzees were allowed to hold government offices now. Oh well, we’ve got radical muslim communists communist Nazis, senile communist Nazis, Mexican communists, severely mentally ill communists and blatantly retarded communists. We might as well have a communist chimp in there too. Our “government” is the biggest joke in the history of the human race. Only problem is, it isn’t funny.

    • Hmm… Funny…

      I DON’T recall a Chimp, Gorilla, or Orangutan named “Maxine” in “PLANET OF THE APES”…

      (And… I worked in the original “APES” franchise, so THAT’S something I would, definitely remember! Besides – TRUST ME ON THIS POINT – OUR APES WERE MUCH, MUCH SMARTER… And, even OUR Gorillas were A LOT NICER – and RESPECTFUL!)



      • If we had hired HER, we’d have saved a bundle on the salary of at-least FIFTEEN MAKEUP ARTISTS, LAB PEOPLE AND CHEMISTS – MAXINE IS MORE-THAN SIMIAN-LIKE-ENOUGH “IN THE NATURAL” WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING EXTRA TO HER… And, we could’ve dubbed her over with a FAR-MORE pleasant-sounding voice-actress!



        • LMAO! That’s funny too Bill Blake. I noticed right away that Mad Max always had her huge mouth wide open and to me she looks like an angry chimpanzee. She would have been perfect for Planet Of The Apes, especially the part where Charlton Heston says “get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape”. I loved those movies when I was a kid. It’s beginning to look like it’s really happening now, with all the sub human cretins in congress. They’re all mouth and absolutely no brains.

    • I know that she is a bent twig and can not be straightened. She should have been put to the curb for he underhanded dealing in finances of the citizens of our country long ago

  31. She is an old queen that needs to go packing back to California and her mansion.She is an ignorant black woman who needs to learn to shut her big mouth and finally have something useful to say.

  32. Wouldn’t you love to see Maxine and Michael without their wings on? Maxine is o e ugly woman and needs a new wig. I can’t imagine what their heads smell like

      • Did you or your cohort the dog actually SEE that exchange? I did…they should have posted a video. Waters was way over the top, abusive, childish, unprofessional and extremely rude. Her behavior was infuriating and inexcusable. You’re both playing the typical partisan game of ignorance of the facts.

      • That’s deplorable to you demon$HITHEADS. Talk about acting like little spoiled brats, you lib$hits have a monopoly on that. All you chicken fried morons know how to do is cry, whine and complain about everything good in this country. Suck it up $hitheads, we’re going to have another 4 good years after this one.

        • You can’t do the job your hired to do and make the kind of money some of these People in Congress do and still maintain some kind of decorum as a Senator. All I have ever seen of her she is out of control. How sad for California to have someone like her that does nothing but complain and scream and holler. Goodness maybe that is all she was hired to do. I don’t know. I am glad that she doesn’t represent Colorado as someone would be at the State Capital and getting really harsh with her.

      • I’m sick & tired of Republicans being demonized. Rep. Waters has a reputation as a loudmouth who just assumes that banks are all too lsrge and that they are solely responsible for the Great Recession. The Great Recession wad caused in great part by federal regulations requiring to make loans to minorities who could not qualify under normal banking standards. These toxic losns pulled down the entire economy. So Rep. Waters, as usual, has it wrong.

        • You communist rats have led the way in arrogance for quite some time. You don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot now do you?

    • OMG really ? Maxine was behaving like a spoiled child waving he gavel about taunting Secretary Minuchin, he however, behaved like a gentleman and asked her to clarify her statement. Talk about someone being rude or corrupt, she is both all in one.

  33. Her thoughts and rationale are as fluid or stagnant as her name sake… muddy waters. That’s a cheap shot but I’m at a point right now with these criminal traitors that I no longer care.

  34. She only knows how to incite her left wing jackasses to harass normal people when they are eating or buying gas etc. how she ended up being in charge of anything is beyond me, other than the dumbocrats don’t seem to be in the least bit discerning.

  35. Why in hell would someone let that woman be in charge of anything stronger than toilet paper.SHE IT IS WAY TOO ARROGANT AND IGNORANT TO TELL ANYBODY ABOUT ANYTHING.

    • Wouldn’t you love to see Maxine and Michael without their wings on? Maxine is o e ugly woman and needs a new wig. I can’t imagine what their heads smell like

    • Why in hell would someone let that woman be in charge of anything stronger than toilet paper.SHE IT IS WAY TOO ARROGANT AND IGNORANT TO TELL ANYBODY ABOUT ANYTHING.

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