Adam Schiff accused President Trump of this crime that will leave you red with rage

Adam Schiff is taking over the public spotlight.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman has launched what will be a two-week-long Stalinist show trial disguised as an impeachment inquiry.

And Adam Schiff just accused President Trump of this crime that will leave you red with rage.

Democrats found their accusations collapsed that President Trump engaged in a “quid pro quo” with Ukraine over military aid in exchange for investigations into Joe Biden.

The aid flowed to Ukraine and no investigation into Biden was announced.

Now Democrats are scrambling to conjure up new grounds for impeachment, and Adam Schiff landed on accusing the President of bribery.

Breitbart reports:

Schiff said, “I don’t think any decision has been made on the ultimate question about whether articles of impeachment should be brought. But on the basis of what the witnesses have had to say so far, there are any number of potentially impeachable offenses: including bribery, including high crimes and misdemeanors. The basic allegations against the president are that he sought foreign interference in a U.S. election, that he conditioned official acts on the performance of these political favors — and those official acts include a White House meeting that the president of Ukraine desperately sought with President Trump, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded military assistance for a country that is at war with Russia and a country that the United States has a deep national security interest in making sure it can defend itself.”

He continued, “As the founders understood bribery, it was not as we understand it in law today. It was much broader. It connoted the breach of the public trust in a way where you’re offering official acts for some personal or political reason, not in the nation’s interest. Here you have the president of the United States seeking help from Ukraine in his reelection campaign in the form of two investigations that he thought were politically advantageous, including one of his primary rival.”

He added, “Bribery only requires that you’re soliciting something of value. It doesn’t have to be cash. It can be something of value.”

He concluded, “But more than that, high crimes and misdemeanors also include things that are violations of the public trust. The public trusts the president to be acting in their interests, not in the interest of their political campaign when it comes to conducting the nation’s business.”

Democrats love the bribery charge because it is one of the only crimes laid out in the Constitution.

They believe this helps them reach the “high crimes and misdemeanors” threshold for impeachment.

But even this phony charge collapses because of the simple fact that the money went to Ukraine and there were no investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Will someone please give Shifty a soft rag and a bottle of plxiglas cleaner so he can polish that peephole where his navel used to be. That way he can see at least a little bit as he stumbles around with his head up his ass.

        • Bit a very ladylike reply, Helen Ferguson. Did you teach your daughters to also have that reply, to a civil comment, or suggestion? Would you use those same terms to your clergyman, is he or she made a civil comment to something you had said? Just what kind of example do you project to the youth?

        • But Helen it is true look at how much money he as stiffed different cities for take El Paso his campaign owed them about 500,000.00 dollars.

      • How about being smarter than you and all Democrats House? You see how dumb you are Everytime you check the Democrats party box! But you don’t know how to explain to me, how can a Democrat Congress in the HOUSE afford a 12 million dollars mansion on 174k check? Want to know who are really the 1 %? Just checked out all Democrats from California! People there can’t afford a house on 50k ! But your Democrats Congress can on 174k a years!

      • Alex B from what shit hole did you emerged,you stupid ignorant. The President was already a billionary before he got into politic. He even donate his salary every year. Did you know that you POS?
        Do your research before you open your stinky mouth. Or better yet, get a brain wash because you desperately needed.

  2. Adam Schiff has just described what the Dems have been doing for the American people for the last three years….NOTHING !! They have done nothing to help the “Legal” Americans of the United States. They have fought every thing the President has proposed, or voted against what ever he wants to do to protect U.S. citizens. They have denied U.S. citizens their safety and advocated to help “Illegals” avoid deportation or at least capture by ICE. So, they best do some “self examination” before they start labeling other people of doing what they have already done. Using their unified quote…”NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” !!

  3. More of the same from democrats, unfounded accusations designed to smear and defame. Shameful behavior that everyone sees and few condone. When will this evil be eradicated?

    Face it folks, the left’s ideology is not sustainable – period.

    ***** Lies, false accusations kill trust.

    ***** Gay marriages do not procreate.

    ***** Abortion kills potential genius.

    ***** “By any means necessary” kills truth, honesty, integrity, trust, justice, etc…

    ***** Evolution lie kills God’s presence, removing God’s blessing and guidance.

    ***** Support of Islamic doctrine of sharia law “All Muslims are obliged to kill the infidel”.

    ***** Illegal immigration kills American citizens opportunities and culture.

    ***** Gun control, confiscation, kills honest citizens.

    See a pattern here? Democrats are the party of death!

