A whistleblower let the American people in on a disturbing secret about Joe Biden

Joe Biden got caught lying to the American people once again.

Biden’s latest falsehood could cost the public big time.

And a whistleblower let the American people in on a disturbing secret about Joe Biden.

William Henck is a former IRS lawyer who the agency forced out after he leveled allegations that it targeted elderly Americans for abusive audits.

In an interview with Fox Business, Henck mocked the idea that the 87,000 new IRS agents Joe Biden’s socialist spending bill funded would only target wealthy Americans.

“The idea that they’re going to open things up and go after these big billionaires and large corporations is quite frankly bulls–t,” Henck stated. “It’s not going to happen. They’re going to give themselves bonuses and promotions and really nice conferences.”

“The big corporations and the billionaires are probably sitting back laughing right now,” Henck added.

Henck explained that the incentive structure inside the IRS will force agents to target middle class Americans.

“There will be considerable incentive to basically shake down taxpayers, and the advantage the IRS has is they have basically unlimited resources and no accountability, whereas a taxpayer has to weigh the cost of accountants, tax lawyers — fighting something in tax court,” Henck continued.

Henck echoed warnings from many experts that this phalanx of new IRS agents would target small business owners and independent contractors.

“If you own a roofing company, you better count on getting audited because that’s what they’re going to be doing,” Henck explained. “They’re going to be going after your car dealerships and roofing companies.”

The Biden administration tried to promote a misleading talking point claiming the rates of audits on middle-class Americans will not increase.

But that doesn’t mean the number of audits on middle-class Americans won’t increase.

They will.

Democrats cannot raise enough taxes from the 724 billionaires in America to fund their insane socialist spending.

The real money rests with the middle class.

And these 87,000 new IRS agents will necessarily target middle class taxpayers.

Democrats don’t want to openly admit they are raising taxes on the middle class.

That is a recipe for political disaster.

But Democrats can soak the middle class for billions in new tax revenue with increased audits from the 87,000 new IRS agents Joe Biden plans to hire.

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