This actor shut down Michelle Obama with one tweet

Michelle Obama’s future plans are up in the air.

Will she run for President in 2020?

This Trump-supporting actor shut down her ambitions with one tweet.

Former Clinton pollster Doug Schoen authored on op-ed claiming Michelle Obama was the Democrats strongest candidate in 2020.

Despite the fact that she has repeatedly denied any interest in running, pundits continue to cast her in the role of challenger to Donald Trump.

Actor – and Trump supporter – James Woods delighted in the news and hoped Obama runs so Trump can crush her.

A liberal troll responded on twitter and claimed she would never run because she hated her time in the White House.

Woods fired back with what would a devastating attack on Michelle Obama should she run – namely that she abused tax payer money with constant and extravagant vacations.

Woods is on to something.

During her time as First Lady, Michelle Obama lived it up on the taxpayer dime.

The Washington Examiner reports she ran up a $100 million tab on vacation spending:

“The final tab for former President Obama’s eight years of family travel to ski resorts, beaches and European cities has finally come in and the bill is $99,714,527.82.

Judicial Watch, the taxpayer watchdog group that has shifted its attention to President Trump’s travel costs, said it just received some of the last responses to Obama-era Freedom of Information Act requests for trip costs from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Secret Service.

— The March 2014 trip to Key Largo during Spring Break – where the first family stayed at the exclusive Ocean Reef Club – cost the Secret Service $247,827.50; $182,120.33 for hotels and $65,707.17 in travel expenses. The total cost of that trip with previously released $885,683 in flight costs from the Air Force is $1,133,510.50.

— Michelle Obama’s February 2015 Aspen vacation cost the Secret Service a total of $64,807.41; $47,109.28 for hotels, $3,559.43 in rental cars and $14,138.70 in other travel expenses. The total cost of the trip with $57,068.80 in flight costs from previously released Air Force records is $121,876.21.

— Judicial Watch released documents from the Air Force concerning the 2016-2017 Obama family Christmas trip to Honolulu showing 17.9 hours flying at $142,380 per hour, bringing the total flight cost to $2,548,602.”

While Barack Obama was abusing his power and shredding the Constitution, Michelle Obama abused the generosity of the U.S. taxpayer.

She jet-setted across the globe with the freewheeling and free spending tastes of European royalty.

If she runs for President her gorging at the public trough will surely be a top issue.



  1. Gee, I guess Michelle is at last proud of America! How thrilling!!!
    I hope she does run and the Democratics nominate her for another disaster at the polls.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  2. People with sever mental disorders should never run for office. The problem is, while the have the mental problems, they are not away that they should be embarrassed about what they say, so they continue to make complete fools of themselves and no one has the guts to tell them!

    • Do you know you are describing Donald Trump! HE was diagnose bipolar when he was 48 years old ,he has had no dealings with any of the companies that he has controlling shares in after he lost over 200 plus companies and it just a very few people who knows.None of the testes was done in his name.I know Donald and his family for over 30 years and 90% of the time he lies and he likes to make up things that never happen.The people who voted for him will soon get the backlash from all his lies .He has the brains of a 8 grader and if he is not check we will have a war with North Korea and China soon .

  3. What qualifications, experience, or abilities would she bring to the job?
    She, along with her husband, repeatedly demonstrated disrespect for our flag, our nation, and the American people.