    They have nothing to look forward to but death, no wonder why they are so angry.
    They should try God, give themselves a future.

    • You heard me say it many times before . . . When they run out of petty bullshit to charge the president with they’ll try to impeach him for wiping his ass with the wrong hand!! 😥😰

    • Those two dumb bells need to be replaced. They are pure evil. All you see is hate in them. They need to be arrested. I still think Adam looks like a pimp. The other one just needs her broom to take off. I wonder if those two realize how much people are disgusted with there stupid attics.

  4. I don’t believe that the founding fathers were giving money to other countries. 100s of millions of dollars. Without asking any questions. So what’s the problem ? to obscure the reality that V P Biden wasn’t running for president at that time.its about the timeline ,that’s being articulated. If this is the best they can do ? Trump wins again.

    • Adam Schiff is the only one that committed a crime ..he is a Corrupted LIBERAL from California and he should be kick out of the Committed, but we understand that himself and the California witch old woman are partners in this crime against our Legal elected President .

      • We also know they are trying to cover-up Obama lies! Pelosi son was involved in Hunter Biden business. So was John Kerry son a partner in the business with the other two! Democrats trying to put this shit on Trump when they should had investigation Obama and Hillary Clinton.


    • Damn is he stupid. Bribery means that someone BRIBED the president himself to do something, especially against the United State of America. NOT that he actually bribed someone. Again I repeat “Damn is he stupid!”

    • Wrong my friend it is the Republithugs who will meet their maker base of the party is older white folks that’s why the republithugs have at most two election cycles left then demographics take over.

      • Nope! MJ you can’t make that statement! Liberal Democrats will not make it to heaven! No I didn’t say it! I’m not old either! Your generations is the evil one! I do not believe that any liberal Democrat or Republican can be a CHRISTIAN! I tell you where you can find it in the BIBLE! BOOK OF REVELATION!

        • Yes Eric I can get off your religious kick and look at the demographics the time of the WASP is ending if you are that young by about 2042 the Caucasian majority is history. However I am sure by then you will not care due to the planet in meltdown.

    • Leon, what has his being one of the richest people in the country (which he is likely not, if the truth were known).. but what has that got to do with this? He wasn’t accepting bribery… I’m confident it will be proven he used your and my tax dollars in an attempt to bribe Ukraine… not for your, my or the nation’s benefit, but for his own. If he’s not accountable for that, we simply no longer live in a nation driven by the Constitution.

      • Except Trump released the transcript with no quid pro quo.
        Except Zelensky said he was not coerced.
        Except the Ukrainians were not aware of any aid being withheld.
        Except the money was never withheld.
        Except the whistle blowers was never there.
        Except Schiff lied and read his own version of the phone call to congress.
        Except Schiff wanted to impeach Trump on Russian collusion.
        Except Schiff lied and said he had evidence of collusion for two years.

        • Debbie…
          Except the full transcript was rushed into a secret server… because legal folks knew it was illegal.
          Except what would you expect Zelensky to say… he was desparate for the money.
          Except they became aware it was being held up.
          Except the money was only released after the whistleblower report became known.
          Except there is indeed a whistleblower, whose concerns have been corroborated many times over.
          Schiff’s initial version was absolutely nonsense.. he only lowered himself to trump’s level.
          Except… you apparently and obviously never read the Mueller report.

          • The Mueller report said no collusion. They even questioned Mueller in front of Congress, no collusion. We were told for 2 years that there was collusion. Now we all know it was democrat lies.
            And what’s your answer now?
            Oh the Ukraine president and others must be lying because they’re not saying what we want them to say. Trump is manipulating all these people.
            Come on Scott be real.

          • You should get the facts straight, by calling the Ukrainian
            President yourself, and no it’s not against the law for a citizen
            of the United States to call anyone, especially the Ukrainian
            President. He sides with Trump 100%.

      • Scott27: I find it hard to believe that President Trump has done anything for himself as President. I’m guessing that you’re either a troll or, some mindless mental midget!

