A whistleblower claims this smoking gun will end Donald Trump’s Presidency

A so-called “whistleblower” lit the impeachment flame with a complaint against Donald Trump.

And after three years of trying to bring down the President, the Deep State made its final move.

Now a whistleblower claims this smoking gun will end Donald Trump’s Presidency.

In the supposed “whistleblower’s” complaint, it’s claimed that notes from the President’s conversations with foreign leaders were stored on a code word clearance server.

The so-called “whistleblower” alleged other White House officials told him this was an abuse of power.

Politico reports:

An intelligence community whistleblower claimed White House officials expressed alarm that they had witnessed President Donald Trump “abuse his office for personal gain” during a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July, and later tried to “lock down” details of the conversation.

According to an unclassified version of the complaint released by the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday morning, the unidentified whistleblower said White House officials who listened to the call were “deeply disturbed” by Trump’s requests that Zelensky investigate former vice president and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden and revisit claims related to the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“I have received information from multiple U.S. Government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election,” the whistleblower wrote. “This interference includes, among other things, pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the President’s main domestic political rivals.”

The complaint describes concerns among White House officials that Trump pressured Zelensky to investigate Biden — and that the call was the culmination of a series of events meant to pressure the new Ukrainian president to bend to Trump’s will, including dispatching Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to lean on Ukrainian officials to probe Biden.

But there was good reason for the administration to restrict access to the records of the President’s phone calls.

Back in 2017, Deep State agents leaked unflattering excerpts from the President’s phone calls with the leaders of Australia and Mexico.

Those leaks embarrassed the President and made other foreign leaders hesitant to talk on the phone with Trump.

That conduct by the Deep State leakers was un-American.

So the White House staff took measures to prevent Deep State saboteurs for engaging in leaks that damaged the national interest.

This supposed “smoking gun” was like everything else in the whistleblower complaint – a phony accusation designed to bolster the Democrats’ impeachment crusade.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story


  1. Danny, your comment makes a lot of sense, especially since all that “aid” is paid for by the taxpayers. It should never be given freely, unless it’s an emergency situation.

  2. That so-called flimsy excuse for a “whistleblower” is too stupid to realise that only the senate can remove a president from office which won’t ever happen with Trump.

  3. Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Amazement, I believe “Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. TrampleTraitorTrump” was talking about his Illegal Immigrant-Alien Alias #44 = Mr. Barry Or Is It Barak Hussein Soetoro Alias Soebarkah Alias Dunham Alias Obama And That Lesbian Of A US-SOS Mrs. HRC, Who Will Never Give Her Husband, Mr. William Billy “Slick Willy” Clinton Any Time To Procreate Together!!!

  4. Well Folks we have us another Liberal Democrat ZOMBIE “TrampleTraitorTrump” These quotes truly sums up these Zombies – “…the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.”

  5. Do remember that it was a Republican who was funding the original inquiry into Trump, including the Steele dossier. Some items checked did appear to be true, but others did not. There may have not been collusion, but there sure has been coziness! Look at Trump’s original cabinet where many had strong Russian interests. Look at Wilbur Ross, Sec’y of Commerce, who is still connected to the Cypress Bank, also owned by an Oligarch, and known for money laundering. Mueller did find instances of Obstruction, which has led us into the Impeachment inquiry. Actually, it is Trump with a personality disorder of Narcissism of which there is no cure.

  6. Clarification: “as they were said to be afraid of Trump.” The “they” here is Ukraine, not the Senators.

  7. The US was and is giving monetary support to Ukraine. Obama wanted to see Ukraine do something about its corruption, and was willing to withhold it if the corrupt prosecutor was not fired. Biden alone had no authority to withhold money under these circumstances, but he was only the messenger, under Obama’s instructions. There is nothing on page 2 of the May 4, 2018 letter indicating that the Democratic senators threatened to withhold money. They were concerned because of the reporting that Ukraine was backing away from investigating matters related to the Mueller report as they were said to be afraid of Trump. You need to read the letter again, as I’ve seen fabrications on other blogs that equate their letter to Trump’s recent “Mobspeak” threat–a real stretch of reality to illusion.

  8. I’m very proud of him, why is it against the law to give aid to some country with strings attached. I think we should insist on strings being attached, like at least 50% percent goes to feeding your poor, 0% can be spent on nuclear ambitions, they shouldn’t get a dime unless we get something in return, build a wall, even if they are only promises.

