A whistleblower exposed the child abuse scandal Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know about

Joe Biden’s problems are beginning to multiply on a daily basis.

They could sink Democrats in next year’s midterm elections.

And a whistleblower exposed the child abuse scandal Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know about.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show and relayed some troubling news to guest host Brian Kilmeade.

Joe Biden’s border crisis had spiraled so far out of control that some of the nearly 19,000 kids being held in cages reported incidents of sexual assault that are being ignored because the guards are so overwhelmed.

Patrick relayed how the Texas Governor’s office just sent in the Texas Rangers to investigate the Biden administration shamefully throwing children to the wolves.

“[T]onight, Brian, we just sent the Texas Rangers in . . . to the facility in San Antonio. Because we got complaints to state agencies that there’s no supervision. Because they don’t have enough people there. They can’t get volunteers. There’s sexual assault going on between these teenagers in this — this is the call that we got today, several calls, they’re not being fed properly, they have kids with COVID that aren’t being separated.”

“The President and the Vice President of the United States and the Democratic Party are so concerned about placating the Left for open borders, children are allegedly being sexually assaulted on American soil because of their total neglect of protecting our border, protecting this country, and protecting these kids, whether they’re dropped over the fence, whether they’re sexually assaulted, whether they’re sent into the country into sex trafficking. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have this on their hands, Brian,” Lt. Governor Patrick stated.

The border crisis is the sole responsibility of Joe Biden.

Biden’s administration refuses to send illegal alien children back to their home country, which is inviting a wave of illegal alien migration not seen in nearly two decades.

And the consequences of Biden’s open borders policies are children being held in cages, some facing sexual assault.

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