A video of Kamala Harris laughing just showed why she will never be President

If Joe Biden decides not to run for re-election, Kamala Harris could very well take his place as the Democrat nominee.

That’s bad news for Democrats.

And a video of Kamala Harris laughing just showed why she will never be President.

Kamala Harris’ Disney movie villain cackle is one of her most annoying and defining personal characteristics.

The way Harris busts into spontaneous laughter at inappropriate times is off-putting and cringe-worthy.

The latest example was when Harris appeared with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Harris faced a question about the Ukrainian refugee crisis where 1.5 million Ukrainians fled the country after Russia’s invasion, with many fleeing into Poland.

In response, Harris busted out her signature cackle.

On Fox News Channel’s, The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld slammed Harris as an unserious buffoon.

“I think [Russian President Vladimir] Putin realizes that we’re not in it to win it,” Gutfeld stated. “We wouldn’t have sent her. She’s great for us and this show but she’s lousy for this job. She makes us laugh but her laugh is so unsettling because she wasn’t laughing out of an obvious thing that other people could see, it was an inside joke of sorts so it’s just sort of like what are they doing up there right now?”

Gutfeld compared Harris on the world stage to a child the pilot allows to sit in the cockpit during a flight.

“She’s like a child, she’s on a big trip. She’s like a child who’s allowed to see the cockpit, but you never not touch anything… She’s not allowed to have any impact on anything because they don’t trust her. She is, right now, a Polish joke,” Gutfeld added.

Gutfeld explained that this situation was no laughing matter, as it could escalate into nuclear war with Russia.

With that being the case, sending Kamala Harris off to Poland to make a fool of herself could only make this situation worse.

“We need to send our very best there, not the joker in a pantsuit,” Gutfeld concluded. “We need Obama, we need Trump, we need Bush. They got to go, because we need mediation on steroids that expresses how much the world is disgusted by this and how intent we are on stopping the bloodshed and potential World War III.”

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