  9. Trump does “Mobspeak”! What may sound innocent to most of us has darker meanings with an implied threat.

  10. When you pray for America pray that it Atone for the sins of Slavery,what is wrong with people who can not,refuse to or do not want to see the devide in this country? POUS did wrong. POUS has asked a foreign government to help get dirt on citizens & government officials to help get him reelected. If he is such a good president he doesn’t need to get a foreign government to assist in getting him reelected. Stop talking about Democrats & Republicans, let’s find out what POUS did. We(citizens) of this country we must come together. Do you realize a house that stands against itself CAN be devide! Even though it is a great nation!

  11. Aren’t you proud of your cult hero, the serial sexual assaulter, the Mobster-in-Chief, and worst of all America’s Hitler and TRAITOR.

  12. Joe, don’t forget the morons writing these information-less articles that do nothing but sound like a disappointed Lib.

  13. The whistleblower and all the others on his/her side are full of crap to the eyeballs. That special server PRESERVED that memo you stupid moronic second rate candidates for a landfill!!!!

  14. The only smoke I see is what the whistle blower is blowing out his ass. President Trump is innocent of ALL charges if there really was any.

  15. My point, when you lie that much about being macho and it is made clear that your claims of being a tough guy are nothing but lies when you have the political power to abuse your authority you do so whenever you can especially when you are a member of the Comunistshariazionhasidistic party.

  16. It is a sad day in America, the FBI CIA and the media are using their power to try and overturn an election. This is sedition pure and simple, I knew the left was corrupt, but this is an outrage! They are out of control at this point and there is no oversight whatsoever. Something has to give, this house of cards they have erected, the blatent corruption at the highest levels of government and the push to bring this country down should terrify every American. I am praying that the American people, Democrat and Republican will see through this charade and end this nightmare of a party and get the spineless RINO’s and send them packing. The nerve of these people, tearing down statues of great men and now trying to cite the Constitution, makes my blood boil! Save the republic! MAGA/KAG!

  17. Yes but this is the same fool who would have believe that at 19 years of age he went ballistic on a Gang Banger.

  18. Same holds true of the Mueller report 400 pages detailing crimes that in no way implicate Trump in any wrong doing yet those who are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and reside on a warped plane of existence keep saying just read the Mueller report, ROFLMAO what mindless fools.

  19. The transcript of the phone conversation has been made public and nowhere in the information will you find any comments by Trump that might be construed as threatening.

    Another perfect example where members of the Communist party make and abide by their own laws, if someone abuses their political authority which obviously deviant and feeble minded Joe most certainly did they should be investigated and if their guilt is established any chance of holding a political office again ended.

    Democrats can lie, cheat and steal to gain and maintain power over the people but when the members of the Republican party commit an act no more criminal or treasonous than that of their Democratic counterparts then it is execution time, no! you components of a terminal viral pandemic plague that is not justice and it it is not your privilege to chance the rules at your whim.

  20. This is an attempt to shield Biden and his son Hunter. The Dems know their field of Candidates are weak and there are way too many of them. The DNC fears that it will take the public way too much time to actually chose one of the top 6 and there won’t be enough campaign time for the chosen one before the election. Then there is the Video and sound source that has old Joe Biden THREATENING the Ukrainian leader a few years back over the prosecutor and the possibility of an investigation into the company his son is involved with.
    It is NOT a question of if that prosecutor was disliked by others at that time, that is NOT the question AT ALL. The issue is that NO senior US elected Official can come into a country, like Ukraine, and dictate they fire, terminate or hire one of their senior officials, even if the person was in some-one’s opinion corrupt or ineffective, at the pleasure of the US official. That is NOT what US government officials do – dictate terms outside of the formal agreements the president makes. Obama indicated Ukraine would get about a Billion dollars of AID, Biden had NO business going over there to DICTATE that unless that prosecutor was removed within 6 hours they would NOT get the aid. Biden demanded it be done within 6 hours or before he left. This is a CLEAR violation which NONE of the news agencies have picked up on. The video was aired once many months ago and if you were not at the right time and place to see this video of Biden BRAGGING about how tough he was – you would have Never seen it, (this is how the news media is Horribly corrupt themselves).
    It is not known when President Trump found out about this. There’s tons of speculation – just listen to the NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN news anchors- that’s all they do is speculate. NO real clear date on when this incident became known at the White House.
    President Trump DOES have the right to go to the source, when time permits, and ask if what he heard was accurate and correct.
    The Democrats are pissed that he asked and found out, now all of us are aware of the video, the sound bites and the letter written by three Prominent Democratic Senators back on May 4th of 2018 telling the Ukrainian leader – then- that they want his cooperation on digging up dirt on Trump for the Mueller investigation, please look it up, and if the Ukrainian leader did NOT follow through with their request, see the second page of the letter, they indicated in that letter that they would NO Longer support and additional aid to Ukraine. Now all of this has the Ukrainians spooked. They are in the middle of a war with Russia. Will the US provide aid in their defense? That is why you hear on the NBC and ABC broadcasts the various former representatives and the current leader of Ukraine say they do not want to be in the middle of this fight, they know the Dems are in control of the House and the appropriations and they want to believe our President. ABC and NBC has already gone over there to interview and record a story. What most everyone of us here in the United States saw was worry and concern. NBC specifically edited the video to show and support their version that they, the Ukrainians, also do not want to have anything to do with Trump, (again the story is mis-leading and this is NBC’s stock in trade).

