A top VP contender saw their chances go down in flames with one terrible mistake

Americans are focusing on Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential selection process.

Given Biden’s declining mental capacity and age there is a good chance whoever Biden selects as his Vice President will end up running the country.

But this top VP contender saw their chances go down in flames with one terrible mistake.

Biden promised to pick a woman as his running mate.

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth began to generate buzz given her Thai background and military service in Iraq.

However, a CNN interview destroyed her chances in just 30 seconds.

Duckworth responded to the President’s speech at Mt. Rushmore where Trump attacked left-wing mobs for trying to “cancel” America’s founders by declaring she was open to tearing down statues of George Washington.

Duckworth later tried to clean up this massive gaffe by falsely claiming the President was only focused on protecting monuments to Confederate Generals and that the rioters in the streets weren’t protesting George Washington.

“Donald Trump wants to continue honoring traitors who took up arms against us in the Civil War to protect their ability to enslave, sell & kill Black Americans. This has never been a debate about honoring the complex legacy of those who actually helped *build* our great nation,” Duckworth wrote.

But this lie fell flat for obvious reasons.

Duckworth cannot erase the fact that she went on national TV and declared her support for the mobs in the streets that are defacing monuments and tearing down statues.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. She made a complete ass out of herself the past few days. She would make a great running mate for Biden………they could call the Anti American Party-Vote for Dumb and Dumber.

  2. The democrats have become such a big joke, the stand against logic and common sense! How can there be intelligent conversation with these knuckleheads, answer? You can’t, all they can do is send a million bored teenagers into the streets, promise them a few hundred dollars and tell them to disrupt society. How does the left confront logic and sanity? With violence, fear and chaos. They cant win so they throw tantrums scream and cut themselves.

  3. This ‘subject’ (DuckWorth) matter, IS MOOT…
    Good Nite & God Bless… SAVE USA.
    Thank you. & THANK Yrselves For Doing So…

  4. Another POS demorat. Why do people even listen to these MUTTS…………………….
    TRUMP 2020………………BY A LANDSLIDE………

  5. oohs we’s mes believes Duckworthless’s ducked down and gobbler gobbled too’s much duck sausage likes Pa’s Obama’s that be whys he’s ears so bigs

  6. why do you think Biden’s mental capacity is worse than humpitytrumpity’s? covfefe.

  7. Martin you appear to be a tool! Democrats will lose huge in November as most Americans want law and order democrats love the rioting and destruction even encouraging it. Come November democrats will be in charge of NOTHING and the adults will get something done, good times

  8. She needs to read and study her history. The Confederate leaders were not traitors at all to The United States ! In our Constitution each state has the legal right to leave The United States at any time and form their own country ! They were not traitors by any means but were abiding by the rites given to each and every state ! Once you understand that and the fact that both sides had slaves and the actual reason for the civil war was economics , then you will have a real understanding what this was really about ! Abraham Lincoln did not come out with The Emancipation Proclamation till after the war had been going on a while and the slaves he actually freed were Union slaves since the confederacy was it’s own country. The very first slave owner in the colinies was a black man. Several prominent black men bought slaves at the time of the colonies too ! If you do not believe me please look all this up for yourself which is what this lady should have done !

  9. Hey Bemused you do not need to be born on United States soil you are legally a United States citizen if 1 or both of your parents are legal United States citizens, that is like telling those U.S. citizens fortunate enough to be world travelers that when you are about to deliver you had better be within United States territory or your child will be categorized as a foreigner.

    Things keep going the way they are the only ones who will be able to feel secure are those with the money to build a very large ship or ocean platform and keep it in International waters.

  10. As for the part of my reply to the details of this article, Democratic party pushing for Mail In ballots some going as far as trying to allow it without your signature being witnessed as in not being notarized, I like many are terrified as much as any vaccine research funded by the Gates Foundation as I am of actually contracting the Covid-19.

  11. Tammy Duckworth is not a Natural Born Citizen of the USA. She’s a Birthright Citizen by virtue of citizenship through her father. Her birth did not take place on Sovereign USA soil.
    As a Birthright, she’s achieved the highest office possible under the US Constitution, but that same document bars her from being President or VP under Article II.
    Should Biden have picked her, there would be an immediate challenge and the precedents are clear.

  12. Besides our seriously infected what are most accurately defined as Indoctrination Centers and the Indoctrinators doing the indoctrinating which has been going on depending on where you live in the nation, most populated MSAs at least 65 years ago, electoral corruption all favoring the members of the Communist party, weak ineffective Republicans refusing to demand investigations into electoral corruption (e.g.) 2018 Midterm election, Biden could actual win, total misery to follow.

    Read an article about a possible link to a surge in the cases of Covid-19 being in those who dine out the most often, fact even moreso than the tyrannical Chinese politicians the wealthy of the developed nations of the world are guilty of turning what would have remained a epidemic contained within China into a pandemic.

    Who got blessed with the vast amount of the Disaster relief funds well of course the most wealthy, the pandemic would never have occurred if the sinfully greedy and selfish wealthy had not had business representatives in China, had never deprived the citizens of their respective nation of jobs in lieu of slave labor.

    The Airline industry and restaurant chains should by law have to install UVC emitting lighting which kills are viruses and bacteria, from all accounts the sleazy well to do are not putting much of the money they received into the businesses they have money invested in.