      • Scott27 I am sure you are not education enough to understand that DEMOCRATS ARE WASTING YOUR TAX MONEY! Trump didn’t start this! So if you were smart which 99% of the people on here don’t think you are. The do NOTHING DEMOCRAT HOUSE has waste taxpayer money for investigation the WRONG PERSON! OBAMA IS THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE INVESTIGATION!

        • But Eric that’s why we flipped the house is so the have the clout to do exactly what they are doing and that is to tie tRUMP up in knots. By the way how come a red state elected a blue governor again.

    • Schit needs hung for treasonous acts of trying too over throw our President. Not one crime under our laws we’re committed. Now bug eyes has committed crimes of our laws. Whistle blowers are not protected, read laws dumbass Dimwitted inbreds.

    • Shifty needs hung for treasonous acts of trying too over throw our President. Not one crime under our laws we’re committed. Now bug eyes has committed crimes of our laws. Whistle blowers are not protected, read laws dumbass Dimwitted inbreds.

    • Exactly! Trump entered office already a billionaire.
      Not like most politicians that find ways to become rich while in office.


    • If ewe can reed, then look up Theodore Roosevelt. A statement made famous by him is fitting today. “Speak softly but carry a Big Stick and you will go far.” Someone should walk softly behind Schiff with a big stick, baseball bat, and the back of his head as a baseball and knock one out of the stadium.

  6. Regarding Adam Schiff:
    1. Is this person related to the Schiff who was sent to NYC by Banker Family Rothschild to represent their agenda?
    2. If this person graduated from Harvard Law, how did he qualify for admission?
    3. How is it possible that he is Representative – what voters choose such a person?

  7. it’s funny how people like to accuse president trump of a crime all the while committing the very crime their accusing him of. the bible says he who is without sin cast the first stone. we’ve all sinned and fallen short. trump may not be perfect but he’s a lot better then these democraps and libturds.

    • So true… It is heart breaking to see all of the corruption go on unchecked and not confronted. The nation is headed in the wrong direction. The only way to right these wrongs is to regain the House in 2020, get a super majority in the Senate in 2020, and get another four years for President Trump in the White House. If we all stick together and achieve this I believe the deep state can be completely dissolved and can start to regain trust in the DOJ, FBI, and the CIA. But until this has been completed Washington has become a rouge entity in our country.

  8. Donald J Trump was born, raised and will die as a major league CON MAN. Then when he meets his maker he will be judged for the “disgraceful” life he lead on his time on earth. He will BURN in hell!!!!!

    • Why T. Bell I think you just threatened a sitting United States Congressman. Just saying. You sound like a threat to yourself and society.

  9. How do blind people tell when they get their asses wiped. Some go by the smell. My mammy go by the taste. Dingle berries too. I love to taste her farts. Pappy hurts my throat. Big!!!!

  10. Hey redman. You have a problem with racist white people? Come on. Do something about it. You chicken shit son of a bitch. You do nothing but hide behind your phony posts. Come on out and get in whitey’s face. You ain’t got a hair on your ass. Your mama liked it off.

  11. Schiff should himself be charged with several ethics violations on obstruction of justice for threatening the GOP about the whistleblower. We all know that the Whistleblower had contact with Schiff and his staff prior to filing the complaint. We KNOW that the IG had for some reason changed the language of the complaint form so that the FOCUS no longer was “First person” thus allowing Hearsay as sufficient to start the complaint. We know that back in January of 2019 Pelosi, Schiff and the other major dem players in the house changed the rules and procedures thus “lowering the bar” in justifying house inquiries, then they changed the procedures and rules in July – August time frame to advance their pre-planned agenda. The fact that all of this has been “pre-planned” shows deliberate Sedition action. Before the inauguration back in January 20, 2017 the Dems have had “impeachment” on their tiny minds thus showing everyone it was a fait accompli. They were going to Launch this regardless, thus the Soviet style show me the man (Trump) and I will find you the Crime – Schiff searches undercover of the inquiry. It is ALL a SHAM. Schiff should be forced to resign and then the trial for obstruction, witness tampering-coaching, presenting False evidence and making KNOWN false statements (his parody) into the official house record. He should be imprisoned for not less than 50 years. The longer the authorities allow this to go on only means there is a multi tier justice system and the bill or right has been abrogated by certain lawmakers thus making CIVIL WAR necessary, LEGAL and the right thing to do to save what is left of the Constitution.

