A Trump-supporting lawyer made this remarkable voter fraud confession in court

Trump supporters were shocked.

This news took them by surprise.

That happened when a Trump-supporting lawyer made this remarkable voter fraud confession in court.

Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Trump-supporting lawyer Sidney Powell over Powell’s claims that Dominion worked with the Venezuelan government to steal the election by changing votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Powell’s lawyers responded with a legal filing arguing that her claims that there was an international conspiracy to steal the election was not a statement of fact, but a matter of opinion.

“[N]o reasonable person would conclude that the statements [about Dominion] were truly statements of fact,” Powell’s brief read.

Many Trump supporters were aghast at this filing since Powell claimed she would “unleash the Kraken” after the election to prove massive voter fraud.

Powell’s lawyers later tried to clarify that their filing was a legal technicality meant to argue that Powell’s comments did not meet the legal definition of defamation.

But that technicality came far too late.

When Powell made her allegations about voter fraud, Trump supporters expected evidence and not opinions.

To date, no one has presented any evidence that Dominion voting machines changed votes as part of a scheme to rig the election.

Powell is not the only Trump-supporter Dominion sued.

Dominion also sued Rudy Giuliani, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, and Fox News over claims that Dominion voting machines changed votes.

But Powell’s claims were given special weight because of her status as a hero on the Right for fighting back and beating Robert Mueller and the Deep State in the Michael Flynn case.

Now Powell’s legal filing is leading many Trump supporters to question her initial claims and to wonder what she was doing.

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