    Note: NBC has NOT ever mentioned the letter from the three Dem Senators and they have NOT rerun the video or sound bite of Biden Threatening the Ukrainian Leader from a few years ago.
    Why? They again are protecting Biden, Clinton and Obama-his legacy, the global order and the DNC.
    The DNC is very worried about losing this 2020 election, they have no one else but Joe. If they lose this election it will set the “global order” back decades.
    Trump is right, free societies and Free and sovereign nations all working together for a common good is what is the key to a peaceful planet. This should be the goal no matter how tough it will be to get there.

  21. I agree Keith!! God is surely in control…always has been…and always will be. Our nation needs to confess their sins, humble themselves and pray, asking God to help us to make our nation exemplary – a shining city on a hill. I am praying for our nation, our President, Vice President and administration and their families…for safety, for God’s guidance in all they say and do for us. For the unbelieving in office, may they realize the greatness of knowing God and keeping Him foremost in their dealings.

  22. A lot of times there never was a whistle blower they just used the claim of having an anonymous accuser to start this nonsense why else would it be stated that he “heard” from someone else that this happened and that someone else “thought” it was an abuse of power to keep conversations that might contain classified information on a server so those already illegally leaking out of context parts of past calls to the public can no longer access the information.

    If this kind of evidence was brought before a judge to get a warrant in any other criminal case they would be lucky not to be jailed for filing a false police report about a crime that never happened. In fact in all hearings/trials constitutionally we are supposed to have the right to face our accusers so we can provide evidence of why they would perjure themselves to use the law as a means to harass someone.

    By allowing anonymous complaints the state allows for anyone even those not allowed by law to complain or accuse someone.

    For example a few decades ago in the state of Kansas where state law says that no complaint against a property is considered valid unless the one who signs/made the complaint lives within 200 feet of the property many cities have illegally made “protection” ordinances that hide the identity of who complained and allow an “authorized” officer of the city to make the complaint on their behalf.

    This allows a city to make up false complaints like “the chickens (who were all hens) were crowing at 2:00 am” as one city used to harass one farmer that raised them claiming some neighbor complained she was being kept awake by them.

    The neighbors when asked claimed they did not even know he was raising chickens until the POLICE began soliciting for complaints about them and failed to get any.

    When that failed in court due to the many violations the city committed they then Amended an ordinance about the care and feeding of animals turning it into one that bans all animals (later amended to allow dogs and cats) combined with their “high grass” ordinance (used to target even everything from tomato plants to hay etc.) abolished all agricultural use of land in a city founded on agriculture in a state with a law prohibiting infringing on agricultural use of land and think they can enforce them up to three miles outside of the city limits. Eventually ending in a state and federal investigation of those in various city position at the time when certain money vanished.

    But what else would one expect when in 2004 they hired a city administrator right out of another towns scandal of missing money who was under investigation for having something to do with millions in missing or misappropriated tax money.

    All because the city had a “target list” of businesses they had been trying to force to move or close since the late 70’s because a certain person in power felt that any pawn shop, craft store, used appliance store, used furniture store, etc. naming all the ones that did not involve brand new items or allowing the repair of old ones were “ruining the economy” or as he was overheard saying by some people when not on record they “attract the wrong kind of people of people for MY TOWN”. As if he owned the entire town and could dictate who lives or works there. Essentially they spent at least three decades before the investigation made them scatter trying to turn the town into one that relied on a single large business for its entire tax income.

  23. Educate me on this but isn’t the whistleblower allowed to remain anonymous in order to protect them from hateful retaliation?

  24. Actually the have verified the dossier is fake the media just refused to report that fact. The FBI investigated it and found that people it claimed did certain things in Russia were not even in that country at the time along with numerous other accusations that failed verification.

    To this day the media and the ones who paid to have it created in an effort to derail Trumps 2016 election act as if it is actually true despite even confessions from some of those involved in faking the dossier.

  25. By now there is not one person, who has read the whistle-blower complaint, does not know it’s a fake. We need to refer to it as fake. Yet, to this day, people refer to the ‘dossier’ as unverified, as if it could be, if someone would get off their ass and do it. It’s fake.