    • Agreed! I watched every second of the hearing yesterday and must say the entire show was a waste of my tax dollar. Adam Shiff must have alien ants eating his brain if he thinks he has an impeachable act. I pray for Pres. Trump and his administration that truth will prevail!

      • All the $$$$$$$ these Dems spent .. will we ever hear. And how much $$$$$$$$$$ are the 2 Hot SHot NY lawyers to prosecute being paid. Mueller already spent what a billions$$ on the Mueller report. That is not even including how much the Obumo and Clinton used to create the Russia Docea .. all our govt Intel agencies. All the countries they went to UK, Australia, Ukraine, etc to buy /create info against Trump. These Dems could have already spent 10 Billion $++++++ to create all these lies. Do not turn your pack on a Dem. Any vote for a Dem is a vote for hate/ Geo Soros.

        • Shirley, you’re really not the brightest bulb in the pack, are you. Spouting garbage with nothing to back it up… but then, I guess that is the trumplican way.

          • And neither are you Scott thinking the Hatch act is in the constitution.
            I remember Steve somebody making you look like an ass on that one.
            Stupid people like yourself should not tell other people they’re not very bright.

  12. Wow, this article is a really desperate attempt to defend Trump. I watched the impeachment hearing and the evidence for a “quid pro quo” was clearly supported. It can be argued that hundreds of Ukrainian lives were lost in the fight against the Russian proxy fighters in Crimea while being deprived of the military aid by Trump’s demand that the Ukrainian President go on tv to declare an investigation into his political rival. The U.S. is supposed to be helping the Ukraine in its battle against the seizure of Crimea by the Russians, not withholding military aid.

    • Show your evidence that “hundreds of Ukrainian lives were LOST” Show it or be called a liar. Also that would mean your Obama is already Guilty since he provided NO military weapons type aid. The aid he provided was all NON-military, like blankets and food stuffs.

    • Ronsch: You are obviously a Dem/Lib nitwit! Jay Hackett and Uncle Hoppy both have it right. The weapons were delivered as agreed, and on time. If Ukrainian lives were lost, it was more likely because Obama didn’t provide military support. So why aren’t you griping Obama? And… did you agree with the “anointed one” when he traded five Taliban leaders for that schmuck Bergdahl who went AWOL to join up with the enemy? Obama aided and abetted the enemy when he let those Taliban guys go. Some even went back to fight against Americans! Treason is aiding and abetting the enemy. Where’s your outrage!

    • Ronch, you’re exactly right. At least that’s what anyone with properly working brain cells and synaptic activity saw. Sad thing is, people like Dan and Shirley are so averse to facts and truth they cannot or will not allow themselves to see.

      • Everyone that was directly involved with the call denies the extortion story. Only these anonymous whistleblowers that weren’t actually there said they heard from someone else who heard from another person there was a quid pro quo. It would never hold in a real court of law but in a kangaroo court no rules, no 6th amendment, no ethics, nothing.

    • Ronsch you do not know what you are talking about! So why do stupid people like you try to be intelligent as a jackass? If you have watch Joe Biden tape were he said HE GOT THE MF FIRED! OR HE WAS GOING TO LEAVES IN SIX HOURS WITH THEIR MONEY! Nothing is pointing at Trump! You cannot even prove it! Because new York is nothing but a dam fool state! DON’T MOVE SOUTH IF IT GET HARD TO PAY YOUR BILLS! Personal we don’t want stupid liberal in the SOUTH!

    • Seems to me that I recall it was Obama whose military aide consisted of blankets, clothing and MRES. Joe Biden threatened to withhold over 1 billion in aid if the prosecutor investigating Burisma wasn’t fired. This is absolutely a farce on the part of Schiff. He is guilty of sedition. He has no business conducting this inquisition. It should be conducted by the judicial committee.

  13. I see that red racist manbaby is still contributing towards the Donald Trump 2020 KAG campaign.

    A big republican thank you red racist manbaby.

    • You’re goddamned right I worship my guns. Come and take them you redass cocksucker. By the way, you use words like twit and moron at times. Just like a bitch named Diane that posts on this site sometimes. I believe that you and Diane are one and the same. But I don’t really give a f—k. You are both stupid as hell.

