A whistleblower testified about Ilhan Omar’s guilt in this major crime

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar could be facing deportation.

The evidence of her wrongdoing in multiple alleged crimes continues to pile up.

And now a whistleblower testified about Ilhan Omar’s guilt in this major crime.

Omar has long dodged accusations that she married her brother Ahmed Elmi back in 2009 as part of alleged immigration fraud scheme to get Elmi into the United States.

The Minnesota Congresswoman has often played the race card to deflect these allegations.

But that defense collapsed when Somali community leader Abdihakim Osman stepped forward with testimony that Omar and Elmi were in fact brother and sister when they got married.

The Daily Mail reported that “Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States, at a time when she was married to her first husband Ahmed Hirsi.”

Osman told the Daily Mail that when Omar married her first husband Ahmed Hirsi it was a major event where members of both families as well as friends were invited to the ceremony.

Conversely, Osman told the Daily Mail that Omar kept the marriage to Elmi a complete secret and that no one in Minnesota’s large Somali community knew they were even married until journalists began asking questions.

“No one knew there had been a wedding until the media turned up the marriage certificate years later,” Osman, 40, exclusively told DailyMail.com.

In in an interview with Osman, Osman told the Daily Mail that both Omar and Hirsi revealed that Elmi was Omar’s brother.

The Daily Mail exclusively reports:

“People began noticing that Ilhan and Southside (Hirsi) were often with a very effeminate young guy,” Osman said, who spoke in Somali through an interpreter.

“He was very feminine in the way he dressed — he would wear light lipstick and pink clothes and very, very, short shorts in the summer. People started whispering about him.

“[Hirsi] and Ilhan both told me it was Ilhan’s brother and he had been living in London but he was mixing with what were seen as bad influences that the family did not like.

“So they sent him to Minneapolis as ‘rehab’.”

Osman testimony provides evidence that may corroborate not only allegations of immigration fraud, but student loan and tax fraud as well.

That’s because there is strong evidence alleging Omar never divorced Hirsi when she secretly “married” Elmi.

Omar allegedly jointly filed taxes with both men, which is a violation of law and may also have defrauded the student loan program.

Osman stepping forward will only increase the pressure on federal investigators to dig in to Omar’s past and determine if the evidence warrants criminal charges.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I pray she does get deported as she doesn’t belong in iur country. She has proven this many times and she’s a bad influence on the squalid squad

  2. So when are they going to kick her out of Congress and
    deport her. She is a Anti-American, terrorist sympathizer,
    now a fraud, liar and has defrauded the country. Throw her
    in jail or kick her worthless butt out of the country.

  3. Both omar and her brother need to have their citizenship revoked don’t send them to prison for taxpayers to support for years, send them back to Somalia where they came from, omar has consorted with terrorist groups and has vowed she hates America, we really don’t need another sorass individual in this country constantly stirring up trouble, therefore deport both of these immigration frauds, let us see if she regrets her remarks about America after she lands in Somalia or if she will be perfectly happy stirring the pot of trouble in her beloved country which she says is so superior to the US in every way

  4. Ship the Somali Slut back to Mogadishu already. I’m sure there’s an Imman with a pile of stones waiting for her to come back to the fold of Islam.

  5. This women is a liar, POS, and worthless individual who hates America and all Americans. Throw the rag head out of America and revoke her citizenship. I would like to see her do hard time being kicked out!

  6. I believe there is documented evidence of criminal action(s) with both federal and state officials. The question is wether either brings her to trial, and if found guilty, sentenced by the corrupt courts in either jurisdition. I personally believe nothing, on any level, will happen. There is insuficient integrity to allow any persuit of justice for a minority democrat (e.g. Fast & Furious, DOJ, IRS, CIA, and FBI criminality, Benghazi, Russiagate, DNC security fiasco, Hillary Clinton email deletion). Just saying….

  7. The lw needs to pull their heads out of their rectums and take judicial action against Ilhan Omar. I other words Charge her and kick her ass out of the USA. She is guilty of more than being married to her brother and her ex husband

  8. She needs to go and needs to be done asap no need for this to take 6 months to a year. GET HER OUT. If any Democrat stands up for her they are out to. In fact she should be sent back where she came from not allowed to stay in USA. Beside she is a mole and doesn’t like it here in the USA or believe are the American way. Out

  9. Everyone of these filthy locusts should be thrown in prison….or sent back to their country of origin in an I hate alah and mohammed t-shirt as their only piece of clothing and 5 lbs of bacon strapped to them

  10. This news makes one wonder if America is really a country of law and order. I guess I will know the answer if this little snit gets away with breaking our laws!