  13. George Washington owned slaves to work his tobacco farm because that’s just what people did back than. Sure it was wrong but you want to erase American history because of that?
    If it worn’t for Washington, we would have never won the war for our independence from King George the 3rd. Who knows what country we would be today without Washington.

  14. thought duckworth was someone to admire after her military and political appeal, BUT like the other DUM O RATS she turned into a POS when she wont do the right thing for the american people ..SHAME ON HER

  15. Duckworth has the nerve to say that trump is only interested in honoring our forefathers who supposedly enslaved the blacks but history tells us that it was the democrats that wanted slavery and also are responsible for all the segregation and kkk and the Jim crow laws.and now they are trying to change all of America’s history to be able to paint a favorable picture on their party.but to late they just exposed themselves for the racist they are only a racist points out your race.to me we are all Americans.

  16. hey anthony lukatella 38% of democrats say they believe that old joe is in the early stages of dementia.but will still vote for him.how dumb is that?

  17. I’m sorry but I can’t vote for a man that said 120 million Americans have died from COVID 19. Democrat establishment, why didn’t you let Bernie be the nominee? You did it again. You screwed us in 2016 with Hillary, and you’re doing it all over again with Biden. Why not let the voters decide? Don’t you trust us?

  18. the democrats can prop a dead man up in a chair and still vote for him.but it’s against the law to dig up dead people so they got joe biden.close enough!

  19. Marvin, I know a lot of conservatives don’t like Trump because he’s not conventional, he’s a bully, and he lies a lot. However, everything he said in his speech about Black Lives Matter, and the left in general is 100% spot on. If you do not agree with the left they WILL find a way to punish you.
    But I do agree with you, there are a lot of idiot Trump supporters that post on here.
    Unfortunately, the democrats have more idiot voters than we do.

  20. marvin, “”You can be against Trump and still be 100 percent American.””
    Really? How does that work? oh, just because you were born on American soil makes you a real American?
    I don’t think everyone likes what Trump says BUT he has a vision for real Americans. If you don’t believe in him do you believe the other guy has your best interests at heart? If so, that kind of makes you a rino.

  21. Duckworth feels she can be a typical democrat and say whatever she wants and when challenged say oh, no that is not what I said or meant. When that fails blame President Trump. Let’s start tearing down black statues / monuments. Maybe, whites and others will protest the destruction of black history. Hey, let’s be fair and cancel Black History Month. Fat chance that would ever happen..

  22. Every time I read the comments section on Renewed Rights, I am more convinced the Dems will win big in November. I am not a Dem but after listening to every word in Trumps 2 speeches, I realize he is only talking to the readers of Renewed Right and their sister publications from Smithfield Va.. I apologize to about 20 percent who make serious comments. But the other 80 percent can’t write anything positive and have to curse anybody who doesn’t support Trump 100 percent. You can be against Trump and still be 100 percent American.

  23. “WE THE PEOPLE” Not the mob or leftist politicians decides what comes down. Put it to a vote and you will see that Americans will vote to keep history in tact. Trump 2020.

  24. Another Cook County DemoRAT…
    Too bad Illinois voters aren’t smart enough to send her packin’ when the machine puts her up for reelection.

  25. First of all the VP pick should be the best
    qualified candidate. If it is a woman fine.
    If it is a woman of color fine…but the
    idea of picking a person because of either
    is a sham. Nothing but racism..and the
    Candace Owen’s perhaps but she is a strong

  26. She’s a disgraced politician who follows Pelosi ways to operate. Cannot make an informed decision without having violence follow.

  27. Being Racist is nothing compared to the level of HATE people have for Trump. Trump being picked on and called names worst than any Back person I know.. way go haters, you have broken a new record with your level of hate you showing and all lies about Trump.. just make you Trump haters day I will be voting for Trump with pride on Nov 2020 MAGA

  28. The Democrats have no sense of truth. They can only produce lies and deceit. They can not debate or talk logically on any subject. The days of the old Dems died with Kennedy. That was probably the reason he was killed. People of America begin to look at the truth and review your talking points to combat the lies and treachery that is spoken by the Dems.

  29. Duckworth is not worthy to hold ant Office. She is very preaudits. She wants to hold up Army officers promotions until that Traitor Vindman gets promoted and he does not deserve to be promoted. He should be kicked out for lying under oath. Duckworth is also a Trump and Republican hater

  30. No one had a problem with these monuments way earlier. American, conservatives know this is all political. And Democrats are paying for all this disruption and destruction. All because of hatred and envy towards one man. Trump 2020

  31. Why has no one made the observation that the southern slave owners and the KKK were all DEMOCRATS?

  32. James 75th Regiment, your post was obviously blocked because you your racist hate speech. All Trumpty Dumpty supporters are racist and should have their posts blocked IMO.

  33. I see Renewed Right won’t post my comments about hood rats and burning the America flag…Well guest want, go screw yourselves. Your no better than the Washington Post…

  34. Its very difficult to find a democrat that isn’t a Marxist these days. If there are still any old school democrats left they are probably afraid to speak out against the Marxists who have taken over the party.
    A vote for Biden is a vote for Marxism.

  35. they don’t remember when the idea came up during obama’s predidency about renaming the statutes and he was against it!

  36. Every single person he picks will be for tearing down the statues and all other things the terrible left is doing. They will just make sure they don’t mention that fact & probably a few others. So she might as well consider herself in the running.

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