    • What’s wrong with guns RedMeat? There has to be a better way to stop blacks from shooting each other than to confiscate guns from white people don’t ya think?

  14. President Trump is defying the rule of law by demanding that his government staff  defy congressional subpoenas and not testify in the impeachment hearings.

    If it were regular citizens refusing to honor subpoenas, they would already be jailed.

    These actions are saying to the American people that it is okay to break the laws of the United States.

    This is not okay with me.

    I do not want my children to grow up thinking that if the president can break the law then they can break the law too.

    If the President of the United States is allowed to continue to break the laws of the United States then we will have lost the rule of law in our country.

    This is not right.       

    • cris
      Since when is it against the law for POTUS to investigate corruption committed by a USA democrat politician ?
      Creepy joe biden is on film boasting about what he did in regards to the Ukraine.

      Where in the constitution does it allow the democrats to denied legal representation to any US citizens?
      Donald Trump is an American citizen and has a legal constitutional right to face his accuser.

      Where in the constitution does it allow the democrats to cherry pick witnesses and testimony ?
      The democrats are picking and choosing who can appear before this illegal coup. That doesn’t look like a legitimate rule of law.

      Where in the constitution does it allow the democrats to hold a secret investigation inquiry behind closed doors?
      No transparency by the democrats at all. There’s no national security issues with this either.

      The democrats are the ones breaking the constitutional law with this illegal impeachment coup attempt.

      Democrats are fine with creepy joe biden being corrupt but are outraged by Donald Trump investigating that corruption.

      • Ride on PDW. Who would want to acknowledge a bs supeona! Seems the laws are distorted for the dems…..and as I always say, people point their fingers at other people to divert the attention to what they are doing. This is the worst dog and pony show I have ever witnessed…..and actually I can hardly watch the hearings….they are such bs. I think the lamestream media wrote the scripts.

    • President Trump is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, He is the Commander in Chief of the military. He is ALSO HEAD of STATE that make him the sole person to GUIDE the foreign policies of this country. All State Department personnel are under the Sec State and the Sec State takes his direction from the PRESIDENT. That means any Diplomat and I do mean “Dip”-lomat works for the President. They are there to only offer advice and to represent the President when engaging other foreign countries. THEY DO NOT make policy. The President makes Policy. If you do NOT like this then please GO to North Korea, Uganda or some other Hermit kingdom.

      This impeachment inquiry is NOTHING more than Schiff’s SHAM and an opinion dispute from a few diplomats that are MISGUIDED thinking they make policy – they DON’T, they are there to carry out the President’s policy period.

      • It’s very plain that you know nothing about the law. so until you do why don’t you stop repeating the carp that comes from the lame stream media.

  15. I wonder how long the democrats going to take before something bad happens, this 3 year peacemaking witch hunt is gone on far too long. At some point exposure of the real criminals in this coup as well as indictments should start flying. Why is Kerry not indicted for the Logan act abuse? Why is the two lovers, Brennan and Comey not indicted for lying and or misuse of their political office. A few indictments would tear this deep state coup apart in just a few days after each one starts fingering the others.

  16. Adam Shit is a pencil neck pussy face liar, that has no balls. If he dropped his pants you would see ha has a Vagina instead of a Penis.

  17. there has to something or someone in legal constituional law to stop schiff from maling up his own jury and judgements , what is have seen and heard is he is still fishing for something legal or not to charge the president to keep this hunt on going untill the 20 2 election that is his only reason for this hunt he knows wont go anywhere, but there is the public opinion that he is trying to rely on. that if nothing elts works is the last reason to fire a president if the public is unfavorable . that is where this is going . the dems have been trying this act since 2016 maxine waters is the main snake head.

    • now you know you cant say that even to think that someone would take you up on that. not that i would say not to, but you can be charged with something . to provoke a nut head to do just that. schiff will come up with something.

          • Allah is waiting for you in hell along with the other idiots that thought they were going to get 72 virgins HAHAHA RedMeat!

        • Yes it is, there was a case a few months ago where a girl was charged with “facilitating” or something like that, she told a person that he should kill himself and he did, and the court found her guilty, i don’t know the outcome or what the sentence was but i believe the case happened in Ohio.

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