  4. its easy to call people names….but facts are more impressive than name calling. To see what the “leaders” in Washington have stolen from us….I recommend a book…”throw them all out”…..This is an investigation by journalists, not the news readers you see on TV, of Congressmen and women. Based on SEC documents, it reveals how politicians enrich them selves and their followers on the taxpayers expense. Some of the biggest thieves: Pelosi….became a multimillionaire “investigating” credit card companies, she became rich after buying Visa stock, she has also stolen millions by raising the value of her real estate holdings by passing legislation “improving” roads that run by her property…..Harry Reid…..he and his sons run the state of Nevada with their crooked legal dealing…..Obama….had his followers get bogus loans from the dept of energy, thru people HE APPOINTED….then, all the loans went delinquent….and the borrowers got off with out having to pay..Read the facts then tell your congressmen ( and EACH US CITIZEN has three, two senators and a Representative)….” You are Mad as hell and are not going to take it any more” which is a line from the movie “Network”. I think you should see this 1970s movie. It was frightening back then but it is so accurate TODAY re the power of the media…..” People get the government they deserve”….I don’t remember who said that, but it is true. If you want to tolerate liars cheats and scoundrels in office…then do nothing. But if you are “mad as hell…”…You can write letters to the editors of newspapers, blog, or tell your Congressmen who you won’t vote for any more…Thats all the “leaders” really want any way, to stay in power. Rob them of their pleasure and loot, and they may react…Do nothing and its business as usual….

  5. I would like to see some/all of the money returned to tax payers from her/his (Oblunder butts) wealth built from taxes. I can’t even afford to go to other states let alone Islands of fun..

  6. It’s true. Madame Obama has never done any political activity *ies) in 8 years of her husband’s presidency. Beside her MBA from Harvard what can she do for her beloved country?

  7. Michelle Obama offers nothing for voters, so why would she run? Oh, that’s right, because her husband started the focus on identity politics, so now the only criteria on the left is to fit within certain categories. Michelle is female, check. Michelle is black, check. Okay, according to the Dems, that makes her qualified. Silly.

  8. The Cbama’s have no respect for other peoples money. They were a diaster waiting to happen and it happened time after time after time, It is sickening to see their expense sheets. They are a sick and crazy pair totally confused on??? who knows their ego is Mars.

  9. Hussein, must get frantic that he can’t seal up Moochelle, like he did his IQ, his real birth certificate and his bogus foreign student acceptance school records at Harvard, by becoming a fraud president. The country paid dearly for that voting hiccup by the blind.

  10. Woods is absolutely right. If she runs, she will hear and see ads which quote her as saying: “For the first time in my life, I appreciate my country.” She has always hated white people and everything America stands for. Run Moochelle Run…AWAY!

  11. Hey, why is it no one ever mentions the two first Anchor Babies?
    But in all fairness, I did hear that Michelle was extremely intelligent. She did figure out how to rob the Country blind (paying for vacations that weren’t earned or deserved)and not go to jail for it.

    • The only politicians that go to jail are the past Governors and other politicians of Illinois. Not one of them did nearly as much crime as the Democrats and ended up in jail for years. Rod Blogovich is in prison for 14 years! And, he ended up there because a black politician had an idea of selling Barry’s seat when he went to the White House. Rod was set up by Barry and his friends and should never have been in prison and certainly NOT FOR 14 YEARS. Rod actually did a lot of good for the people of Illinois, especially seniors. Now his wife and daughters see him 3 times a year and he gets paid $8.00 an hour to clean prison floors.

      If Rod were black he would not have been put in prison. Jesse Jackson Jr. (former Congressman) collects $138,400 a year after serving time for looting $750,000 from his campaign fund. He spent about 22 months in correctional facilities, a halfway house and home detention.

      After his release, his wife began a one-year sentence in a federal prison camp and fulfilled the obligation last October. She left the camp in September and wrapped up the last month of her term on home detention. A deal was made so one parent would stay at home to take care of their children.

      But Jesse is black and Rod is white. Look up Jesse Jackson, Jr. for more on how he is getting SPECIAL TREATMENT on our tax dollars.

  12. In the 4 years since Michael left the White House you will have all these young voters that were forced to eat the unappetizing crap that they were forced to eat in high school. If they are reminded of this it is unlikely Michael will get their vote.

  13. Michael Lavaughn Robinson, that is his birth name, played football at the college level. Defensive tackle, what linebackers and secondary people always refer to as the big butts. It has has had no sex change operations of any kind. and is still male. just because it wears a dress does not make it female. Unless you think a 10 or 11 inch male appendage is okay. Barry the fairy was very afraid of michael. So Barry had affair after affair. Moe than 100 every year in the back seat of the presidential limo.

