A viral video just showed a dramatic escalation in the Black Lives Matter riots

Another American town is being targeted by Black Lives Matter rioters.

In the first nights of riots in Rochester, New York, 37 people have been arrested and several police officers have been injured.

But one viral video has racked up 11 million views showing just how far rioters will go.

A video went viral over the weekend showing Black Lives Matter rioters shutting down restaurants in downtown Rochester.

“Peaceful protesters” threw chairs, tossed tables over, and kicked patrons out of the businesses.

The police where nowhere to be found.

In August in Washington, D.C., patrons at restaurants were also harassed by “peaceful” Black Lives Matter rioters.

The rioters got up in the faces of folks who were just trying to enjoy a meal telling them to raise their fists in solidarity…or else.

The woman in the video, Lauren Victor, is actually a Black Lives Matter supporter who has said she’s joined in marches.

Nothing is off limits for the Black Lives Matter rioters.

The media wants you to believe their grief is about the handful of black men that have died at the hands of “bad apple” police officers.

But that couldn’t be further from the case.

They want to force every American to pledge allegiance to their radical Marxist ideology.

Black Lives Matter believes that America is inherently evil and all white people are racist.

They’ve even called black Trump supporters “Uncle Tom’s” and black police officers “traitors.”

If you’re still under the belief that you’re safe if you just mind your own business, I hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong.

We will see if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo accepts any help from the Trump administration to quell the riots in his state.

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