  11. So deport her already make her pay back all money’s she has received as a bigamist while in the senate .

  12. Why does everyone skip over the other two crimes against she committed while married to her own brother. She had to do one thing to make her marriage to her brother valid and that sick act alone should get her on a leaky boat back to Somalia along with her entire Family and that includes any children born to her since coming here no matter who the father is. That should include this twit she got a divorce for short time ago. As for the twit she has now he is only with her because she pays him. Once she is booted from office and shipped back to the hole she crawled out of he will be begging his soon to be ex wife to take him back.

  13. This is beginning to sound every bit like a scene out of the movie:DELIVERANCE.
    “Take that little shart off”.

  14. The incest spin on this is interesting that part under Islamic law is kind of strange it is forbidden yet forgiven if committed. However we do not know if incest was committed or not. As the article suggest that the Somali community was thinking her brother was gay! However she did know that it was against US & Islamic Law to marry her brother and the taking of another husband while being still married to her first husband. That was why she kept it hidden from the Somali community as pointed out marriage is a big deal in the community!

  15. ALL the previous comments enlightening. Thank you. Perhaps, efforts to also inform liberals on progressive websites might prompt personal insight.

    Clearly, Omar is funded by Big Money, as she blatantly flaunts and disregards the law: tax and immigration frauds.

    Amazing that she is not criminally accused nor charged deportable. (Another Jussie Smollett scenario — high government level corruption and cronyism.)

    Yet, President Trump was forced to endure months of sham impeachment proceedings based upon unreliable inadmissible hearsay — unjust!

  16. Rob Jones you have it exactly correct!!!!!!!!! The dumbocraps have been indoctrinating
    our youth for at least two decades in our educational institutions touting communism
    so, all bernie supporters are totally the ignorant of our society. I was a teacher!!!
    I know what they tried to do.

  17. I am a resident of New York state for 62 years. I am also a Whistleblower, exposing gross government corruption, Civil & Human Rights atrocities in programs meant to support Women & Minority Business. In addition, I appeared as a Federal Witness for the USDOJ in 2 criminal allegations, yet left unprotected when the heinous retaliation on my life began. My unalienable rights have been denied dozens of times under color of law for living up to my legal & moral obligations. I have been terrorized for almost a decade, suffered from crimes committed against me & Judicial Obstruction of Justice for refusing to participate in government corruption, to exploit my gender to enrich others. I am a Natural Born American Citizen & I would like to know why the rights of illegal & potentially illegal immigrants, criminals & terrorists seem to hold more value to the DNC & their representatives than my rights under the US Constitution & My Unalienable rights under God?.

  18. I believe the clintons and other extremely powerful and rich”phantoms” are threatening
    anyone who gets close to their filthy deeds and arrest them are told they will be having a lot of funerals for their family members and an “unfortunate accident” to them.

  19. This information on Omar has been available for more than two years, so what is taking so long in the investigation. The trail of facts have been there, she should have been removed from office ,prosecuted and deported by now. No matter who it is in DC it takes twice as long to prosecute than any other place in the country.

  20. She is a total embarrassment to our country. Revoke her citizenship and get her the hell out of our country………………..!!!

  21. America 2100 After Democrats have controlled America fr 50 years (bad dream). Marriage is no longer a word used. It is “coupling” like train cars. As many or as those coupling
    would like, with whchever of the 32 genders od Sexual Identities they prefer. There are new IDs accepted as well: People who identify as horses, pigs, antelopes and unicorns.
    US Citizen is not longer a term. It is called occupant-any one can come in, for all checkpoints have been removed on our borders. There would be great happiness except for the mass starvations due to lack of food, as because America chose the path of communism and Bernie Sanders, like the Soviet Union of old, because there is no incentive for farmers to grow surplus crops, they are not. All education is free, except there are very few jobs, unless one works for the government. Medical care is free, although because most pharma suppliers went out of business decades ago, there are few medicines available. Disease is rampant in this brave new world. But it is a
    utopian world, where all love their fellow man (at least in the Democratic Parties
    diluted reality)

  22. All these comments are heartfelt and earnest! If you would like action on your words, email your federal congressman or senator. You can do a search for their email in about a minute. They get paid to voice your concerns and push for action, especially in law breaking scenarios.