    • Aw, come on. Give the guy some credit.
      He can peel a banana with his toes in a split second, but you’ll notice there aren’t a lot of trees on the White House grounds. That’s because they were afraid if he got loose he might climb up one of em and it’s take forever to get his fat ass back down.

  14. Why in God’s name do the wives of Presidents think that qualifies THEM TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT? Lord, Michelle did nothing but run her mouth, admitted she was a racist and lived “high on the hog” paid by the taxpayers. She isn’t qualifed – no more than Hillary and should be in prison right now.

    • Best of all–just to point out the fact that in the above article–they were only counting Michelle’s expenses during Obama’s term. This is just ‘one’ person. Never mind that Obama took separate vacations on a very ‘regular’ basis. Your point is well taken in that Michelle still didn’t ‘travel alone’–she brought ‘the neighborhood’!! The day I saw Obama and his family walk across the White House lawn for the first time–I got a ‘chill’ up my spine!! They didn’t have the ‘body language’ of people who had been ‘elected’ to do a job!! They walked as though Obama had just been ‘crowned King’ and they were moving into the ‘Palace’!! ‘Body language’ says so much more than most people are aware of–it ‘tells’ all to those who will ‘read’ it!! It certainly said it ‘all’ about Obama and his family!!

    • Thank you, I was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to post it in case some one took it as sexist. My wife is an interior designer but I sure as hell can’t pick fabrics and know nothing about window treatments. I thought that was something you did to the glass, turns out its blinds. Just because your spouse is qualified you aren’t an expert.

  15. Moochie also had the largest entourage in the White House ever. She brought the whole hood with her so she could steal as much from the taxpayers as possible! Not only did she spend wastefully she represented us looking like a pig! We don’t want her anywhere! Perhaps they can live in Kenya, where he was born!

      • Don’t sink down to their level. Racist slurs won’t solve anything. I totally agree that she should not run, nor would I vote for her at least until I’m dead. Obama’s stent in office basically left us with bitter foreign relations, our on Allies do not trust us, more terrorist attacks around the would and on OUR soil, not to mention an exponentially increasing national debt. I know I’m forgetting a ton of stuff here too.

        But we need to look at the bright side, Iran can produce nuclear “energy” and North Korea can protect themselves because they have nuclear capabilities now. :-//

  16. P-l-e-a-s-e, we don’t need another Obama in the WH. Just like we didn’t need another Clinton in the WH. The stink from both are still there & will probable be there for generations! I wouldn’t be opposed to the RIGHT women in the WH, unfortunately you don’t have one here. In more ways than one!

  17. terry, I fail to see any cuss words, in fact I felt the Captain showed remarkable restraint in his post. I would have been a little more descriptive in my summation of “Michael”.

    • terry, I fail to see any cuss words, in fact I felt the Captain showed remarkable restraint in his post. I would have been a little more descriptive in my summation of “Michael”.

      • Charles,
        . . . The Captain swore twice and terry is correct. Foul language is not necessary. So let’s not lower our selves to their level. Xavier why did you attack Terry for standing up for what is right? He has done nothing wrong. It is the The Captain who was wrong.
        . . . . I have never liked nor supported barrackie the muslim and his wife michelle. I tried to get my family and friends to see what they were but they just laughed it off. They thought that barrackie the muslim was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The sad thing are the disillusion people out there who believe their lies.
        America: Love it or Leave It!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Michelle is a man. Barack Obama is a homo was afraid of Michael because he is very big as men go. It took a rape of Barry the fairy to make the relationship start t work. That happened in August of 2016. All of tis 100% true.

  18. Michelle Obama was a “show horse”. Nothing but a piece of *** with a jack@$$ leading her. She was nothing special. (Nothing impressive here, just a pair of dogs “off the leash” in the White House).

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