  26. Get rid of the Hitler # 2 and dem damn RATS will vanish! They will dry out and become part of the climate change!

  27. Sorry folks. This is really about sickening. This is corruption in full force. There is so much turmoil going on in this world that it is effecting us in our own homes. President Trump is supporting Israel. He will continue to be blessed. We are told that we will go thru trials and tribulations. However, God is with us. Remember, this mess is just for now and we will prevail. Hang in there my Rebublican friends! There are blessings on the way! (And I am sorry about the tasteless comment) I too am only human.

  28. Everyone of these Democrat scumbags are speeding out of control on a fast track straight to hell. They are all evil and rotten to the core and not one of them is worth the air they breath. Karma is coming your way and soon you lowlife, scummy, dirtbag, Neanderthal maggots!

  29. Get rid of the Hitler # 2 and dem damn RATS will vanish! They will dry out and become part of the climate change!

  30. Lets
    Polygraph the whistle blower!
    Let’s validate who is really behind this so called complaint, another conspiracy! By guess who ,again

  31. The title alone shows the purpose of the whistleblower. The concern is not about what Trump did, but about trying to take him down. The current dem politicians are corrupt and soulless. Their agenda of taking down Trump preempts everything including the safety and security of our country. I hope the voters can see this.

  32. What happens in 2020 to the Demon-crats find the American people have had enough of this stupidity and want to have the country to move forward.

  33. One of the lawyers that was being interviewed on FOX said the so-called “whistleblowers” complaint reads like something a lawyer would write. It was peobably written by one of the Democrats lawyers and the Democrats all chipped in. It is probably a phomey complaint, made up by the Democrats. They never thought Trump would release the transcript of the phonecall. I hope other countries will not stop communicating with us because of this crap. It’s just another way for the Democrats to try to take down this country and blame it on Trump.

  34. Please let me know if I am wrong on this. The whistleblower was told about the so called abuse of power by Trump. Isn’t that hearsay. I thought you had to either seen it or have air tight proof.
    I could be way of the the mark here. Please advise me and no hate texting either.

  35. Please, just have the “whistleblower” come out and tell their side of this story, in full detail, with absolute proof they heard and recorded the call! No hearsay, no BS, just absolute proof that this person was in on the call and has a full verifiable audio of the call! Simple. Then allow the normal legal process to work itself through Congress and the Senate. If the “whistleblower” has the absolute proof of wrong doing then Trump will suffer the consequences, if the “whisteblower” is wrong he/she will go to prison for the rest of their life and owe Donald Trump billions of dollars for the defamation/slander! But it MUST start with the “whistelblower” giving ALL of their testimony to the American Public without any redaction or restrictions.

  36. Second hand hear say is NOT admisable in court; show us the leaker so they can be prosecuted. this idiot DOES not qualify as a ‘whistle blower’. he is a Trump hating CIA leaker.

  37. This is a perfect example of what a “red flag law” can and will do to someone, Guilty until proven not guilty and you get no chance to defend yourself against the person or persons that make the false claim they get to just sit back and laugh as the person accused is drug through the mud.

  38. We’ve heard this crap for 3 years. Ain’t gonna happen. The commiecrats party will explode trying to get Trump

  39. The mockery is that A. Kavanaugh 100% vindicated, yet dems still want to impeach. B.
    Mueller report 100% vindicated trump, but dems still want to impeach. C. Hunter Biden
    (joe’s son) tried to influence Ukranian elections, and now Dems are blaming Trump for
    Interferring?? Laugh out loud!!

  40. We elected a non politician as president for a reason and so far we the people were right.We did not want the status quo and we got a man of action, a man who is unafraid, a man who wants to bring our nation back to glory. Too bad for you you weak people who think we need to be a global society I beg you to go find a nation that thinks your way and move there as soon as possible as far as all of you wanting to save the planet you need to go to China as they are the worst offenders and by the way you need to leave now as it will take quite a while in a sailboat to get there Make sure you leave anything that requires energy behind so you can reduce your carbon footprint I hope you know how to read a star-chart for navigation

  41. WHEN DO THESE PEOPLE FIND THEMSELVES IN JAIL??? They are making a mockery out of the Presidency – they won’t be satisfied Until there is a CIVIL WAR

  42. Stop calling this pekkahead a whistleblower , this is really a ‘RATFINK” traitor. He/She/it/tTHEY is an agent of the GLOBAL SOCOMS working 2 subvert the US constitution & western civilization. Just another zombified/brainwashed slime hiding in the shadows & dark places.

  43. A CIA plant turns out to be the deep states secret weapon. Excuse me, I thought it was ILLEGAL for the CIA to operate in the UNITED STATES!!!

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