  23. We have Obama to blame for all of this. Not only did he allow trash like this to come here unvetted, he filled different departments with like minded liberals that will do nothing to stop this from happening. That is why we’re not seeing anything being done. And I’m not convinced that the people Trump is putting in there are any better. What is Ray doing with the corruption in the FBI. All I’ve heard from him is his defense of everything the FBI has done wrong over the last 11 years or so. Trump needs to stop listening to his advisors, whom I don’t trust, and start seeing what these people are doing or not doing and get to canning the whole bunch.

  24. I’m sorry for what has happened to OUR country..it was once the best place on earth to live and work..one could attain the so called American dream.now anyone and everyone is worried about being shot when they visit a big city or those that live in cities have to succumb to crime ridden streets. People are forced to give up arms to protect themselves and the cops are part of the problem..vote this year and get America back to what it was,,,A great place! Get the Democrates out..keep GOD in this society! As a combat veteran. I wonder if anyone cares..is everyone a bunch of sheep letting themselves be lead to slaughter?

  25. I am tired of all the talk bout her illegal activities and marriage. Do something about it. We are a nation of laws!!!

  26. What is her real goal…..Sharia Law? America’s destruction? Undermined our culture and religions? All of the above?

  27. Omar she sees the Democratic party’s corruption and thinks she can get away with it too ! Their part is wasted . A dumpster of trash.

  28. She’s got a “D” behind her name, which ensures that nothing will ever happen to her. Haven’t you people learned anything yet? “D’s” can get out of jail early, but we never-ever prosecute them anymore….for anything!

  29. Omar is an America hating traitor and should be given the courtesy of voluntarily returning to Somalia, or the gallows!

  30. there are very few ways a naturalized citizen can be deported, but immigration fraud tops the list. Then there is tax fraud.

  31. Sure a lot of trash about Omar but she is still in her position in our government.If she has broke our laws why is she still in office sprouting out her hatred of the US? Lets quit with all this or step up and do what most Americans want and get rid of Omar and ship her back out of the country.

  32. Isn’t there something in their Koran that says lying is permissible if it is needed to get what you want? Since we have freedom of religion here it must be OK for her and her fellow Somalis to do as they please.

  33. When you have teachers and college professors brainwashing and indoctrinating children into the merits of collectivism (aka communism), eventually the chickens will come home to roost. Now these children are lining up in droves to vote for a communist and there’s nothing the establishment can do to stop it.

  34. Dan, I don’t want to look close. The less I see of dems the better. You are correct. They are a bunch of perverts. They threw God out and have no morals

  35. The way things have been going lately, it would probably be safe to assume that Omar will get a pass from the DOJ……Comey gets a pass, then McCabe……both traitors! There is no rule of law for democraps, or so it would appear!!

  36. Well, Ilhan Omar can can always find a job renting herself for engagements to men, and of course, other women for certain “favors” on street corners. Bet she would be great in this occupation.

  37. Obummer took God out. My Trump brought God back. God is who picked the President cuz he heard our cries. God bless you Mr ?????
    Down with soreass pillosie waters shifty and all the rest of them. They are scared of our president and they should br

  38. The political screenplay of the century is here…
    and the title is…

    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
    America has fallen and can’t get up,
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  39. Your damn straight charges need to be filed. She needs removed from office both of their citizenship should be forfeited and they should be deported back to their original countries. Plus she needs to reimburse ALL the student loan money and she should be barred from ever entering this country again or ever holding office here. This is how these people use the systems here to get what they want illegally

  40. this evil thing needs to be put in prison for a long time and then stripped of citizenship and deported along with anybody that came here with her

  41. The DEM’S don’t care. If any of us committed the crimes Omar has we would have been locked up immediately! She needs to be removed from Congress and sent back to Somalia. Keep dragging your feet DEM’S and you can all go with her.

  42. It had to come to this. This is what happens when wrong people send their propaganda. The whole “SQUAD” are a bunch of low life loosers! I think Omar has violated her oath over and over. The disrespect that they show towards our President. Facts are facts. Send her back where she came from and let her country do the punishing!

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